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The beginning... [11 Apr 2004|05:36pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | Orgy - Gender ]

Ok, first entry on this thing, i prefer lj.... but who gives. Ok, today i went to church, holy water didnt burn like i expected it to. The thing is, I wont believe in god unless sometime happens like a miracle or somthing awful and shit, but the thing is once i believe he exists im gonna become a satanist, like asap, because if god does exist then the devil must exist, and i want to believe in the devil. Thats my religious view. Now ive got three fucking journals... this is weird, cant keep up :P my lj damnedxbyxyou is just for viewing friends journals cuz i dont write serious in it anymore, and my bloodrandry1589 one is for really personal private shit, which is just bout everything, and my serious journal, and now ive got this, whcih is mostly cuz of shuffle, and i guess this one will be serious too..... yea it will. But my other one looks better, anyways, its dead sexy. argh im tired and im out of it, now my mom wants me offline, fuck it, i'llg oback online later...at like midnight... cuz i dont care.

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