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    Saturday, May 17th, 2003
    10:46 pm
    hola...went to mall with betsy dale. went to target...best place ever! and i got 3 lipglosses-1 peach, 1 pink and 1 brown..its amazing we went to firehouse and ATE!

    wow i have lost 13 pounds in a week and i dont know how..all ive been doing is running and eating healthy. so thats always a plus..

    I NEED A JOB!!! i applied at publix and subway so my fingers are crossed!
    I am punk music!!
    Rock on, dude! You are Punk music!

    What type of music are you?
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    Current Mood: full
    Current Music: unwritten law- up all night...
    Saturday, February 8th, 2003
    11:43 am
    ugh today i am so bored....i have to babysit which sucks, but oh well i hope i get to go out tonight! well this is my first entry so i dont have much to say. oh wow lee just called me so that was interesting..lee is this guy i sort of hooked up with -unwillingly- so its really weird between us since he was such a good friend. im not going to report him or anything. it just kind of sucks that a friend of mine would do something with me that i didnt want to do..im not going into details on that one ~taytay
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