­­Bo0ogieman INC...versi0n. o2

Friday, May 30th, 2003
» mood ¨ awake «
» music ¨ Rob Zombie - living dead girl «

waddup yall im back and ummm yeah im updating this cuz i ain update ina while ima let yall kno im fyne an im still here so if ya dont mind BMI runs dis shyt n ohea dan i made up my mind ima stay in da inc cuz there ain nothin better to do then kick it Boogieman style oooohyeaaa... BMI represent....

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
» mood ¨ sick «
» music ¨ mudvayne~the end of all things to come «

ok.............THERES A NEW BITCH IN TOWN NOW!!!!!!!!!!LMMFWAO....waddup d..lmao u know who dis be.....world wide genocide..planetary suicide..and when the whole world is dead THERE IS YOUR FUCKING PEACE!!!!!!!.......figured id stop in and say wassup d......i believe.....damn its 10:55...oh welll.....ight...lata dayz!

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
» mood ¨ loved «
» music ¨ Mudvayne - not falling «

i havn updated ina while so yeh ummm nothin much has gone by so you didn miss anithing ... Bo0ogieman INC. ( loved by few, hated by many, feared by all. ) copyright BMI march, 2003... i got screwed in my NCAA tournament picks none of my picks are fxckin alive fxckin basketball anyway...... 3 weeks 2 days me an lisa been together <3333333333

I L Y LISA-<3- mean tha world to me

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2003
» mood ¨ weird «
» music ¨ Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People «

ToDaY iz a fxcked up day first of all it started off as a bad day... people all jumpin me n shyt untill i snapped i totally went off n stuck him in his jaw n he went DoWn in like 1 hit.... i failed my first final exam.. i wasnt ready for it .. well i guess today wasnt all that bad... i talked to julie on the phone today. she snapped on cyrus LMMFWAO DAMN YOU SHOULDA BEEN THERE... anyways i Lo0ve you LiSa<33333

<33 LiSa<33

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Saturday, March 8th, 2003
» mood ¨ bored «

boredom sux n im really bored right now so uhh yeah.. today i watched some really stupid movies.. i ummmm juss chilled all day.. listed to the radio SINCE MY FXCKIN CD'S WERE STOLEN..boogieman INC iz in full authority in me untill i find out who stole it then ima open a can of boogieman whup-ass

I L Y LISA 03.03.03<3

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Friday, March 7th, 2003
» mood ¨ pissed off «
» music ¨ NoNe ...? «

hey people the worst thing happened today ... MY FXCKIN CD's WERE FXCKIN STOLEN fxckin $150 dollars worth of cd's.. so the only music i have is my radio right now... well aniways life goes on so im still here today with one person on my mind and shes always on my mind I LOVE YOU LISA <333.. ellyse' er how ever you spell er name birthday was today so umm i told her happi birfday n i think she likes me more as a friend now because i hardly talked to her before lately she's been comin up to me n sayin hi.. well my day was ok besides the FXCKIN THIEF who stole my cd's gah i wanna kill tha fxckin asshole once i find him/her

<333 I L Y LiSa <333

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Monday, March 3rd, 2003
Marilyn Manson - da bess guy on dis earth.. well to you he may not be buh hes my idol i love dis guy buh i love some one else in dis word to... yeh you prolly guessed it ' if not yer an idiot ' LiSa<33333333333 i have some shout outz to give here.. Dan- waddup dawg keep yer cool man, Emy- waddup hotpocket ' hotpocketz n boogiemen are allies therefore you a boogieman too, Kimmi- heya kimmi waddup kat, Jess- stay kool n dont skip those classes er your gunna flunk outta college, brandi - yo yo brandi how are ya, lass buh not least LiSa- I LOVE YOU LISA <33333333333 Derek + Lisa=<3 03.03.03
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Monday, March 3rd, 2003
so umm this is my first blurty account n i wanna thank lisa <333 my babi for settin up tha back ground I L Y !!!! now umm..... enjoy my journal
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