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Spring Break... and... Whatever Else I Typed, Lolz. [22 Mar 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Double- Boa ]

Whenever I use Blurty, it's always a biznitch. Always slow... Sorry, I'm bashing you on your own site. Lolz. Don't kick me.

Oh well, uhm... yea... I don't know what I have and haven't updated in here.

Spring Break just ended, that sucks... I didn't really got to do anything either. Just cleaned a little at home, my room, the bathrooms... worked. I went to the beach yesterday to get clams. I went shopping a few times... Nothing big.

Hm... Yea. that's about it.

Future plans? I'm planning on going to get my permit. I hope I get to go this Wednesday. If not, no biggie. I'm not really that excited anymore... It's just... whatever. I'm not going to get my car when I'm 16, well, maybe. If I get my license when I'm 16. Whatever. I don't want to talk abou this permit business anymore. It's kinda making me sick... since haven't gotten it and it seems as though everyone else has...

Oh yea, I got a hair cut. Two hair cuts. Lolz. One from Beauty First, and one from my sis. I didn't like the one from that dude much... and it costed a lot too. Just for a cut... $26. Other places are just like... $15? I tipped him $5. I think that's a lot... basically... 1/5, 20% of the total, but whatever.

Hm... I want to do something this summer. I hope I get to go to Cali. I haven't been there in ages. I miss everyone, I miss Cali... I love it there. I'd love to climb the Hollywood Hill again. =) Lolz.

Yea... I'm done. Later. Thanks for cooperating, Blurty. =)

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