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Monday, January 20, 2003

3:49PM - In the still of the night

A while back this guy christian and i dated on and off for about a year. Soon enough we broke up and went our separate ways. He dated one of my close friends krystal from IndepenDANCEand i also dated others. Christian and i have started talking agian but just as friends and i guess that has rose someone questions for both krystal and her little dancer friends. (DEZ) oh but i dont want to name anybody. so i guess this is how the story goes. Francine, another one of my close friends, and christian went to mekennas, another dancer, party. LOl of course they showed up a little late but hey who wants to be the first one at the party. That same night i went with my friend rachelle to our friend lynns party which was starting to get a little out of hand. so me and rachelle left and i went home. Not remembering that Mekennas party was that same night i called francione to see what she was doing becuase i was bored and wanted to do something. It turns out her and christian aslo left the party early. now see if i were Krystal id probably be thinking---- oh my god he came here late with her and now hes leaving early what the hell--- bo0h0oho0 cry me a river. anyway i ened up meeting francine at her house and we ( we meaning francine christain and i) just sat in her car talking and then sleeping for about 15 mins. before francines mom called her and told her o come inside. francine went insde and then i was going to drive christain home. Oh the way to cvhristians house he ask me when he could get my tap shoes and i said that he could get them now. sp we went to my house first and i was looking for them in my house and he fell was falling asleep and i was on the tired side myself becuase i was drinking earlier. Anyway we came to the conclusion that we would sleep for a couiple hours and then id take him home. While we were sleeping i hear a knock at the front door down stairs. I get up go down stairs to Find that it was Nhan. Is christian there? he asked " yeah hold on" i replied i went upstairs and christian was still sleeping so i went downstairs and said " hes sleeping but if you want you can go up and see him" he then said " itll be real fast" he then proceeded upstairs just to pulkl the covers off of christain and say" oh okay" and dramactically ran out of my house. hello, what the hell was that all about. Anyway Me and francine are smart people and put 1 and 1 together and got 2. I told Diana the story and she told me that krystal was suippose to take Nhan home that night from mekkenas party but i also found out that she had to take DEz to Francines house to pick up her car so that she can go home. the only way Nhan coulsd have disappeared so quickly from my house was if he had a ride, right krystal. i dont apprieate being woken up just so you can know where your man is. Obviously if you didnt know he didnt wnat you to know. And just to set you striaght me and christian are just friends nothing more and nothing less. you need get get over your self already. im not like you no really im not like you becuase i have more CLASS yeah thats a good word CLass to stay away from other peoples especially my friends boyfriends and/or girlfriends. You hurt me in the worst way Krystal, even Davin... fortunately Davin's a little more forgiving then i am. Oh and your probably wondering why i have been so nice to you and your little friends.. you should know by now i can feel one thing yet act the complete opposite. i guess all i have to say right now is that youll get your krystal, and when you do i hope you feel ten times worse then what i felt when i found out. but anyway i hope you have a day.. hehe lol

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