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Monday, December 15th, 2003

Time:5:09 pm.
Mood: cold.
Music:She wants me - AC feat NC.
1. I love the backstreet boys
2. and Britney spears
3. I hate Nsync
4. Yet wanna date JC Chasez
5. Ive Had a boyfriend who looked like a celebrity
6. Ive never learned how to drive a car
7. My favorite color changes with time
8. I love pink cotton candy
9. I dont have a DVD player
10. one of my parents died
11. I have half siblings
12. My mom is my hero
13. I was bullied as a kid but not in highschool
14. I hate cigarettes and drugs
15. I wanted to be a journalist
16. Im not athletic
17. Im poetic
18. Im creative with words
19. I love to dye my hair
20. Ive never been to Disney World
21. Ive met a Spice Girl
22. I have a 17 year old neice
23. My best friend is older than me
24. I think AJ Mclean is the sexiest guy alive
25. I think Brian Littrell is the sweetest guy alive
26. I graduated highschool
27. I dropped out of college
28. I wear newsboy caps
29. My favorite makeup item is lipstick
30. Im addicted to magazines
31. And sappy movies
32. I have a cat
33. Im 5'1
34. I live with my mother
35. Im scared of lizards
36. Justin Timberlake is over rated
37. I believe war is wrong
38. I love perfume
39. Im cynical
40. I procrastinate too much
41. I have regrets in life
42. Im a borderline vegiterian
43. I know only one language
44. Im addicted to the internet
45. I prefer msn to yim or aol even though it crashes more
46. It has cuter smilies
47. Ive seen BSB live
48. 3 times
49. Nick carter once
50. I collect Angel figurines
51. I believe in God
52. I was a fan of Dawsons Creek
53. I wanted Joey to pick Dawson
54. I own over 50 movies
55. My bedroom is blue
56. I have small feet
57. Stolen from a store once
58. Drank once
59. I prefer Halloween to Christmas
60. I love scary movies
61. I like guys with great eyes and teeth
62. I have only 2 piercings
63. I fear ending up alone
64. I fear losing my mother
65. My favorite flower is gerbera daisies
66. Ive never been sent flowers by a boyfriend
67. I never went to prom
68. Ive been cheated on
69. I cheated on someone
70. Im not good with kids
71. Or math
72. Im good at giving advice
73. Im a softy at heart
74. Im cold to people I dont trust
75. I bore easily
76. Im impatient
77. Im am for the death penalty
78. My family has a history of cancer
79. Im a capricorn
80. I write fanfiction
81. Im very insecure
82. Im a loyal friend
83. I can memorize a song on the first listen specially BSB ones
84. I hate punk
85. I hate heavy metal
86. I cried when Aaliyah died
87. And Lisa Left Eye Lopes
88. I think Madonna is a genius
89. I miss the class of old hollywood
90. I love the clothing of the 20's-60's
91. No one knows me better than my mother
92. I love kentucky fried chicken
93. and New York fries
94. and chocolate
95. I sing in the shower
96. I sing in the mirror
97. I sing off key
98. I have freckles
99. My new fashion obsession is mary jane shoes
100. I worry about others.
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Time:5:56 pm.
Mood: blah.
Music:You are my angel - B3.
1. I love AJ McLean
2. I think Kev is an Angel
3. I love the BSB
4. I met Nick
5. I like Beyonc?
6. I miss my mom
7. I blocked ppl when I don't want to talk to them
8. I'm a DLS adictive
9. I LOVE internet
10. I love doing graphics
11. I listen music all day long even at work
12. I don't watch TV often
13. I love my eyes
15. Half of my clothes is blue, baby blue or white
16. I love to dance
17. I danced jazz, hip hop, ballet for 4 yeard
18. I wanted to be a coreographer
19. When I fall in love it's hard to change my mind
20. I moved from my original coutry
21. I speak 4 languages
22. I'm gonna start my driving lessons in January
23. I love to sleep
24. I'm tired
26. I love hip hop
27. I don't get drunk easily
28. I love clubbing
29. I hook up in the club with guys I don't know
30. I cried when I watched Oprah
31. I'm happy cuz the boys are back
32. I was at a JT concert
33. I have all xmas presents
34. I love Celine Dion
35. I'm so excited about World Idol
36. Kelly will win
37. I'll be 18 in august 2004
38. I live alone
39. and feel alone at times
40. My best friend took my boy away
41. I still love him
42. I love Burger King
43. Mc Donalds
44. Pizza Hut
45. KFC
46. my butt hurts
47. Is snowing in my town
48. I'm proud of Alex
49. and proud of being a BSB fan
50. Can't wait to see Lord of the rings: The return of the King
51. I hate Happy Potter
52. I totally love teeny romantic movies
53. I was a fan of Dawson's Creek
54. Totally hated Dawson
55. and love Pacey
57. I think that Joshua Jackson is HOT
58. Shane West is cool
60. but I still think that AJ is the HOTTEST of the world
61. I want to hug Baylee
62. I Love Denise McLean
63. I miss my best friend
64. I miss half of the ppl I know
65. I already have xmas presents for my family
66. I'm not going to work tomorrow
67. I'm sick most of the time
68. I love Sketchers
69. I'm a ghetto girly
70. I talk with my hands
71. I had a dog
72. I've seen Finding Nemo
73. I love it
74. I love my mom above everything
75. I have friends all over the wolrd
76. I'm freezing
77. I love to sing
78. I recorded it
79. I have a web Cam
80. I'm friendly when I like ppl
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