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    Saturday, February 28th, 2004
    12:39 am
    No right to privacy
    Heylo people...I've been forced to make every journal from this point on, a private one. For the few that I actually want to read my journal...I'll give you the password. But, for those of you who find my journals adress cause someone in your family reads it and then decide to read it without my permission...screw you. It's not a public journal for anybody to read...so what if anybody could stumble across it. The chances of somebody who actually knows me stumbling across it are a billion to one. And since you just decided to look up the link, guess what...have fun. I don't like anybody who won't respect the privacy of others(oh and if your reading this and your one of those people...that means your back to deface my privacy again...so my point is being proven as I speak). Well, thats all...I'll prolly do a private update here in a minute...for those of you who ARE welcome.


    Current Mood: annoyed
    Saturday, February 7th, 2004
    1:46 am
    Wee...or not...
    Gah, I dunno...My last update wasn't all that happiful...this one, I dunno. I'm glad I got ta hang out with Tiff tonight...We watched the lion king ^.^ that was fun. "Whats a motto?" "Nothin! Whats the Motta with you?" lmao...sorry. lol, I showed her and her mom the little sex thing in there. hehe, don't ask. I'm still kinda blah right now...not to sure why. I think its mostly this whole Josh back in town kinda thing going on. Josh is her previous love who she was only able to get over with cause of me...but now he's back for some reason for a little while and she want's to go hang out with him. I'm sorry but that kinda irks me. I would ask if it's okay if I tag along...but then it would seem like I don't trust her, which I do...So I'm not going to...I think lol. :: sighs :: I'm still all grr about not being able to take her out to dinner for her b'day....and I was planning on taking her one of these other days...but she got sick...then I got sick...so yeah....blah! I've been doing this thing though...that started Feb 1st. I've been giving her a present every day...and am going to continue doing so until Valentines day when she gets the real present. Hehe. Gah...so much shit running through my head...It's cause I got nothing to do...Download you damn Naruto Episodes!!!! Sorry...just the rambling of a mindless otaku, don't mind me. :: sigh :: I dunno though...I'm still all blah, need to get over it damnit...oh well. Goodbye all...

    Current Mood: gloomy
    Friday, February 6th, 2004
    5:24 pm
    Well, Hello all...bored as fuck right now. Sick, so I have nothing to do. Tiff is watching TV and doesn't feel like talking or something. Come to mention it, She hasn't really wanted to talk at all lately. Grr...it upsets me a wee bit. She was invited to a party tonight by this Paul guy...yeah, found out today that he calls her a whole lot....like all the time even when he's at school. >_< ... :: sighs :: I wonder if she talks to him more than me. Prolly not, but thats only cause I call over there alot and come over...I wonder how much we would actually talk if I didn't call her as much. Gah, I'm in a really depressed mood...I'm bored. I think I'll just go drown myself in some anime...or play games. I dunno...just do something besides sit here. lol, Tiff will prolly end up talking to Kyle or Paul or something before ever even thinkin of calling me back. Wee...I hate being depressed. It seems like I've been depressed in some way or another lately. It normally doesn't bother me, and I'm like yeah, whatever...I'll get over it. Just today seems to suck. I can't stop thinking depressing thoughts...Hopefully they'll go away soon. I'm gonna go now...just had to get rid of some of these thoughts...figured writing them down would help...tootles

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Anime!!!
    Tuesday, November 25th, 2003
    5:59 pm
    Well, ain't it all grand?
    Well hello...long time no see. Sorry I haven't updated in a while...but I just haven't felt like it or have been to busy. Well, life has been going pretty good for the most part, well...up until the last few days that is. To make a long story short...I helped Tiffany sneak out so she could go to her friend Tiana's house so that they could exchange gifts, well...her dad found that she was missing, came looking for her, found us, and decided to threaten me. Here is what he said "Listen here boy, she's 15 your 19, If this shit ever happens again you'll be in jail and on top of that I'll kick your ass". And the thing that pisses me off about what he said was that he was going to throw me in jail. I could care less if he trys to kick my ass...If he want to take me on, he's more than welcome to try. But when you threaten to throw me in jail, your threatening to take away my family, the people I care for...and the one person I care the most about. So, I've pretty much started to very much dislike the hypocritical bastard. I don't know how long I will hate them, but I'm not a happy camper. Why do I call them hypocrits? Well, because they can sit there and laugh about how they used to sneak out with eachother all the time and laugh about it...but when it comes to us were just such bad bad people...fuckers. Her mother told her that she lost all the respect that she had for me, well guess what...I've lost all the respect I had for her too. I have absolutely no respect for hypocrits. Although her mother might be the only one I can stand...cause right now I'm to pissed at her father for what he said to me...I don't care if your pissed cause I took her out of your house without permission, fine...try to kick my ass, but don't threaten to take away what I hold dear. Cause I won't go to jail without a reason...and that is not a reason. So anyways...yeah, so she's grounded for a while...I prolly won't get to see her very much. But I'll be patient...I just hope she'll be just as patient. I have all the faith in the world that she will. ^.^ I can't believe how much I've started to love this girl...Since Jenn...It's just been kinda like I didn't know when I would be able to get over her. But, Tiffany helped that happen...I'm not quite sure how, but all I know is that everythings better when I'm with her.

    Well, thats pretty much what has been happening lately, I'm tired of writing now...so I'll let ya know everything else later...maybe.

    Alrighty...se ya'll lata, buh-bye!

    Current Mood: Booyaka!
    Current Music: Silence
    Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
    10:30 pm
    Woah...It's been a long time since I updated this. Much talk needed...

    Well, the latest thing I have to say is, I got a tongue ring! lol, Crazy I know...but hey, It may come in handy ^_~ Hehe. (Many kinky thoughts have crossed my mind lately, and Tiff...your the one who keeps causing those kinky thoughts. lol)

    Well, schools been a drag....LMAO! What am I saying! I don't have school anymore...I'm so happy!

    Works been fun though. I love playing the games and stuff...plus I fix em all day. The ocassional Go-Kart riders come in and then I gotta go watch them until their done...but It's been pretty slow lately so thats rare. I love my manager. God, it's so great....she's like the mom I wish I had. First...check this out. She buys me Alchohol....and then, this is the best part. I was late for work today...because I was, um otherwise tied up (Actually pinned down ^_~) and she wasn't mad or anything...she said she was worried and then when I told her I was just "Preoccupied" by a "Special friend" and she's like ohhh, and was actually glad for me! lol. But now she wants to meet her (You know who you are ^_~)...I told you, she like the mom I wish I had. I wouldn't mind taking you to meet her. It would be fun...lol.

    As for being preoccupied today...me and one of my friends, have started to like eachother....and, well...things have gotten a little "fun". Right now, I'm guessing that were friends with benefits...but I hope It will step to the next level soon. I really have started to like her...ALOT. I know we've only been seeing eachother for a little while now. But I've known her for a while by just talking to her, and I think I've gotten to know her pretty well. Yeah, she's been doing some crazy things for a little while, but she's finally seemed to stop and let things settle(I know your all clueless so just let me rant. lol). I really would like to start going out with her soon...but she's not too sure. She says she really likes me, but she's afraid of what her parents would do...Which really sux. Cause she's trying to choose between me and this guy named Kyle. She told me she wasn't sure, but she prolly will start going out with Kyle cause I'm too old and her parents would freak. That really made me sad...I really do like her...I haven't been able to be this open with anybody since...yeah, the bad time with you know who. But, hey what am I supposed to do? There's not much I can except hope (maybe pray a little) that a miracle will happen...I just want to be with her so bad. I'm just afraid of the day when we won't be able to see eachother anymore, cause when she starts dating...I'm going to stop even flirting...cause I would feel really bad if I caused her to cheat or anything. But things have been great for the last week...I love being with her. She's always fun to be around...alright alright. I'll stop pouring my bloody heart out. lol

    Ok...anything else I can talk about. Anime...lol, I have watched so much anime since the last update. I'm currently watching an anime called -Naruto- It's about ninja students trying to work their way up through the ranks of ninja's. It's really cool. I finally finished Shaman King...and have been tempted to watch the series straight through...just for fun. Slayers...I've gotten alot of slayers. I was really impressed with the original Slayers and about the same with Slayers Next. But the Third season (Slayers-Try) didn't turn out so great. I stopped watching it cause it just wasn't that good...the storyline really sucked as well. Lets see...I've been thinking about getting Bubblegum crissis in Tokyo 2040, not sure yet. lol, okay thats enough about anime.

    Well, there's not much else to complain about...I did go see Freddy vs. Jason today. It was ok...but not as good as everybody said....Pirates of the Carribean. Now that...was a good fucking movie.

    Well, I'm going to go...I'm sitting here staring at the AIM window for you to get on(You know who you are).


    Have fun all...


    P.S. KinkyKinkyKinkyKinkyKinkyKinkyKinkyKinkyKinkyKinkyKinkyKinky....with Bondage! (lol, sorry....somebody put me in a kinky mood this morning ^_~) Just another random outburst you all can ignore.

    Current Mood: Kinky!
    Current Music: Bawitaba - Kid Rock
    Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
    11:00 pm
    School start tomorrow....And I don't have to Go!
    Ah, School starts tomorrow...Children with backpacks riding busses. All on a deadline to busily run back and forth from class to class. And me. Snug tight in my bed sleeping while you all scamper around like an army of ants. The joy of school. ^_^. Hehe, I finally got a PS2! yes, yes...It is true. I only have two games as of the moment(GTA3 and Commandos 2). hopefully I will have more games soon. Need more games... :: drool :: Need Devil may cry and FFX. Oh well, Have fun at school all of you little ones. Ta ta! and good luck! ....Your gonna need it.

    ~ Mike ~

    Current Mood: chipper
    Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
    7:02 pm
    Reliving the past...
    Geez...I hate it, I don't want to sleep anymore. I can't take it anymore...I keep having thes re-acurring dreams(I know I prolly mispelled it, but oh well). And guess what? They've caused me the most pain and I'm more affraid of them then I'm afraid of nightmares. If you haven't guessed by now, their about Jenn. Yes Jenn...The only person I've ever fallen in love with. Well, dreams suck...The thing that really sucks, is that their some of the greatest dreams I've ever had. Thats why their so painful. I guess thats the true description of a double-edged sword. Every time I woke up it's like being broken apart all over again. God, It's been so long now...I should be used to it, her being gone and all, but I still feel as if a piece of me is just...missing. (I don't care if anybody reads this, I have to get this out...anyways, I doubt anybody actually reads my journal anywhos. It's just all for my sake) I wish for the simple things to be back...The thing I miss the most is probably just holding her hands. I hate how things have turned out...Now, I never get to see her and hardly get to ever talk to her. I even miss just being friends with her at school...after she broke up with me. Those were some of the most painfull moment of my life, but I still got to be close to her...and that was all that mattered. I wish I knew if she still feels anything for me, god I hate depression. I wish things would just go back to the way they were...I wish you would try Jenn. You didn't even try to make things right, you just left. I know I screwed up on things, but so did you...relationships aren't perfect, but you have to try. We needed to talk, but neither of us could think of the words...I wish we could just talk now. Well, I guess I'm done. I need to get outta here soon. It's Dezi's B'day...See Y'all later(If anybody actually is reading this). Byes.

    Jenn don't get mad at me for saying this, but...

    I love you. I always have and always will. I still do right now and don't know how to stop.

    I'm sorry, but I had to say that...


    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Not a damned thing.
    Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
    7:04 pm
    Changes in life.
    Well, I'm kinda feeling bad right now. I just broke up with Sharon...so I'm feeling kinda bummed. Even though I'm the one who broke up with her. I hardly ever got to see her...and It just didn't feel right. I don't know why. but you know the feeling, when you know your supposed to be with the person...it just wasnt' there. I just hate hurting people...I was afraid she would hate me...but she doesn't. So I'm glad about that, but hey...I'm single again. Which kinda sux.

    Well, work is going pretty good...It's cool and all, my manager just got a digital camera...so now we're all afraid. I got paid the other day! I'm happy! lots of money!

    Ok...I'm ok now.

    Well, looks like I'm not moving in with Matt...He's prolly going to collorado...for god knows why.

    Alrighty...I'm going to update later...I'm prolly shooting pool soon...so lataz all!

    - Mike -

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: Disturbed - voices "while watchin Hellsing amv "
    Saturday, July 5th, 2003
    11:09 pm
    Boo! Hi all, I just got back from watching Terminator 3. It's a pretty kick ass movie. The action just doesn't stop...theres like an explosion ever 30 second(exaggerated of course). I want to see Sinbad really bad. It look hillarious. Blah, I'm just bored so I decided to update. Oo! I got a new spiffy watch...for free! At work we have a lost and found section and this watch was sitting there for ever...so I asked my manager if I could have it and she said yes. I'm so happy! I hate not wearing a watch...I feel exposed without it.

    Well works going good...I love being game tech. It's so much fun. Plus I get butloads of tokens (I have 30 dollars worth just sitting in a jar for when I go there with friends xD)

    I'll get to see Sharon on monday. It sucks that I have to work that day...I haven't gotten to talk to her since like thursday since she went on the 4th of july vacationg thingy. maybe she'll skip her schooling thing.

    Ok...well, I'm going now. Talk to you all later...maybe...yeah.


    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: Intro to Those who hunt elves
    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
    12:09 am
    Long time no see...
    Heya, It's been a long time since I've updated this (not like anybody reads it anyways). I guess alots been happening, my jobs going pretty well...Since I've been promoted to game tech it's been alot funner. I run around fixing games and helping where needed, not stuck in one place all day. Things have been going pretty good with Sharon...haven't gotten to see her for a while so I've been pretty sad. Hopefully all will be alrighty again when she goes back to school.

    I finally finished Shaman King! :: Cheers :: that thing took so long ta watch, now I gotta burn it all to cd so I can download more stuff.

    I'll hopefully be moving out soon. My moms giving me a hard time about it, but I want her to agree to me moving out so it doesn't feel like I'm running out on her. Matt, Angel and I (Hah! correct grammer!) were out looking for houses for rent, we found some pretty promising stuff and since all three of us have jobs and are just looking for a 2 bedroom we don't have to get some piece of shit junk. God, I can't wait to get outta here.

    I need to finish working on my Motorcycle, That thing has been sitting there for so long...It really needs to be put back together. Poor thing.

    Can't really think of much else...I just wanted to finally update again :\ since it's been so long. So I guess I'll go. Bye all...


    Current Mood: blah
    Current Music: The sound of....silence
    Thursday, June 12th, 2003
    11:57 pm
    Happy Happy
    Hey all, I'm in a pretty good mood now. Actually I'm pretty happy right now ^_^. Yeah, your not going to believe this but guess who I'm going out with? Sharon! Yes, Sharon...You know who I'm talkin bout. Yeah, I'ts kinda a shock to me to...I liked her for a long time, but she was always with Alex so I didn't think I'd ever date her. Today we went and saw Finding Nemo with my sis and her friend. I guess it's a good thing that we already saw the movie before that ~_^. Hehe, yeah...that was great and then we got to sit out in the parking lot for a long time together while her friend was on the cell phone...so that was fun too. I was sad about Tiana though...I didn't think it was going to work out. She was never able to do anything and I haven't even talked to her for like a week now...I'm not supposed to call her cause her mom gets mad...and she hasn't been on-line. So, I thought it was time to move on. Well, I gotta go...see you lata.


    P.S. Hope to see you soon Sharon.

    Current Mood: happy
    Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
    1:36 pm
    What a day......
    Today has just ended up being a really depressing day...and it's not even halfway over! I'm so fucking bored outta my mind...I want to be able to do something, but everything seems to be not doable. Today I was hoping to be able to hang out with Tiana. But as usuall, something happened where I can't see her. I'm so freaking confused. She says she likes me...but it seems like she makes very little effort to see me at all. I don't know what it is...does she not want to see me, because James is still on her mind (I hope he burns in the last fucking level of hell...I don't even know him but I already dislike him alot). Or is it that crap just seems to happen. I try to call her but I never seem to get to talk to her. Either her mom answer (and she always seems to be aggitated when I call) or she just can't talk...and she doesn't call me much so...yeah. I know things like these take time, but if your interested in somebody your supposed to show...I dunno...Interest? I just don't know. All I know is that I'm out on a limb, waiting...hoping. Well, I'm outta here...I think I'll go do chores or something, It's not like I got much else to do...

    Bye all...

    Current Mood: blah
    1:11 pm
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    Current Mood: depressed
    Monday, June 2nd, 2003
    11:27 pm
    After I finished updating today I found these quizes that I haven't put up yet...at least I don't think I have. If I did oh well...you can look at em again. It wont kill you xD.

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    10:33 pm
    Heya, whats up? Hows it going and all that stuff. I'm just sitting round being bored...hope I get to go and hang out tomorrow. I saw Finding Nemo yesterday...It was pretty good, just that there was so many damned little kids crying and screaming and AAARRRGGG!!! Oh well, I lived through it...barely. Bah, Jenny Rome is leaving tommorow...and I'm not going to get to see her leave or nothin. I wasn't invited to a going away party or anything. Hope you have fun in London Jenny...You better not be seducing those naive english boys ~_^ . Heh, I guess thats it...not much is happening. Works going pretty good...I'll be getting a pretty big paycheck...so I'm happy. I'll be saving for a car... Don't know when so I'll hafta be patient, plus I want a van ^_^. Alrightys, I'm outta here's...lata dayz.

    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: Techno!
    Friday, May 30th, 2003
    1:09 am
    Can't sleep
    Hey all...whats up? Nuthin much here...just sitting round being bored and all. Finding Nemo comes out tomorrow and I'm debating on whether or not to go see it...Oh well. I got free movie tickets so its no biggy. It's like 1 o'clock in the morning now and I cant sleep...I slept earlier so I'm kinda awake now. Just watching Shaman King religiously so I have something to pass the time. Blah...If your reading this leave a comment or something to let me know how you all are doing.

    I guess I'm gonna try to sleep now...lata dayz.

    P.S. I still don't know how long it will be before Tiana feels the time is right. I hope it's not too long...but, to be with her...It's worth the wait.

    Current Mood: mellow
    Current Music: Oversoul - Shaman King
    Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
    11:04 pm
    Well, Hey...whats up? nuthin much here...ya know, eatin, sleeping, working, getting dumped. Yea, Tiana broke up with me. Well, she said that she really does like me, but she just needs some more time to get over her last boyfriend (James) before she starts another relationship. So yeah...she says that she still wants to go out with me just to give her more time. I can do that. I really like her and I can understand why she needs time...I'm still having some difficulty with my emotions about my last relationship. So, I'll wait. She asked me if I was mad at her...and the answer is no. Doesn't mean that I'm all happy, but I can deal...I just hope she sorts things out.

    Well, On a lighter note I went to see Bruce Almighty today. That was pretty funny. I liked the seven fingers on one hand thing...

    Well, I'm gonna go...lataz

    P.S. Here I go writing 'bout a girl again...I need to stop that. We all know how well that went over last time :\
    Monday, May 26th, 2003
    2:00 am
    Hiya, I'm happy...I just got back from seeing Tiana(Yes it's 2 in the morning....whats your point?). We were just sitting there outside her house on the street with her friends talkin and what not. For some reason the conversation kept getting directed towards buttplugs or porno shops or dead something or the other. We had strange conversations...but I'm just happy I got to see my girlfriend, I wanted to stay longer but she was afraid her mom was going to walk outside and see us. So I had to go ;_; ....but, hopefully I can see her again soon...it all depends on how long I hafta work tommorow. I want to go to the springs but it doesn't look too likely. Ah well, whatever happens, happens. I'm going to go so I can sleep now....byes.

    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: I have my earphones on...but I'm not listening to music.....
    Monday, May 19th, 2003
    9:17 pm
    No school!!!!!!
    Well, It's now my first day of no more school (I consider today my first day since it would be a day that I would actually be in school). And I gotta say, It's great...'xcept for the fact that I didn't get to see any of my friends :: cries :: . They were the only reason that I was able to put up with that place. Uhg...the thing that really irks me is that I was forced (yes forced) to wake up around 8:00. I awoke to the tap tap tapping of a nailgun up above my head. They have a roofing company reshingling our apartment complex...and they like to start bright and early. Happy Joy Joy. I was actually kinda bored so I cleaned....scary huh? The house needed a good clean. It'd been a while...so I spent all morning cleaning and stuff. The rest of my day has been pretty smooth.

    The weekend was pretty good though. Friday I went to the Springz, I met up with my friend Gomez and had a blast. We went 'round fuckin around and having fun(we got our buts kicked in that Voyager game xD). I got him to try pump it up...he needs some work, but I think he could make it. Went to Mc Donalds after a bit and ate...I had two double cheeseburgers and a large fries(Just in case somebody was wondering). After we got done eating and stuff we went BACK to the Springz. Had some more fun just horsin 'round...then we hooked up with Tianna(I hope I'm spelling this right o_o;). We wandered round...played a little bit of mini bowling. (Oh, by the way. Tianna, I'm sorry about the bouncy ball incident. I was aiming for my sis. Honest! ~_^). Thats about it for my Friday...

    Saturday was awesome too though. Gomez ended up calling tellin us that he knew where we could see the Matrix for only $2. That was cool. it was at the Bellview Cinemas. Oh! Before I tell you 'bout that I need to say something about that morning that was kinda funny. The night before when I was at the Springz my voice had started to go out. I dunno why(I've been kinda sick lately) but when I woke up that morning(to my sis bringing in the phone with Gomez on the line) I couldn't say hello. It was just breath! I tried to say it like six times and finally I was able to squeek out "hold on". After I was able to clear my voice and speak Gomez was laughin at me(sadistic). I thought it was hillarious too...he said he could hear me trying to say hello. back to my story...well, we went to see the new Matrix...that movie was pretty cool. Just that the stupid dance scene was gay(like some African Tribe thing). After we got out of that we hung out in the parking lot(playing hacky sack) trying to call our 'rents to see if we could see X-men 2 also. well we did, but we didn't pay for it...we just walked in. That place was really lacking in security. But we got ta see it. It was my second time seeing that, but it was Gomez's first. Those are long movies too...We didn't get home till around Ten or Eleven o'clock. Plus we went to Taco Bell afterwards ^_^.

    On sunday we were supposed to meet Tianna(again I hope I'm spelling it right :\) at the Springz, but we waited around a half hour and she neva showed up ;_; . So we called and found out that she couldn't get a ride. We went to Easy Street and got Jobs...maybe, were going in tommorow to see whats going on. Hopefully we do get the jobs...I need some fun money. Thats 'bout it that happened. not much for Sunday.

    Well, thats 'bout it. Questions? Comments? Just call 1-800-up-yours. Or leave a comment on my journal. Lataz...


    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: Bawitaba
    Tuesday, May 13th, 2003
    10:38 pm
    Hi...This weeks gone by so slow for me its ridiculous. It's only Tuesday....well, almost Wed. now, and I want it to be Friday. But in some ways I wan't this week to last a long time. After this Fri. I prolly won't see some of my friends very often...I really don't hang out with most of them outside of school. Mostly cause they never call and see if I wanna do anything. Or for some they just don't want me interfering with their life anymore. I hope I get to see you all when school ends, and after that. Damn, this years had a lot happen. Emotions have been high and low....and mostly, they haven't been good. But, all is...well? It's not well. It probably won't be well ever again. But hey, Life goes on...things happen, I still have a long life ahead (maybe...). I'm glad most of my friends have been there for me...all through this year. Even with all this crap, this has been my favorite year of school. I hope the best for you all.

    O.K. With that over with lets go with my day...

    Mrs. Tait's class was hell, I had to sit through so many fucking oral reports that I thought I was going to go insane(maybe I already did...I'm not sure). I was supposed to do myne today, but there wasn't enough time...so I get to do it on thursday. That means that I have to take a test, and give an Oral Report all in the same period. What fun! Mr. Y's class was uneventfull...I painted my Salem Yin Yang ^_^, but mostly I was bored outta my mind. Some girl named Ozzie or something was hanging 'round and she made me want to hurl. Not for the fact that she was ugly or nothin(Well, I thought she was)...she just made me queezy whenever she was around. I get those feelings 'bout people sometimes. Well, I helped Mr. Y with magic for a bit then lunch came. I ended up giving Jenn 75 cents and $2 to Sarah! there goes my lunch ;_; . I hate being nice. After lunch ended I went to Mrs. Sawery's class...my Digital publishing II. Me and Matt finally finished the project we had done...and now their putting it on the school site(they better...we spent the past semester workin on that thing). It's this game where you beet the crap out of a VanGuurd Kneet(VanGard Knight). We were going to do one about Bellview too, but we ran out of time(Too bad, that would've held a great level of personal satisfaction for me...you probably know why). My next Digital Pub II class will be free, so we'll prolly be playing Metal Fatigue(A kick ass Strategy game). Hmm...thats pretty much it for me today...other than the fact I had Taco Bell for supper ^_^. So, I'll see ya all lataz...


    Current Mood: lonely
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