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Josie Anderson's Journal

10th June, 2003. 11:03 am. I cut

I am a 17 year old Girl who suffers from Manic couselor is putting me on meds because I have unstable mood shifts and she believes that it could be why i have such an explosive arm is bandaged up...I cut my wrists so deep that I could see the vien nearly...or maybe I was hallucinating...I am not sure...but I am going to die soon...all I want is for someone to give a shit...that is all I fucking want...someone to one knows about my problem...not even Chris (my counselor), I just make up ecuses as to why my arms and legs are bandaged...I ride horses so its easy to say i fell off and sprang my ankle or cut myself on a branch.....anyway...I still am glad to know that there are people who go through this shit too....~~Josie

Current mood: gloomy.
Current music: "Veins Of Glass"-Lacuna Coil "Self-Pity"-A.F.I..

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8th April, 2003. 2:58 pm. I fell


So much pain to ease my simple mind
No hope - I've been crucified
And no one seems to care

(Don't you feel like a bitch)
(Don't promise shit you'll never be)
(Don't you feel like a bitch)
(Don't promise shit you'll never be)

The first time I knew you lied
I ended up crucified
My hate you wear for my cross you bear
It's for me I swear

What's with you
You leech off my desire
Faceless name
So untrue you're wasting away

(Don't you feel like a,)
(Don't you feel like a,)
(Don't you feel like a shit)
(Don't promise shit you'll never be)

{Chorus repeat 4x}

Current mood: amused.
Current music: "I'm With Stupid"- Static-X.

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8th April, 2003. 2:41 pm. FUCKERS

Fucking bastards....yeah do you like that? Huh? Do you all like it when you see me with my shirt off aand see the scars all over my body?? Don't you love it, don't you love to poke and pry like always, sit there and hurt me, I liek makes me feel like a bag of shit!! ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU WANT??? HUH??? Don't you want that?? yes you fake sypathcizers....none of you really care, you do it for the camera or for the show...none of you can handle laying down you facade and show who you really are the same as me, scared and wimpering in the corner...yeah your life is perfect but what about the bulima? and you you have the talent of a pro bball player, what about the crack you've been snorting in the bathroom?? and you, you with your dreadlocks and pierced lip, you thinking you are such a cool person, when in all reality, you were just trying to make yourself look like such a "rebel"...yes are nothing more than the girl that sleeps with the 20-35 year olds to get rides to Cali. Then there is me....the quiet girl in the corner....who screams as she cuts her body repeatedly just to make herself feel better about being the same as them without having to throw up or snort a line to be the person I want to be....well I gotta go...and I hope you all have a nice day....

Current mood: annoyed.
Current music: "Dead In Hollywood"-Murderdolls.

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3rd April, 2003. 1:46 pm. comparitive

I hate being compared to sane people...I hate men....I hate me...

Current mood: annoyed.
Current music: "people=shit"-slipknot.

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17th March, 2003. 2:50 pm. Oohh

I hate these people, I wish that she would die...that bitch...RAWAARrr...grr...oh time she will get hers...yeah fucking smile at me again bitch....i suddenly hope for you to get gonorrhea and burn in vd infested hell!!!...BWAHAhaha....yes yes...i am feeling a tad evil and a little twinge of bitchiness...oh well..this to shall pass....farewell~~Josie

Current mood: crazy.
Current music: "Cold"-Static-X.

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13th March, 2003. 2:41 pm. Hey

first enrty...certainly not the last...I don't know anyone on I might as well just go to the random section or point in being alone....

Current mood: chipper.
Current music: "Family Portrait"-Pink<---Don't ask.

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