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Alli Young's Journal

11th May, 2003. 5:08 pm. ARPIL 28, 2003

Long and kick ass Bon would say- "And I'm just itching to tell you about them! Oh, what wonderful fun!" heh mom had to drive her friend, Maggie to the airport in Jacksonville on Friday (the 25th) and I went with her. On the way home I channel surfed and some killer radio station-Rock 105-they played Aerosmith, Zeppelin, AC/DC, Tom four soungs in a row of my faves. And there was this commercial that said that Va Halen and AC/DC cover bands were playing the next night at Imposterpalooza. I didn't even think of REALLY going -even though I wanted to- 'cos it was in Jacksonville and she (my mom) wouldn't go back. But when we were at the mal and I was buying my hat for my Angus outfit for the last day of school and I was on the phone with Carlie and I'm just like-Man I wana go..this sucks. So I kept saying to my mom..(all sad like) so I guess we cant go see that show tonight are we? It took me 'till we LITERALLY were getting in the car to leave to get her to agree to go. It was in St. Augestine.The show started at 5 and we left at like 6:40 and got there at about 8:00. Of course, I wore my brand new Angus schoolboy outfit. We stopped to pay parking and Im like "Who's been on so far?"
Her-"Van Halen's playing right now"
(By the way...there was a local band called "Big Engine" opening)
Me- "Did we miss AC/DC?"
Her- "No, they haven't gone on yet"
Thank freaking God....I do a little vistory dance in the car and my mom rolls her eyes. So we par and I get out and Im thinknig 'WHY am I wearing this Godforsaken outfit!?!?' But I soon found out this was a good idea. Anyhoo...we're walking around this little ticket office thing and this dude says to his friend "Man, Looks, it's Angus!"
And we walk up to the gates and we hear "Van Halen" (Eruption, i think their name was) start their last song-"Hot For Teacher" and I see this truck and booth thing from...ROCK105! and two DJs and as Im walkin' up..they fucking start clapping!!!!!! I was like...NO WAY!! THEYRE ACTUALLY CLAPPING...FOR ME!?!??! So I go over there and they tell me how great my getup was and they're like "So I guessyou're not here for the Van Halen part of the show?"
Me-"Is it that obvious?"
They laugh.
"You'll be in the fron then i take it?"
Me-"Hell yeah if I can get a seat"
Then DJ #1 takes me off to the side and he has something in his hand and he's like "Dont tell anyone we gave you these, we're not supposed to give 'em out...its' not much but I had to give you something" (something to that effect but EXACT words are not my common practice) I mean the way he had his hand I thought he was gonna drop a joint in my hand or somethin'...
It was to red keychain/beer bottle openers and they said they'd give us Tshirts later (and sure enough I got one) So then we sign this list thingie to get Skynyrd into the RnR Hall of Fame...but I digress...
So, we go in and I kid you not, like 50 people told me how awesome I looked and came to me and shook my hand and high fives and rock signs(that rhymed)-yknow the pinkie and pointer thing-and a buncha people did Angus's little finger horn thing at me. I so felt like I really belonged there and frankly-I kicked ass!...For a couple hourse anyway.
I was sitting there-in the front row. (Just fyi..there was a huge space between the front row and te stage) i dont know everyone's real name in the band so Imma call them by who they portray (that rhymed) ok anyway..
so Im sittin' there w/ my feet up on the railing and radio DJ#2 comes up to my w/ a silver digital camra in his hand...
DJ#2-"Can I take your picture?" My eyes get all big, like what what what!?!?! ME!?..."for the website"
So I say Sure and I get up and do the Angus horns and kinda growl at him (like the Highway to Hell cover, ya know?) so he takes 2 pics and he's like "Thanks! can see 'em on"
Me-"Yeah I know I was there this morning"
So he tells me that they'd be up there in about a week...
THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!....(yes it gets better, much better)..I'm sitting there again and I see "Angus" (Evan) being the stage smoking (eww) and tuning his guitar and fuckin' with the amps and stuff...and Im like "hey Mommy, look its Angus..kinda" and i point to him. And the radio was playin' and like what comes on but WALK THIS WAY! and "Angus" (still behind that stage) starts playing aloing with it!!!!!!!!!! So he messes with the amps some more and gets 'em right and puts down his guitar. Then "Malcolm" was walkin' around on stage then he RUNS back behind the stage and grabs "Angus" by his jacket and drags him out on stage (keep in mind this is still before the show, people are walking around...yadda yadda) and he ("Malcolm") points out torward the audience. There was some dude walkin' around in front of me so I couldnt really see and IM like "Mom, what are they looking for"
Her-"They're looking for you!!"
HUH!?!? So like the guy moves and "Malcolm"'s like.."Look right there" and points right at me!!!!!!!! Crap...I gotta go mother needs the phone, ill finish this later...

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11th May, 2003. 4:39 pm. APRIL 22, 2003 continued...

ok...where was I? Oh right the cereal box! So..I didn;t out it on a box or put a name tag on it..and in my art class..that bring you down a whole grade but he didn't take off anything...I love Mr Evans. He told me that's its good that I take the time and work hard and to keep at it 'cos Im really goo and that I draw better than he does. Im glad Im finally good at something! Mr. Ellis (My 1st period history favorite teacher too) said he wants me to draw him one of my Angus cartoons so he can hang it up!

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10th May, 2003. 4:58 pm. APRIL 23, 2003

Yknow the pink Fender Telecastor I wanted so damn bad? Well.. my mom said I could borrow the money from her. BUT I found a Tolkai (Gibson model) SG EXACTLY like Angus's and I listened to both of them and talked to the guy on the phone and junk. They wre the sam proce...AND I BOUGHT THE SG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! is gonna be here n a week! ::does a little victory dance::Im getting better too..I can play Seasons of Wither, My Gil, Walk This Way, Hell's Bells, The Star Spangled Banner, House of the Rising Sun, and MoneyTalks....and ost of the major and minor chords...I really hoope this works..
I got a 100 on my High Voltage AC/DC Puffs, cereal box for art class. .....ok, i g2g I'll finish writing this when I get home...Peace!!

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10th May, 2003. 4:03 pm.

Okay heres the juice...i wet to 2 shows this week...Mothers Finest (2nd row) and Jimmy Buffet (8th) i dont wanna tel the details 'cos Ive told this story already...but the jist...met mothers finest...both shows kicked ass, met an Aerosmith roadie....
West Palm-Sept. 12
Atlanta-Sept. 14
Me and Kennedy are gonna try to hook up. shes gonna have like four people with her and all 6 or us are gonna flash him together! hehe....I CANT WAIT! Im not looking forward to KISS tho (whos double booked w/ them) GAG! and Saliva's opening...gag again! Friday I was at Carlie's house ad there was this live interview was on the radio with Steven, Joe, Tom, Gene, and Paul. it sucked major ass (the interview, not being at Car's) Steven wouldnt get a word in egdewise! It pissed me off! BIG TIME! They kept cutting him off! He couldnt even answer the questions people asked him! And i felt bad for Tommy! He lost his luggage at the airport...flying down to where else but!!...FLORIDA!(he said "IM gonan write a blues song called 'Airline Lost my Luggage') lol And non one even knew he was there! MAN!!! GRR! and the people that got through (they wree taking calls) asked THE stupidest questions!! OMG i was so pissed! they asked shit like "how long will the shows last?" Why the hell would you ask that!?!? Not ONE big fan got through! 'cept Mere (Meris..i dont even wanna explain how i met her) but
her phone died before they put her on the air! Weird shit! I THINK tix go on Presale on af1 tommorrow! Im so nervous!! Anyhoo.. Im in reading and Im like bored so I'm gonna go draw Angus for the umteenth time...Love peace and chicken grease! ^^A^^

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10th May, 2003. 3:34 pm. APRIL 22, 2003- 1 AM

I should be sleeping. But i cant. Its another one of those oh so common, confused/lonely nights. I'm listening to my new AC/DC album-Dirt Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-The song "Ride On" is playing right now. its acdc'sonly ballad. I love it so much because i can really relate, y know? Bon Scott was a loney dude...just hearing it makes me feel like I've knwon him all my life...or i should say..KNEW him...:* ( I wish I did know him. Me and Angus (Young of course) have another thing in common (besidesour height...we're both 5'2) He HATED school...except for art clas!! He's an artist...he paint and draws...the works..and he always wanted to play guitar 'cos his brother (Malcolm...who plays rhythem in ACDC if ya didnt know) and he wanted his own guitar...Man I love it!
Now "Squealer"'s on. This song is so sexual..i love it too...hehe...I love Bon's voice! and Angus...well no comment!!!
Anyhoo i have more to say but the bus comes earlier than usual-8am-tommorrow so i better TRY to get some sleep. I'll get tot he good shit tommorrow.
"Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!"-Moses Mo of Mother's Finest
^( A )^

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10th May, 2003. 3:17 pm.

Alright a couple more form the Illusion albums....

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Mama take this badge from me
I cant use it anymore
It's gettin' dark...too dark to see
Fels like i'm knockin' on Heaven's door
*Kn-kn-knockin' on Heaven's door (x4)*
Mama put my guns in the groud
I cant shoot them anymore
That cold black cloud is comin' down
Feels like Im knockin' on Heaven's door
*Kn-kn-knockin' on Heaven's door (x4)*

November Rain...(this is one of my favorite GnR songs!)

When I look into your eyes
i can see a love resrained
but darling when i hold you
dont you know i feel the same
nothing lasts forvere and we both know hearts can change
and its hard to hold a condle
in the cold november rain
we've been though this such a long long time
just tryin to kill the pain
But lovers always come and lovers always go and nobody really knows whos lettin' go today
walkin away
If we could take the time to lay it on the line
i could rest my head just knowin that you are mine
all mine
So if you wanna love methen darlin' downt restrain
or i'll just end up walkin' in the cold november rain
do you need some time on yourown?
do you need some time all alone?
everybody needs some time on their own
dont you know you need some time all alone
I know its hard to keep an open heart
when even friends seem out to harm you
but if you could heal a broken heart
wouldnt time be out to charm you?
Sometimes i need some time on my own
sometimes i need some time all alone
everybody needs some time on their own
dont you know you need some time all alone
When your fears subside
and shadows still remain
i know that you can love me
when theres no one left to blame
So nevermind the darkness
we still can find a way
And nothing lasts forever
Even cold november rain
Dont you think that you need somebody?
Dont you think that you need someone?
everybody needs someone
Youre not the only one
You're not the only one

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10th May, 2003. 3:01 pm. APRIL 11, 2003- later

Here's a great song on my new Guns and Roses album...Use You Illusion 2
Cival War
Spoken intro-"what we've got here is failure to communicate. some men you just cant reach. so, you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it...well he gets it! and i dont like it...any more than you men"-Strother Martin(from movie- Cool Hand Luke)
Look at your young men fighting
look at your women crying
look at your young men dying
the way they'e always done before
look at the hate we're breeding look at the fear we're feeding
look at the lives we're leading
the way we've always done before
My hands are tied
the billions shift some side to side
and the wars go on with brainwashed pride
for the love of god and our human rights
and all these things are swept aside by bloody hands
time cant deny
and washed away by you genoside
and histpry hides the lies of out cival wars
D'you wear a black armband
when they shot the man who said
"peace could last forever"
and in my first memories they shot Kennedy
And i went numb when i leaved to see
So i never fell for Vietnam
We got the wall of DC to remind uss all
The you cant trust freedom when its not in your hands
and everybodys fighting for the promised land
And i dont need you cival war
it feeds the rich while it buries the poor
you're power hungry sellin' soldiers in a human grocery store..
Aint that fresh
i dont need your cival war
Look at the shoes youre filling
Look at the blood we're spilling
look at te world we're killing
the way we've al;ways done before
Look in te doubt we've wallowed
Look at the leaders we've followed
look at the lies we've swallowed
and i dont wanna hear no more
My hands are tied
for all i've seen has changed my mind
But the wars go on as the years go by
with no love of god or human rights
'cause all these dreams are swept aside by bloody hands of the hypnotized
who harry the cross of homocide
and history bears the scars of our cival wars
I dont need you cival war
it feeds the rich while it burries the poor
youre power hungry sellin' soldiers in a human grocery store...aint that fresh
And i dont need your cival war ...i dont need your cival war
youre power hungry sellin soldiers in a human grocery store...aint that fresh
i dont need your cival war
i dont need one more war
i dont ned one more war...Whats so cival about war anyway?

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10th May, 2003. 2:27 pm. FRIDAY APRIL 11, 2003

I found the exact adress of here the guys (Aerosmith) are reocrding their new album. I think i'll send my letter there. Hopefully he'll get it there I wana go this summer and I might actually get to.
Tommorrow im going to see Mother's Finest with Carlie, my dad, and Jackie-my stepmom (I'm going to Atlanta obviously...for spring break) Oh and I finally got an AC/DC cd...i've been wantin' one since Steven inducted them in the RnR Hall of Fame. My dad'll be pissed...he doesnt like ACDC...and last night I learned the intro to "Hell's Bells" (on my guitah) Yeasterday i finally admited to Brooke that i like her brother. shes been buggin me to tell her all week. Its not fair though todays his 18th birthday. Like Tom(Hamilton) says..."we stood there and watched another great opportunity blow away like a fart in te breeze" not very mature or creative..but funny and it appilies. Oh well ....he wouldnt like me anyway. Im way to young ad way to ugly. Lifes a bithc..what can I say? I really think hes cool...we have a shitload in common. He wants to play in a band (DUH so do i) and if his band doesnt make it he wanst to be a shrink!...i wanna be a therapist, which is almoist the same thing...just no scripts (or a lawyer) plus i wanna do photography, just for the hell of it...and he already does! AND AND!!!...HE LIKES JIMI!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooo-hoooo....rock 'n' isnt gone forever, yet...can ya tell im frustrated? and hes gorgeous...he looks like Tony (Joe Perrys son) he's just one more great guy I cant have...whats up with tat anyway/...i see a patern here!!! Like steven...he's PERFECT and Ill never get within 200 feet of him,..unless it at a show!....I just got shitty luck dont I?...
I found out my guitars only worth 100 bucks...YAY!!! (Can ya smell the sarcarsm??) the one i want's $350 and it plays WAY better than mine does ad the frets are smaller!! BUT some dude wants to pay me $1,500 for my Coke bike....OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! do u know how much money that i to me??? I know its real not, but i dont have bills and shit... BUT...this is where my bad luck kicks in again...(theres always a bad side to EVERY-FUCKING-THING!) he can pay me...only w/ credit!.. I DONT HAVE A WAY TO TAKE CREDIT!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! another great opportunity gone like a fart in the breeze...its comin' your way...can ya smell it?? hehe I try to out comedy into everything- If i didnt i wouldda killed myself a LONG time ago... Plus I get ready to do my book report and i lost the firggin paper!!!!!!!!!!! I HAD IT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!! DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!! why me?

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10th May, 2003. 2:22 pm. MARCH 1, 2003

I didn't end up writing Steven a poem :* ( I had to do a whole packet of poems for school and I can'tt put it into words how I feel...well right now I fell really bad 'cos I didnt do anything for his birthday...He means the world to me and I wish I could show him that... well atually I went to MGM w/ Carlie but we only got to ride the RnR coaster twice 'cos of her bitchy roomates...but I still had a good time 'cos I was with carlie...we always have fun togetha!

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10th May, 2003. 2:14 pm. MARCH 27, 2003

Last night I went on Aero Force One's website and it said to send them poems and they'll "personaly deliver" them to the birthday boy. And they want them by March 30th so I'm gonna give it a try - I hope it comes out how I want it to.

Current mood: worried.
Current music: Aerosmith, "Pink".

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