12:19pm 30/11/2003
  yeah just adding another entry so my blurty doesnt dissappear =/ .... i still miss it, it has all my old entries all the way from the begining of summer!! argg why did people have to switch to livejournal! hee just kidding...sorta  
"do you see what hes done with his life"   
05:51pm 20/11/2003
  my last blurty entry! =( alas i'll miss it but im going to join the livejournal community over there thanks to janie! (waves) so yea im gonna go get working on that  
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"i would be your heroine"   
06:32pm 18/11/2003
mood: anxious
music: Punk Rock Princess - Something Corporate
hoo hah, today was alright..i guess..history yeah it sucks so much crap and i suck at it! so it stinks when you hand in work that you think is decent and she gives it back and she says they're getting better! and then gives you a 3/9 ...that sucks ..so im >going to study< later for our quest tomorrow, yes im going to study and i might even spend some time doing homework thats not due tomorrow..im feeling daring

but other than that it wasnt bad .. programming mr elliott came by to check off the programs we've done so he only thought i needed one check for the first program i was like "oh do you want to check the second one?" and he was all like "YOU'VE FINISHED THE SECOND ONE?!" i was like "yup" but in my head i was all like damn straight i finished it im not as dumb as you think i am! even though i did get some help from casey...however i did return it to lindsay and jer so its all good

gym was extreme as usual...haha great teams were picked today (sorry megs team!) but mr tracy picked "fair" teams to use from now on but we're testing them out on thursday i dont know about them ... but then chem the test seemed fairly easy but then again refering back to my history essay i got a three! ... english was fun we just did vocab pictures and then geometry i think i did pretty well on the quiz (hopefully!)

and i came home and did a short pilates workout haha that was fun .... then a little tv a little homework and soon im gonna have something to eat and then get to work on history becuse ... (drum role please) Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill are on tonight! woo woo..byee!

p.s. - one week till meg and i go see something corporate!! woo!!
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"what can you say about tomorrow? what do you know abou tmy life?"   
07:21pm 17/11/2003
mood: accomplished
music: About Mr Brown - OAR
today was a fairly good day, im actually starting to get some stuff in programming! woo go me..and gym was fun today as usual ever since we started ultimate frisbee..i will admit though, it does seem to start to get a little out of hand (me included..i get angry sometimes) everyone takes it so seriously! its a lot of fun though, and actually there are a lot of good players in our class so teams are pretty good and games are always close..and then girls are just as good as the guys!

then we had that assembly today..marlon smith, hes alright, i thought he was going to do more within the school system though like more assemblies for all the grades and stuff but apperently it was too short notice so we didnt have the money..oh well..

then afterschool i came home and did an hour of pilates! wow was it hard, usually the only one i had ever done was the twenty minute one but i did the hour and it sucked lol but supposedly it really works in like toning and sculpting of the body so im gonna stick with it considering my heel still hurts a lot which is not a good thing but anyhoo i did a lot of homework after that )history) and i still have some studdying to do so im gonna go do that
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"what do they know"   
10:26pm 16/11/2003
mood: tired
music: Starting Line -- Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now
aah my sunday ...
i did a fair amount of homework, even some for tuesday =) good job to mee ... hmm i went to the kallenbergs for that jewelry thing and i got a charm for my bracelet and some really cool grass necklace/bracelet things from africa, they're really pretty....then i came home and just hung out and did some more homework, ate dinner, and went to chris's...the usual sunday ritual lol

oh yeah i thought i might add that its getting sort of lonely over here in the blurty community so maybe some (cough janie cough) could be so kind as to give me their livejournal code so i can join the community over there .. even though it would be hard to part with my blurty i guess i could do what janie did but anyhoo i hope someone over there in the livejournal section reads this =)
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"why do things have to change?"   
10:03am 15/11/2003
mood: nervous
music: Hopelessly -- Train
aah saturday morningg, goin to the cross country state meet later..im nervous for them, i want them to do well..they deserve it

yesterday was good if i remember correctly, we didnt really do much in classes, ultimate was fun in gym, i got a 92 on my english quiz and i got an A- in chem for the first quarter! woo woo...but the rest of my grades dsktlhwa, were not so good...but jess came over after school and we did homework (shocker) n then we ordered chinese and watched finding nemo its so cute! and thats it

today im going to the bead store to get nick some beads (yes im finally getting them!) and some other stuff hehe

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"jumping to conclusions made me fall away from you"   
10:03pm 13/11/2003
mood: depressed
music: Best of Me -- Starting Line
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06:15pm 12/11/2003
mood: hungry

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"welcome to existance"   
05:46pm 12/11/2003
mood: cheerful
music: Dare You To Move -- Switchfoot
hmm so yesterday that whole P2P meeting made me want to go soo bad i mean how could you not? almost three weeks in australia with kids your own age? geez...but sigh, 5 grand is a lot...i mean the way things are going id probably only be able to pay for the trip to LAX and then my spending money and then there is the whole actualy trip left..so yeah
but tooooday...umm, we had this uber hard lab in chem, yes it was def hard..we had to do all these equations with numbers and crap and it was taking foever cuz we had to do so many and i didnt understand it at all but by like the fourth one i got it! and i stayed after with mrs sloan to finish it just to make sure i did it right..and then i came home and put on my tv shows from last night and did some more homework..one tree hill was sooo good! aw thats such a cute show lol..so i have an action group meeting tonight n then the OC is on! woo hehe later gators!!
"here we come"   
04:59pm 11/11/2003
mood: ecstatic
music: Your Star -- All American Rejects
aw i love beb! shes so sweet!! i dont know what i would do without her

today was ok i think...i basically have no homework and then i have people to people meeting tonight and then gilmore girls and one tree hill so that will be good...and im having spaghetti for dinner! yay lol
"there were so many timmes, looking back, when i was so afraid"   
10:07pm 10/11/2003
mood: depressed
music: parts of different songs so i can pick some for beb
yeah now is one of those times when i want to curl up and go to sleep forever...i hate feeling like this i dunno what starts it..today was alright i thought though..except for grades and my mom but ehh...i did my history essay today in id say no more than two and a half hours..but thats after cutting out the procrastination and shyt..mah im going to bed

you taught me everything and everything you've given me
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Looking back when I was so afraid
And then you come to me
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And no one else can do
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i love you beb..thank you
"and then you bring me home..."   
06:54pm 09/11/2003
mood: thinking
music: Konstantine
home! yay home is nice...boston was alright..cold and a lot of walking and the shopping part wasnt even that great cuz nothing fit me and i got all depressed and stuff but whatever i was looking forward to coming home..and i saw this kid on the T and at my hotel and he was even at the BC tour/info session when we were and he looked a lot like Benjamin Mckenzie from The OC buuut anyhoo...oh yeah i had some really good clam chowder at this restaurant that was fun...aanndd we did a lot more walking..and people stare at you on the T thats annoying either that or they talk about really obscene topics but other than all that it was alright..sorta...i guess..and then i came home today and went to beb's to do some chemistry although we really didnt we just hung out and talked about some good stuff..good long convos that really get ya thinkin and either make you happy or make you really upset...these were a little bit of both..but it was good and then that kid jerry stopped by from tigs to get something which reminds me i also saw this other kid from tigs at the BC info/tour session that was weird but he din recognize me...well im gonna go maybe ill update later..prob not
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off we go   
12:04pm 06/11/2003
  well we're leaving in like 2 minutes for boston to see matthew =)...sorta excited sorta not...i cant wait to take pictures!! hehe....mom and i got some food for the ride yippy that should be fun well i better go dont want to make the parentals wait =) i love u too beb i'll miss you  
"everyones caught on to everything you do"   
07:03pm 05/11/2003
mood: pissed off
music: Seventy Times 7 -- Brand New
ugh today sucked elephant balls, how bad is it to get like 5 million tests back and not get above an 80 on any of them....and then get miss frikkin kelleys test back and fail it aahhh good i hate schooL! its like the worst thing ever..and i especially hate it when people spend all their time doing homework and studdying for tests and then they get a frikken 100 and they're like oh my god i did so bad! ...GAG ME!! uuh geez its like they have nothing better to do with their time than study, geez get a life...i wish you never had homework or tests in school, then it would be so much more fun...anyhoo i want to get away from the computer..bye
"and you know how it feels to reach too high, too far, too soon...""   
04:33pm 04/11/2003
mood: content
music: The Whole of the Moon -- Mandy Moore
some more quizzez

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yeah so today was alright...history i got a lot of my chart done and in gym he sorta let us do the serves again and i got all five =) but he still said i wasnt going to get an A boo on that ...but janie you were soo cute in gym haha even mr tracy was cracking up...then chem ugh im not sure how i did on that test..we'll see - then that was basically it we had a hi-tops assembly after that..then me and kris went running and janie came too..we only did about 2 miles tho then kristyn and i did some abs haha...well of to homework

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"and now i know..."   
06:11pm 03/11/2003
mood: happy
music: Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters -- Mandy Moore
quizzes from jessica and janie haha ill take the rest some other time

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today was alright, gym stinks, you are not supposed to get graded on skill level but whatever...our little workout was good haha kris...its gonna get harder tho! =)...im hoping to watch bend it like beckham tonight cuz ker lent it to me but if everwood is new then i probably wont have time..thats ok...dinner time

i L0vE yoU! <33
new layout...sorta   
01:18pm 02/11/2003
mood: creative
music: 99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger
so i sorta changed my blurty layout a little and ive realized that the shorter my entries...the more you can see adam's face! woo..so yeah short and simple
but one thing..i watched the mandy moore dvd and it was so good..shes so cool and talented and beautiful, i like her a lot

bRitTa <33
"we've been on the run, driving in the sun"   
08:48am 02/11/2003
mood: tired
music: California -- Phantom Planet
recap, yesterday i started the day off with a little shopping, got a new winter coat cuz i dont like my old pea coat, then got some new running shoes hehe going running tomorrow...then mom and i went to look at new gym bags for my but i didnt see any big enough at farrieers except those addidas ones and i hate that one...so i came home and hung out here for a bit and then i went to get my haircut...just a little trim..sometime i wasnt to get bangs but mom says it wouldnt look good so oh well..then i went to the XC meet =) ger and alex were there today as spectators that was nice of them..so i hung out with them and nick and janie :waves back to janie: haha you're so cute...then i saw evelyn! that was cool cuz i was looking for her like the whole time then i finally found her at the end...lets see then dad and i left and he wanted to make a stop at the cd store and they had the limited mandy moore cd that i wanted and it was on sale so dad got it and i paid him back...tthheeenn i came home and straightened my moms hair for that booster thing she and dad were going too and chris picked me up later to go get some pizza haha that was fun then we just drove around for a little bit and then went back to his house...we watched space jam ..thats a funny movie =) ... then i came home and went to bed..i was spent anyhoo i got some homework to do today because well wednesday is the end of the marking period ..it went by pretty fast! but the first one always does..and then thursday to sunday we're going to boston..sorta excited sorta not but im gonna go

lator gators
- BriTtA <3 -
"all these little rejections, how they add up quickly"   
11:13pm 31/10/2003
mood: excited
music: So Unsexy -- Alanis Morrisette
halloween today...everyone looked so good...uhh andrew haha well you just looked interesting..not a bad day though..five extra credit points in history which brings my test grade up from a d- to a c or a c+! that made me happy...aaand lets see...i laughed so hard today in english with andrew and the bee and then miss kelley started to tease me cuz of my laugh like mr sullivan does...then hmm after school i came home and finally watched one tree hill from tuesday! and then i ate some pizza for dinner and sometimes when people knocked on the door i would give them candy..some of them were sooo cute! ahh one of them told me he had to go to the bathroom and then walked away haha i almost started cracking up before i could close the door..then i went with chris to get a movie and we dropped the car off at his house and walked to my house and watched it..Willard..it was freeaky..anyhoo i have a very busy day tomorrow so i need my rest!!

HaPpY HalLowEeN!!

"pictures drawn from memory"   
09:40pm 30/10/2003
mood: tired
music: Best of Me -- Starting Line
10 bands/artists you've been listening to lately

something corporate
saves the day
dave matthews
alkaline trio
dashboard confessional
mandy moore (yes, i said mandy moore)

9 things you look forward to

the weekends
hanging out with chris
watching new movies
having spare time
seeing people from gym

8 people you want to spend more time with


7 things that annoy you

tieing my shoes
people making fun of me
people that spend way too much time doing schoolwork
zero period
the heating system in our school
most of the people in my grade
football players that think they own the world

6 things you touch everyday

my hair
my toothbrush
my doorknob
my radio
my clothes

5 things you do everyday

listen to music

4 things you wear everyday

my rings
my watch
a hairtie

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empire records
lord of the rings
monty python and the holy grail

2 of your favorite colors

hot pink

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with

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