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Tuesday, February 18th, 2003

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    *fist to heart salute*
    After reading this post it started to really make me think.

    What are we? Who are we? What were we? Many of us have strong connections to certain aspects. Some consider it an act of remembering things from our past lives. (if we have them) Some just believe it to be something else entirely.

    Take people who really believe they have fae blood in them. Some flaunt it such as wearing pretty faerie/butterfly wings in public. And some keep it private and hide a part of themselves. Some see themselves as animals. Don't know what term they use now.

    Wehn I was younger I was always drawn to mythology and would pray to the ancient gods and goddesses. (heh, I was an odd kid).

    Fast forward to seventh grade. I learned about Wicca and started to practice it. In fact I still do. Going four years strong. I say the latter because many thought I would drop it. ::grumblegrumble::

    Anyway on to revelancy-

    One day I came across an internet group called Amazon Dawn. It was a group of teenagers who add split off from another group called Spirit Amazon. I sat and read up about them and found myself drawn towards them. I started to learn about ancient amazons (Not Xena, folks!). I feel in love with their history and felt a deep connection to them. I ended up joining Amazon Dawn. It was a great bunch of people who I really loved and now miss. The group sorta died after somthing happened in it's sister adult group. Its really sad.

    I'll always have a connection with amazons because I believe I was connection in some way to them in the past. I've also felt a deep connection with the amazon Molpadia who killed her queen in order that her queen would not be raped by King ---.

    What a mysterious world we live in.

    By the by, don't get me started with ghost wings/ people wearing wings in general. Nothing negitive about it. Just that I would go on forever.


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