blood sisters' Day

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


i dont think ill ever get sick of hugh grant, hes sexy. speaking of sexy, the guy in requim for a dream, whatever the hell his name is, is my dream guy, no mattter how fucked up he is, im in love with him, and his soft skin and black messy hair, omg, i want someone to care about me the way he cared about his additction.
i got sidetracked, see i really do love him, i want to find one of him around here that exists, boys here and all the same.
<3 ally.

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yeah, hugh grant is sexy but he is just too nice and normal.

that guy from requiem for a dream is really hot though, i know just what you mean. Iwish there were guys like that here too. I wish someone like that would come and rescue me and take me somewhere else. usldfjksldkf I really want a breadstick.

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