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    Monday, June 23rd, 2003
    6:59 pm
    Wow!! Im in sucha GRAND mood!!!
    Wow.. Today was great holy shit.. ok well let's see... I got woke up at like 9am because my dumb ass stepd dad dont kno how to be quiet.. so ne ways I got outta bed.. signed online.. and then watched some tv.. n was thinkin bout last nite and how it sucked because of me and Corey breakin up... ((TEAR)) newho.. lol ok so it was bout 10 n I got up n around n ready because Tyler was coming over at 11:15... So yah.. I called Jodi n told her about Corey, I talked to her cute cousin Adam lol.. no Jodi i dont like him lol...what bout being n his bed lmao haha.. ok so I got done talkin to her, so I washed my hair and then fucked around with that n I treid to find somthing to wear lol.. wow.. thats takes forever.. haha neways so.. I downloaded some songs and talked to Jordan and Paige before Ty came.. well he finally showd up n Cd player skippin boi was along(_(Cannon)_) haha... hes da shit.. ne who ok so then tyler relized he forgot his ((bud)) at home so then they wen back home and got it I was like mm ok whatever.. so then it was bout 1230 n they come back and we go to the pool.. well there were madd loads of ppl there.. so I was juss walkin around... n I was chillin with Liz n Jess n I was pisssed because I was supposed to Chill with Tyler n he kinda didnt talk to I got mad and was Madd flirtin with other ppl.. n then I talked to him n see if he wanted to take a walk n he sed it was kewl so we were bout to leave n he couldnt find his phone so we looked everywhere n finally found it.. so we left.. we went back to the dame n talked... n held hands wow sooo cute lol... it was all muddie n shit eww gross ok so ne ways we finnaly got back there n he took his shirt off becuz it was MAD hot back there... so ok.. then he pulled me closer to him n gave me a hud omg i was so happy because I juss couldnt wait to like hug him agian.. n wen he did he wisperd n my ear " Will you go out with me" and I leaned away n sed what do u think hes like yes n i was like YAH... n then we kissed like 3 times lol sooo sweet.. so then there were kids comin so we lit up a cig n we were walkin n talkin bout tomorrow n shit.. so then his bro comes back n ty throws the cig lmao haha... so then we get back to the pool n tyler dont talk to me and lets my one friend Jess all over him.. i was pissed ..... argh.. so then him and Matt play pool and of course my baby kicks his ass.. so then Tyler walks out.. to get his shit.. and started being gay.. so then i walked away.. and then tyler leaves so i go out after him and i was liek wtf hes like i aint in a good mood i wanan go home i was lik ok wtfe so then me liz n jess got food.. n sam was eating it all lol.. jk so then we all left and i got home n called corey n bitched at him for awhile i started to cry n ne hung up on me.. so then i call tyler.. n talked to him, so then my mom was home and she bought a sqirt gun for my bro n he was getitng me soked lol n it looked like i pissed me self lmao haha.. neways.... so then i ate pizza got online n waited for tyler..n Sam is getting mad at me cuz i like tyler n not him haha... n wow yah eww gross at the pool Joe york was suckin his tits it was the most nastyies thing ever... ewww.. haha.. well ok so no im waiting for tyler to get on and YAY my grl Amber is coming over tomorrow hehe!!! well im ganan bounce lol mwah!!!! n FYI " I'm Sam's bitch haha that was funny sam.. no im ur sexii bitch that was the most funniest thing I heard alllllll day lol ur funny

    Current Mood: lonely
    Current Music: Monica: Angel of Mine
    9:11 am
    hmMm...This Day suck's!!
    ok, Well i'm back again.. with the boring life of me lol...iight.. so here it goes.. ok I woke up about 11... I got some toast and chocalate milk.. and got online...n I was think about alot of stuff that has been on my mind...so wow there was nothing to do all day so I juss either watches some t.v I was in my room or online.. because I didnt feel like walking down to the pool even thought the person I wanted to talk to was there.. Speakin of which haha.. ok I felt liek sucha dumbass because Tyler go online right... and he was Away for the like whole day.. haha so then I was telling him how sry n shit I fwas from last nite.. and Like I was pretty much makin a fool outta my self because it wasnt tyler that was on it was his brother lol so his brother tried to pretend to be him which he cant lol.. n he was like SHUT UP N FUCK U.. I was like hmmm naw that aint Tyler so then Jodi Calls Tyler at home n his mom answers n says hes at the pool... so then I called his cell n he was with Cannon.. Yay ... haha Cd player skippin boi lol..ne ways.. yeah so then when he got home he upsetted me because were talkin bout me n him and juss shit that was happening to me so then he goes out side n I was talkin to Jess bout it and she was helpin out.. yea.. haha..so then Ty gets bac n keeps talkin hehe n then he goes n watches the Simpsons so I go get a shower n then think bout the stuff we were juss talkin bout so it pissed me off so i got out n then got online so he got off so i had to do what i wanted to do.... n Corey called WOW what good timing... so it was bout.. hmm lets say..10 n Jess was talkin me into breaking up with Corey.. ok so.. well me and him talked bout shit till 11 n i was getting bitchie n i didnt wanna talk bout it ne more so we did break up ;( tear i was crying all nite...even tho i was the one that wanted it.. but then i got back online n Ty was on he didnt make me feel alot better but some..so he sed he was coming over tomorrow.. so were ganna talk then go meet everyone down at the pool.. and hopuflly have a good day.. so i go into my room throw my cell phone turn on the t.v n like i was sooooooo FURIOUS at my self i creid myself to sleep.. so then i wake up at fuccin 9am in the moring.. becuase my step dad n unckle are fucin putting a window in wow.. now im bitchie bc i have had No Sleep... so well that's all pretty much happen in my life today..

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: On Bended knee
    Sunday, June 22nd, 2003
    11:42 am
    Whata day!!!
    well.. mmk this is my first journal thinger so.. haha bare with me.. it mite be dumb.. but ok.. this is from last nite wow... that was pretty hilarous... ok well I woke up around... hmm i think 10.. i got some food..n i walked out into the computer room got online cheacked my mail bla bla bla... no one was really on.. so yah..well i pretty much juss chilled on online.. bumed around the house.. called liz n talked for like ever haha...u muh girl.. n then talked bout Tyler... complained bout Corey...n was talkin bout the movies n what we were ganna see or what time... after i got off the phone wit her.. i went in my room n cleaned it.. i was borde haha..i hate cleanin.. ne ways..then Tyler got on YAY!! we talked bout ALOT shit n why he got pissed on friday nite at me..n we worked it out, so everything was all good.. n then he got off so i was borde.. n i was talkin to ashie.. and we were lookin at icons lol.. RAPE ME lol.. n then.. wow.. i took a shower.. then got ready.. and then i had to get my bro ready so my momma could take me to the movies.. n i met up with Julie.. and Liz.. and we got our tickets to see Bruce Almighty.. n Tyler n cannon wasnt there yet so we went in and then they were there lol YAY...so tyler sat by me and cannon sat on the end by julie..so i was pissed at tyler n talked to liz.. and then i got shhhushed by tyler... becuz he was beign a dick n was stoned lol... so we wer texting back n forth i got pissed bc.. i was like ok u dont like me hes like yes i do bla bla thats a bunch of bullshit... so yah we flirted n it was great... n he text me n sed his pants were undone oh man i was like umm well grat i dont care.. haha.. even tho i wanted to i didnt.. go me.. n then... the movies was bout over.. and Liz called her momma to pic us up at DQ.. n we got icecream and i had to pee so me and cannon went and i peed faster then him.. wow.. then we got our icecream and i had alot of nuts on it lol.. n Liz was like this is Icecream not tyler lol it was great... so we were all eating and none of us wer talkin cept Cannon n who cares what he was talkin bout so i striked up a convo with Liz the whole was across the Table.. i was like SO how do u liek sitting outside in the cold... and listen to the Cd Player skip.. well i guess that pissed Cannon off bc he left so me and then grls chased after him.. n the woods n then me and liz got scurred ran back and jumped into a huge ass mudd pile lol... then we found Tyler n Cannon token it up lol so i was on tylersback.. and flriting with him YAY!!! n we bout kissed but.. then Cannon saw us soo lol yah that didnt work... so then tyler was pissed at me for somthing i sed earlier.. n we almost got pulled over by the cops lol.. bad us.. haha n we went to Wally world n tyler n cannon got insins lol.. n then i found the smell of Corey that was great!!soo then we talked to tyler n cannon a lil then we left so.. we went back down to the movies n we were chasin liz's mom around n then we finally stoped her they took me home and we talked bout the movies and i called Corey cuz he called me so liz talked to him then i talked so.. then i got home..i got online n thne corey was tired so i let him go... n then i called tyler to tell him to get online well he didnt so i was pissed.. n then i was juss messin around online n talkin to ppl then i called Re back to bitch at Eddie.. cuz of lieing to me.. then i went to bed... lol... so whata day!!! much lovin.. n such shit!!

    Current Mood: confused
    Current Music: Realest Niggas By: 50cent,EminEm
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