Blue Frog's Journal

Friday, July 30, 2004

11:27AM - Naughty and Nice

I'm definitely experiencing some type of quarterlife Crisis. Last week, my boss pulls me into her office and tells me that she knows I'm unhappy and that I have two weeks to smarten up or I'm outtie! Ever since then, I've been rebelling like you wouldn't believe. In my personal and professional life. Dee had T flown up here from Florida and they are both staying with me. Meanwhile, Dave thinks that Dee is camping "girls weekend" style with me. T and I are happy to have them visit but the sexual tension between all of us is unbearable. We agreed to get completely pissed tonight and just let whatever happens happen. I'm not sure if this idea is wise. Will it sabotage me and mine if he ends up somewhere with her and I end up somewhere with someone other than mine? However, I'm excited to get attention from someone other than mine. It gets dull sometimes, you need a little change or spark. And the idea of him being with a good friend of mine actually makes me tingle a little. So my life this weekend will end up a soap opera. Maybe this is just a vice so I don't have to think about work. That's right, Bluefrog, turn yourself into a giant sex-maniac whore!!!

Current mood: horny
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