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.[No Family Day]. [03 Oct 2003|10:59am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | .[Promise]. - Eve 6 ]

Well, on Oct 1 my grandpa died. I miss him! But I guess ill move on, he lived a long and happy life. Though he was also hilarious!!!! Im not in school today because of it, but did it have to be family day? I mean it could have been a normal day of school, but noooooooo its family day! Yesterday it was my dads birthday, I made him a card. But enough about that, I got to go to my cuzins house. It was fun stuff man...! We tlked on the internet for a while, then I went home and I was really bored! was exactly 12 hours ago when i fell asleep. I easily fell asleep...but then I woke up at 5am! It didnt even feel like I was asleep. But luckily, I was sooooo tired that I fell right back to sleep. So then today I go to the funeral..Wahoo. Doesnt that suk????? I hate this..errrrrrrr! But then again, I get to go to my cuzins house..its gonna be a blast! Well I have the to look forward to I guess...still, I wished this never happened!!

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