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Comfort wrapped in fish eggs [16 Apr 2004|07:28pm]
[ mood | Pickle Juice ]
[ music | Lipstick and Bruises ]

Hi Journal. Today I felt fat so i slept through all my classes. Turns out my pants were tight because I had just washed them. HAHA opps. It felt good to sleep in tho, because I have had a crazy fuckin week and I needed a break. My room is relly messy, but I won't clean it till tomorrow because it's a saturday job. Oh and in other news, my cell phone still isant working right. Yay! I have to laugh because otherwise I will go on a murderous rampage and set fire to cars. I have spent over 2 hours on the phone with the cell phone not working people. HAHA I spent $200 for pure aggrivation! HAHA! I was thinking i was not going to get out of bed for a few days. but then I got my manic depressive arse up and went to dinner. Din was lots of fun, as usual. Duffy's party is tonite. That should be rocking. Going to see Kill Bill 2 first if maTT gets his ass back from the jazz band concert. I went rollerblading at the parkway for an hour today. It was nice, though I relly wasnt in the mood to work out. So ya That's all Folks.

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