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    Friday, February 13th, 2004
    6:49 pm
    im not jealous. and will never be:)
    last night was a riot man.
    i went to my grams then over to darrenkamps and weis.
    we're drivng and my mom was really hyper, and she saw a cat run by the road, and she was like oh its justa cat..
    then like two mins later a mouse did, and she was like amazed. shes like OMG its a fricken mouse, thats crazy! . and im like mom im sure youve seen a mouise b4.
    a posum or w/e theyre called, was dead at the side of the road. so my mom started speedin up and she rolled down her window, and to the other car she was likke "Theres a posum on the rooad watch out!! dont hurt it!!" And it was funy cuase like the other car couldnt hear her. and she kept on doing it to every car that passed, even when we're like 4 miles away from the dead stuff. and then i was laughing and shes like "WHAT now?" And i then i started doing was she was doing... not that you care, ha but you had to be there.
    at the grocery store i got some faves. - oranges -peach and strawbery yogurt -bagels -brocclli -doritos.. yummm

    im out, laterrrrrr xo.

    I mean we all get tired i mean eventually theres nothing left to do but sleep...

    now on sunday im prolly going to the movies with JMON! and dan:) awesome.. dude
    aerobics. is three times next week! IM SO EXCITED. and the season starts on the first of march dude!! ahh:):)
    2:49 am
    your my dancing girl. i never thought you'd mean the world
    dude havent been on. ive been so bus haha..
    weds was our game. haha it was hilarouis:) we lost. oh well:) i still have fun.
    case- want some of my popsicle..hehe
    and that day was aerobics too
    thursay i stayed after fior tryouts. went well.. some stupid boys were smokin at the door. ok fags. then all these teachers were walking by- they had good plans at hiding it. i was suprised..
    then i had the lax meeting;)
    today was a half day, nice

    tonight i dont know whats going on. i might go to the movies with dan and jordon. :)

    sunday me and my mom are going to ee that one miracle movie. cause i got 10 pts extra in s.s if i see it.. haha

    sat- is some church dinner i havta do!

    brittany sorry about your finger. thats what happens when you wear my rainbow ring baby! hehe

    green day was joyus. haha whit. i wore green the day after that too;)

    (:(:(:(:(:(:...872 6095..:):):):):):):)

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: zao
    Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
    3:42 am
    stop saying it to look cool.
    dude sat was yellowcard. it was good. nate was there. ;)
    format and bleed to dream and dont look down were good..
    then me and maddy slept over at kates, shes cool man. haa
    then i went home later that morning- went to burger king and went shopping.
    monday was aerobics. and then erica came over- it was funn hahahhh..xox

    tonights open gym. yess. i love seening meg

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: rufio
    Friday, February 6th, 2004
    4:28 am
    .just stab me in the heart again, why dontcha.
    maddy might come over tonight. or EARLY morning tomorrow.:) yipppeeee

    fata, armor for sleep- was tonight. dude i was gonna go man. ugh .lol..

    these are me faves quotes of the moment..<3
    well i may be just a fool
    but i know were just as cool
    and cool kids they belong together

    so i prefer to be remembered as a smiling face
    then this fucking wreck thats taking place

    Cold Light-Hot night
    be my heater be my lover
    and we could do it to each other

    die baby, suffocate over me, make sure im around first, oh how id love to watch you hurt for once.

    Current Mood: mellow
    Current Music: armor for sleep
    Thursday, February 5th, 2004
    11:55 pm
    dude omg havent got to update in years.

    last staurday was mats party, it was so fun. thanks man! i hope you have one again. not alot of kids are age were there- but i was glad. cause it was just with the people who were.. lots of older ones were:) haah
    then maddy and me went down to my grandmas and slept ovetr there. then i went to brees sunday afternoon. and then we went to her grams party:) hah we had frun there, we went on a run/walk with the dog. BAD CHOICE;) haha

    then i slept over at brees sunday night. it was werid gettin ready at her house in the morning. and beree had a appt. so she didnt get up till later so it was me an arielle. hah
    then she took me to schoool. i had to carry around my big orange bag.. hot! aha it hurt after a while
    then monday there was aerobics. but i couldnlt go. and then tuesday was open gym:) that was alot of fun man! we did al these cool drills! we got candy cause my team won!!
    weds. was aerobics it was kinda easy. I SAT WITH JORDON AT LUNCH OMG hes awesome dude
    thursday i skipped church. i was busy with homework
    and today we had off cause of the gay snow! ITS DANS BDAY. happy birthday man i love you thanks for everything

    and all day today i made cards and finished some braclets:)
    tomorrow is yellowcard ha..

    yep good week!

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    Current Music: yeah yeah yeahs
    Saturday, January 31st, 2004
    10:36 am
    have nice day:)
    this morning i got up early.
    we went to pick up me sisters car!
    then later i think around 4-5ish maddy is coming down:) im extremly excited dude
    we're stayin over at my grams.. but we wont be home to way late so well sleep when we get straight home so we dont havta listen to her yell. hah

    mats tonight.:)

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: nothingggg
    Friday, January 30th, 2004
    6:38 am
    just ask, thats all..
    didnt go to jennas. or chucks.

    but happy-bday chuck i love you- big brother:)hehe

    im just singng all night cause im home alone.

    I cant wait till tomorrow haha:) just me and maddy and case- we'll be crazy together. chucks bands playing and theyre gonna sound better than they do on their demo yo.

    the rose is for you, and only you. take it my dear.

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: bayside
    3:52 am
    this weekend. is gonna be one big party:)

    i think im gonna go to jennas tonight..yess

    weds was soccer we tied 3-3
    thursday i had church and we oicked up my sister from work

    ive been saying hey to jordan. yah! alot lately. i walked back to clalss with him:) hes so adorable - maddy told me a story about him.. ahh.xo

    a ghetto chick told me she was going punk. yeahh hardcore ghetto chick. shes like "etnies are punk, im getting some" oh dear- etnies dont make you 'punk' but im glad she wants to get outta the ghetto scene

    have a goodweekend.<3

    ...we all get tired. i mean eventually theres nothing left to do but sleep

    Current Mood: mellow
    Current Music: bright eyes
    Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
    10:02 am
    hmm nice
    didnt go to abbys
    went to olives:)
    which im glad i went I HAD A BLAST OMG
    even though my face is all ripped up its fine
    we took like over 100 pictures
    and i laughed SO MUCH TODAY OMG

    thanks for having me over it rocked

    we prolly will have offf tomorrow.
    we already have a two hour dleay:)

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: mew
    2:10 am
    the best you have isnt. enough for me
    im going down to abbys today. xio and mel are there.. snowmoblin:)
    but they went up to james and still arent home.. so haha

    soccer tomorrow- if we have school..LETS PRAY WE HAVE SCHOOL I NEED SOCCER MAN
    its so extremly fun and full of laughs.and everyone on my team rocks:):) come see us. oh wait i forgot everyones to lazy to come.. opps.

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: rooney
    1:51 am

    1. What's your name?brittany
    2. What are your relationship stats? single
    3. How old are you? 14
    4. Name 5 of your top friends: jess olive bree madd. erica emily m.
    5. What color of hair do you have? orange blonde red browns
    6. What book are you reading? im buying the bok i want ontight.
    7. What's your favorite board game? life..!
    8. Fav magazine? spin
    9. Fav smell? clinque- happy. pink. lilu. cumcber melon. sweetpea
    10. Least favorite smell? dirty socks.
    11. Fav sound? chris carrabba.. (maddy;) heheh- heath leader- josh harnett
    12. What's the worst thing on earth to you? snobby people
    13. What's the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? why do i havta get up
    14. Fav foods? pasta breadsticks subs pizza chinesse
    15. Do you like to drive fast? YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    16. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? noo
    17. If you could meet anyone you wanted, who would it be? chris carrabba, ricky ullman gvyufsgh ryan's brother
    18. Fav drink? orange soda.. water.. sunny delight
    19. Fav food? numbber 14- please
    20. Favorite friend? I love them all
    21.Craziest friend? bree, erica
    22. Sweetest friend? meghan
    23. Funnest person to be around: erica bree jess
    24. Who do you trust the most in the world? jess olive
    25. Where is your favorite vacation spot? hmm. ohio:) haha i would choose. delware if i coulod go there. or capemay and geogria. but i go to thwe beach instead.. ehh. i dislike the beach at times.
    26. What are your hobbies? indoor/outdoor-soccer, lacrosse, singng
    27. What type of car do you drive? hm none yet
    28. What color are your eyes? blue:)
    29. How tall are you? the doc said im 5'6 i belevie im 5'7
    30. Do you have a job? not yet
    31. What's your favorite type of flowers? ROSES... im in love with them
    32. What's your favorite season? fall
    33. What friend do you get along best with? hm erica. bree
    34. Do you cry when you don't get your way? sometimes. depends if its a big thng
    35. Who is an old close friend you used to get along with and dont now? no idea
    36. Who have you been friends with all of your life and are still friends with? hmm ive known emily kimmich and olive since i was like born!! and-ME AND MADDY WERE IN SOCCER TOGETHER WHEN WE WERE LITTLE <3
    37. Who do you love? frineds
    38. Who do you hate? shawn goodhart
    39. Do you prefer the light or dark? dark. but people tend to fall in the dark;)haha maddy! and you can take long scary walks in the grave yard late at night.--the girls that were at olives party ;) ahaha that was funny~
    40. Are you friendly or rude? friendly- onyl rude to kids who are to me

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: saves the day
    Monday, January 26th, 2004
    11:56 pm
    quiz. man

    AGE: 14

    GRADE: 9

    NATIONALITY: american?
    LOCATION: conestoga

    SCHOOL: pmhs


    QUOTES: yousetmyheartonfire
    TV SHOWS: richgirls, viva la bam,
    MOVIES: the vigirn suicides, kids, blue crush, ten thigns i hate about you, step mom, uptown girls, gia, any jackass tape
    COLORS: rainbows
    FRUITS: strawberries
    FLOWERS: roses:)
    FOOD: pasta mickyd's pizza subs bread sticks
    SODA: orange
    CANDIES: anything sour
    ICE CREAM: tin roof
    BEST FRIEND: jess olive bree madd
    SUBJECT: social studies
    DAY: saturday

    MONTH: june
    SEASON: fall

    HOLIDAY: xmas

    THIS // THAT

    SUNSHINE / RAIN: rain

    SUN / MOON: moon

    SILVER / GOLD: gold

    MICKEY / MINNIE: minnie;)

    WINTER / SUMMER: summer

    KISS / HUG: kiss

    YES // NO

    ARE YOU SMART: sure

    DO YOU WEAR GLASSES: hmm yep

    BRACES: did hhaa

    RETAINER: eya at night, when i want to

    CAN YOU DRIVE: i wish

    DO YOU TALK IN YOUR SLEEP: i think did b4

    DO YOU LIKE ONIONS: yea dude. not plain

    DO YOU LIKE COTTON CANDY: yea but i hate it cuz its sticky


    DO YOU LIKE TO DANCE: oh yea


    DO YOU LIKE TO TALK ON THE PHONE: only to certain people



    DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITTING: sure. i dont pay attetion to it alot

    ARE YOU ORGANIZED: sometimes.

    ARE YOU TICKLISH: yes...everywhere.

    ][ HAVE YOU EVER¡K][

    RAN AWAY: no


    BEEN IN LOVE: yea


    BROKEN A BONE: my neck kinda


    LIED: yess

    SIT BY THE PHONE WAITING FOR A PHONE CALL ALL NIGHT: noooooooooooo gaylords do that


    SAVE E-MAILS: no


    ROMANTIC MEMORY: zachs car

    BEEN REJECTED: um prolly

    USED SOMEONE: proly

    BEEN USED: prolly

    BEEN KISSED: yea


    ][ DO YOU¡K][

    COLOR YOUR HAIR? yeah used to

    HAVE TATTOOS: soon

    HAVE PIERCINGS: uh huh

    HAVE A BF / GF: nope...

    OWN A WEBCAM: eww for what? jk.. no

    EVER GET OFF THAT DAMN COMP: sometimes. i have better things to do.
    8:24 pm
    i thought it would last?..xo
    yep. we're closed once again. and im home alone once again
    i woke up eary and i dnot remmber going back to sleep- i jist laid there, but i got up at like 8:!0- cause everyone was being so loud- and my mom came in my room and she was steping on like everything...

    so i turned on the tv, YEAH YEAH YEAHS were on with their song "maps" which i know love
    the video was totally thoguht out. their just playing in a room full of people. and shes crying when she sings, and then she brings her mic up above her head, and the guitar starts playing ths long plart, which realy got me excited. and its kept going, and her singing just maes it good to. and all her makeup is running down her face kinda, and you can see her wet eyes from far away. then the stop playling- and i thought they would keep going. but the just stopped in their place and the camera ooked at the people and they didnt move, they juast lookled at one another. then the lights when off an the camera backed up from the stage and then when the music video was like over the lights when back on.

    it was just werid.. but i really liked it. sorry for the long gay story about it. but download the song;)

    i dont know what im dong for the rest of the day. i dont feel like going outside in the snow.

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: bayside
    9:19 am
    im a loser baby so why dont you kill me?
    painted my nails:) ate. was going to go over to olives but i had junk to
    this s a worhtless entry,
    but i think im makin a new s/n for aim. or a new username for blurty-

    laterrrr.<3 i hope we dont have school i wanna SING all day long!

    Current Mood: giggly
    Current Music: nirvana
    12:58 am
    gonna go back to yesterday where i felt alright
    last night. we ran to cvs. then picked up my sister from work. after that i hung out with chuck a litte bit, he covered my book- and autographed it a million times. for when he gets famous. yeahh
    i threw up 3 times already today, and i dont know why? ehh
    now its a day off- cause of the crazy snow - i dont mind it- im home alone- and im being as loud as i want.

    ive been making people braclets for vday - allday kinda exciting i guess. THEIR CUTE THOUGH

    whos all going to mats?..

    Current Mood: decent
    Current Music: distillers
    Sunday, January 25th, 2004
    12:36 am
    today i went to church. i dont think im going to the mall anymore, cause im busy with homework an cleaning! funn

    forget my name.xoxox

    Current Mood: pensive
    Current Music: senses fail
    Saturday, January 24th, 2004
    10:55 am
    its justa enough, for me to fall in love with you
    did go to olives. we watched chicago i made a braclet. then i went to church karoke. haha dude.
    i sang one with my mom- an she doersnt get up infront poeple but i made her!:)
    then we went to mickeyd's an picked my sister up from work.

    i think im going shopping tomorrow!!

    have a goodnight.
    im starting a new book
    ' the night disappeared '
    hmm yeah. define normal. was an AWESOME book omg read it. you can borrow it from me man

    <.waking up can be so hard.>

    Current Mood: FREEZING
    Current Music: early november
    2:29 am
    ow ow baby
    so haha
    weds- we lost soccer game.. man
    thursday- aerobics, then church thing.
    friday- bree bday party!! hahah i had an awesome time. we're doing greese songs, karoke for everoyone. and doing some moves:) haha it was awesome and it lasted forever. then we went bowling which was a blast. ( isaw mike wilson, bad bad boy. *cigs* i went up to him and said something to him, and he got so nervous, and scared and staring at us- im dissapointed) then hr sister took me and bree home from school and we raced jon;) crazy times in that car, if you know what i mean :)
    sat- me and olive went out breafast at the firehall, then we had lax clinic- which helped me out alot! mary and olive made it fun!!
    then we went to turkyhill. came home and ate. and painted our nails. they look nice

    then tonight we're having a fun full movie night!!!!!!!!:) tons of scary movies, and yea!:)

    "Silly young boy, put down that ciggarette, do you know what your getting yourself into?.."
    Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
    5:01 am
    i miss bree very much, and math with meggy babe :(
    tell me if you want to go.

    From Autumn to Ashes, Armor for Sleep,
    Silverstein and The AKA’s

    02.05- Steel Music Hall- Lancaster, PA

    02.06- Soundwaves- Reading, PA

    final note:

    4:52 am
    your so fake.. if your thinkin if im talkin about you or not. dont bother asking cause it is..
    game tonight. be there
    today went well:) i like all the kids in my classes, and my teachers!:) lunch was good
    this weekend is gonna be fun!

    for all the lame kids who DONT come to our games, too bad for you, cause we rock and our games are so fun and exciting, if you really liked us youd come to our game and support a pennmanor team, but no youd rather stay home and watch tv, having no life, when you could be having a fun time at our games, dont go and lie and say your parents couldnt take you, well smarty why dont you carpool with a friend? thatd work but your to lazy to ask. we rock, and you suck if you dont come!! all the cool kids are on this team baby!
    7. red rose. tonight..

    Current Mood: DUDE SO EXCITED
    Current Music: thrice
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