29th April 2003

12:26am: sleepless
its like 12:30 and i am sposed to be in bed because we have taks in the morning but me and my aubnt are hanging out and having fun an i can bailry tyep and yea..... everyone is away but me... weird,,..... i am sooo bored..... i want pizza but no one is dont it? it is a starcation homne over here.... thats prolly why i am so freakin skinny,, i really cant frieakin type so i am gonna go before i looze it.I think i am tweekin i love you matt.... bye people....
Current Mood: mellow
Current Music: Godsmack- I stand alone
12:52am: Mormon Name

My Mormon name is Amourette Precious Blessing!
What's yours?

im so tired, i feel drunk..... :P
Current Mood: drunk
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