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What a dayy! [09 Dec 2003|07:40pm]
Ok...lyke heres my day...pretty boringg..some fun stuff but nothing wasnt in this order...just to let u went Science, Music, Spanish, History, Math, Lunch, Recess,Study Hall,English, was an irregualar schedule..we usually have 4 periods b4 Lunch.. alwayz..ok so we lyke have a quiz friday when we have a huge test on 12/.7 and 12.18 and the he wants us to memorize this whole sheet of notes just for a stupid "Big" as he puts it reading quiz..well in class we went over OUR notes and HIS notes..and das bout it

Geometry-Went over hw..then lyke reviewed by doingg the ch Review...which took me 4ever to do by the way...and if we didnt finish it(Which i dont really thing any1 did)..we had to finish it for hw and do the Ch Test in the bookk...u see we have a test yea, tis boringg!

English-Had a grammer quiz...then we did some Barlow..and we have a test mondayy on grammer which sorta sux..since i have evrything else! 2morrow we will prolly practive Barlow so we can b ready for Thursday

Science-Got our tests bak..i got a 95..wahoo..anyway we did some acid rain stuff..then we got some hw...which is REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Hard!!! But..o well..Mr S is koolio!

Lunch-Student Council was ok

Recess-Refer to above!

Studyy hall-Fun..i was suppose to go for Chorus but o well...i went to Ms. Stennis for help on English but it turns out we didnt reallyy do Stennis is so kool..and lyke we made up Picture stories on the board...Alex came up with a great on(2 fleas and a banana in a pond..forms a smiley was fun

Music-Chorus stuff..then lyke Music stuff..lyke playin on the instruments and stuff...

Spanish-we had to watch Barlow because our teacher was a judge

...O yea...I GOT A SNOWBOARD..i dont think i mentioned it..but if i did o well...cant wait for Ski club 2004...Ski Club 03 and 02 wont b nearly as good...and i cant wait for SkI TRIP..WAHOO!!!!

Basketball games(WENSDAY.THURSDAY.FRIDAY.)Be there!!! cya
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