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    Wednesday, March 17th, 2004
    4:18 am
    perfectly. perfect together
    today was nice!!

    me and the sis. didnt get to school til like 7:30. ha

    lunch was really good:)

    all my teachers push up all my grades. like 5 pts. for lax.. yea they rock. and they love me!!

    health was OFF DA WALL MAN!!!! We got donuts. b/c we won with the gay st patricks day.. and everyone in our skool wore green. HOW GAY..

    then we took olive home. which was so funny...haha olive- (b4 we got in the car;)

    now forom 7-9 its lax.
    tomorrow we dont have our game. man that sucks!!


    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: lennon
    Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
    4:24 am
    I know a place where we can both get laced
    monday rocked.

    -english class laughs
    -the car ride to lax.. even though i was in pain the hole time from jess
    -coming home, listening to the music nice and loud. not coming inside.
    -car rides with my sister.
    -oh god, health class..:)
    -laughin with some chick. in the bathroom -about the "cool" smell

    dissapointments about monday.
    -sister passing out.
    -mom semi- passing out.
    -seeing whit sad.
    -not sitting wth jordan
    -throwing up

    tuesday was swell:)
    -not going to school till 10:30
    -gettin there and going straight to lunch
    -sat at the awesome table haha
    -taking the tray up. talking wth him. about how dan needs medication haha.jezz
    -olives awesome plan haha- i love you!
    -"pooper scooper"
    -gettin my grades pushed up
    -english class is famous time. :)
    -having cj tell on me again, for HARRASMENT. hm yeah;)
    -seeing grego throughout the day. shes crazy

    bad sides of tuesday..:(
    -no lax pratice
    -having mr bender yell at me as usual- but i was laughing -once again
    -the "Great" weather..

    whit glad to see .that everything is fine. stay that way.xo.:)

    "Is This Thing Loaded?"

    There's something about a morning without the picture perfect ribbons in her hair
    It's raining and I know that you want to let me in

    Cause my dear I can't breathe out here
    It's cold so tell me why
    I break to pieces for hopeless reasons
    Stereo therapy heals my lesions

    Do you know what it's like to hurt at night for oh no reason?
    Do you know what it's like?

    So forget the feelings so few have
    She says I love you to death
    And forget the feelings so few have
    Forget our future we don't have

    Four-flush and forget I make you feel like a harlot, does he know I'm here?
    So please dear untie me before we drive that awful extra mile
    And at night I dream about that smile
    And the jealousy that's gleaming on our teeth
    There's something about a morning without that picture perfect...

    Do you know what it's like to hurt at night for oh no reason?
    Do you know what it's like?

    So forget the feelings so few have
    She says I love you to death
    And forget the feelings so few have
    Fuck you and the future we don't have

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: thursday
    Sunday, March 14th, 2004
    5:02 am
    its colder than it could get, this weather matches your heart
    like today didnt rock or anything? hahh

    i went to the ville game, pretty much everyone was there!!! haha me johanna and kerri were laughing at the coaches boyfriend.. oh god.

    and the cookies.."omg dont look at me if you wont get that out of your teeth!!!".. "So how do you say this?" ;)

    then we went to the dinner.
    me risser grego mumma mary erica alli were at the table.. omg!! we're so loud. ive NEVER EVER EVER laughed that hard in my hole entire life dude..
    ... the first cut is the deepest - GERMAN STYLE.. hahahhhaa
    and the "Wet" feeling. oh my lord
    the mens bathroom. "ok like im not gonna barf or anything, OH SHOOT!!" hahahhaa

    all that cheese man. :)

    then i came around around 4.ish..

    doing homework now. going well

    this was the best weekend. in a while

    me and marmar. give in the poster tomorrow. everyones gonna be so jealous.:) oh yeahh!

    i can see right through you, your making your way over again..

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: early november
    Saturday, March 13th, 2004
    6:26 am
    the word has got me thinking
    todays saturday.
    went to the scrimmage:) it was fun.. "PILE UP DUDE" haha on the bench i laid on everyone so i could be warm and so coulld they it was funny!
    then i went to the feildhocky tourament. w/ mary-got a shirt- me mumma and mary. had a awesome time with the cell phones.. hahahhah
    marys mom is the funniest person put on this earth~

    then her bro picked us up. omg crazy driver. thought i was gonna die!
    we went to her house. we took all these pics for our poster, and dectored it! omg their gonna LOVE IT DUDE. it rocks, and we messed around and junk too!

    oh and friday. me and my mom went to all these places i got so much junk!!!:):):) new sandals finally;)

    tom. is the ville dinner/game!!! im so f-ing excited dude i cant wait!!!!!

    phayzed x: The word Lesbian, that gets you thinking. lol

    Auto response from PuNkRoCkDoRk614:
    that word gets me thinking..

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: deathcab for cutie
    Thursday, March 11th, 2004
    10:50 pm
    just grab my hand dear
    this week has rocked:) lax is so frickin funn dude omg i love it!! today we have off. (school)
    olive slept over last night. and threw up. then went home thismorning b/c she was sick. eh i hope you feel better olive.
    BUT we did take the craziest pics. EVER hah

    then today its lax pratice.

    then tom. its lax pratice. from 9-11. then after that i dont know what im doing.something with jordan i think?

    then sunday its the dance at church. im goign to watch that then the ville game, which im highly excited about!!

    "Dude hes so just trying that, oh my dear lord, hes hot...";)

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: the tv's on
    10:50 pm
    just grab my hand dear
    this week has rocked:) lax is so frickin funn dude omg i love it!! today we have off. (school)
    olive slept over last night. and threw up. then went home thismorning b/c she was sick. eh i hope you feel better olive.
    BUT we did take the craziest pics. EVER hah

    then today its lax pratice.

    then tom. its lax pratice. from 9-11. then after that i dont know what im doing.something with jordan i think?

    then sunday its the dance at church. im goign to watch that then the ville game, which im highly excited about!!

    "Dude hes so just trying that, oh my dear lord, hes hot...";)

    Current Mood: awake
    Current Music: the tv's on
    Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
    7:41 am
    loosen up the chains
    this week has been going good man!!!!!!!

    jess left at 2ish i went to church with my mom this morning. without jess (sunday)

    madds ordered those tickets last night. cant wait dude..

    ya and homeroom tom:) awesome!!

    meggy thanks for the "help" on s.s hahha

    im making a new blurty. what should i have as my username..? i NEED feedback on this one dude


    case. "The cd" haha your awesome, thankyou. but you didnt havt buy me a new one

    the distance of you is so far but my heart seems
    so close, id run for you, run for miles-
    if thats what it would take, we had it now its gone-
    every move of my mouth has your name on it-
    dreams arent going to cut it anymore-
    oh god, first loves are the hardest to get over..

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: anti flag
    Saturday, March 6th, 2004
    9:26 am
    for petes sake.. lets see straight
    well. first week of lax.. going swell! :)
    this weds. was our last indoor game.. man :( but whata awesome session (1-2), thanks for all the laughs man.but haha zootintog got in a fist fight with some chick. its was so scarya but afterwards it was soo funny!!!!!
    friday was the musical at the dutch apple!! hah:):) which was awesome!!! with em olive and goooooodddiieee!! haha
    then saturday we didnt havta go to ther pratice in the morning so jess came over b4 the musical then we went to that yo..
    with of course :) jordan and dan man haha
    then we came home ate and junk. then went to my chruch thing omg!!! HOTTEST GUY LIKE EVER.. who was yea, playing the drums!!!! (our fave thing. since ya know chris miller plays, and we played on his drums -ahh:))
    yea i was staring at him the hole time. and we did this lightng of the candle deal, and when i blew it out i wanted the smoke to go in jess's face, so i leaned it like fully over in her face, and all the wax driped all on my hands it hurt man..
    then was we said something about satan and jess's candle wlent out. oh man shes probably gonna die ;)
    and we were outside and the pastor asked me if we're going to church tom. and im like MOM are we going to church and shes like yes, and jess (infront of everone) was like NO!!!!!!!! .. it was so funny!

    then we got home around 8:15. and weve been messing around since!

    "um do like want any help?..:)"

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: brandnew
    Monday, March 1st, 2004
    7:38 am
    youd be better off, by just giving up
    first day of lax practice. went well. :)

    god i love homeroom dude. i wish we had it everyday.. *EW*MW*SW* (all last names with a W- hmm. scary..)


    "i swear to god if you put that in my coffee, ill stab this pencil in your eyes, dont push me man".. ;)

    i wont mind hearing your confessions, no, not one bit at all
    i bet a dollar for every word you'll say, im feeling the same thing
    so pour out your heart, ive got nothing to do for hours..

    Current Mood: artistic
    Current Music: beth orton
    Sunday, February 29th, 2004
    4:53 am
    everyday i see you smilin less an less.
    yea jess left today at 2-3 ish. i dont remmber..

    then me and my mom went on a walk/run.. it was a few miles. i think? oh who cares

    now im rappin up my homework.

    tomorrow is the first day of lax. practice!. we all now havta run to comet cause of the day BUSES. haha oh well . i want to!!

    yea doing nothing thie rest of the day. havta figure out a wy of geting my essay printed since i have NO INK..
    piece of crap..'re exactly what i need baby, i'm waiting for you to stop shaking and come closer to me
    my love and protection my love and devotion..xo..

    Current Mood: thirsty
    Current Music: bayside
    Saturday, February 28th, 2004
    9:23 am
    love is like laughter.
    friday was my appt. yea i got a um shot.. fun then my fatty father and my mom and adam. went to the mick dicks. ;) (mickey d'..) yea. then to goodwill and came home.
    then saturday. jess and me went to the mall.. HAHHAHHAaHHAHHAA. which i had a famous time! we saw whit linds and zebster!
    we got tons of junk. :) man oh daisey!

    then came home listend our new cds. and painted the nails. and messed off :)

    shes slelepin over. YA THATS RIGHT

    "i smoke two joints, before i smoke two joints, and then- i smoke two more.."

    "NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER!!!!!!!!!"-haha jess.

    Current Mood: crazy
    Current Music: flogging molly
    Friday, February 27th, 2004
    4:22 am
    once again we got off track
    this week. and today was awesome

    helath was good. dan wasnt there hes sick (dude get better b)
    i cried. for like an hour cause this movie we watched was sad.
    s.s- we played this card game.. i got mike so bad it was hilarouis.. - "Want my english book.?" ha which one dude
    lunch was ok. i wanted to sit with jordon :) ahh!
    english was awesome. me and amber sang ther hole time in the computer rooom. and matt and me goofed off and us three got in trouible alot.
    science was FUNNY dude.. mike started crying and me and kyle were the only ones who noticed.

    stupid cailtn stewart was walking with her but shaking so much. and i was like 20 ft behind her and im like screaming " STOP SHaKING YOU BUTT!!!!!" and she looked back at me with her gay look. and everyone looked back and me and lauighed. and omg shes so ewe. it was so loud and funny man

    im gettin my phsycail done in like 3 mins!!

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: asl
    Monday, February 23rd, 2004
    5:55 am
    im gaining you.
    today was aerobics.

    the day was nice.. 2 hours of homeroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes it rocked
    but i went to that meeting. and it ended early. and i went to my class. and 10th graders were there. i opened the door and was like OHH ShOOT and shut it. and went into the b room and tlkaed to some chick she was fuinny....

    then we went to maggys feild hocly pratice. yum and got ice cream.

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: MEW
    Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
    9:06 am
    :) dude yahoo. i love meetin new people
    THIS WEEKEND> WAS THE BEST WEEKEND. OF MY LIFE OMG-- thanks everyone. mostly. kay and cat

    -candian boy
    -dress boy
    -i beleive in a thing called love
    -7 foot monster
    -"Ewe thats so emo" "YOur so punk, man, but this part of you is emo"
    -tryin to start a mosh :) gettin knocked on a table
    -water fights
    -hardcore screaming
    -bugs in cabin
    - "We're not special"
    -"wtach how he closes his eyes!:
    - kayl point the way ;) but wait whats the point?
    -cheese stuck on plate.
    - i smell a virgin...
    -being a groupie, gettin free junk..
    -one DAY stand.
    -nine hours of music blastin in the ears
    -skanking dude!
    -screamin after you know what happend
    -tryin to find gretchens b/f.. not gretch wary;)
    -choclate cake.
    -cat kicking him in the balls, as he bleeds in his balls.
    -dress boy!!! "ya you, come up on the stage.." "OMG KAYL HES TALKING TO US. DONT LOOK!!!"
    -fatty boyy moshh!. he falls once again.
    -um i just love golf. not girls.
    -old adies singing in the ear drums
    -someones gettin some action
    -so whoses hat is this?
    - kids face - scar on lip . "is that herpes?"
    -"you guys were good" "yah your good looking" "rapeing a 15 year old, man.."
    -hold her back please.
    - you guys look alike.. haha
    -oh good times. good times. DudE STOP IT
    -its UP or DOWN. .. what?
    -meow. cat are u in here...?
    -DUDE HE LEFT MEL IM GONNA KILL HIM... oh there you are.. (makeout kiss french)
    -broken table.
    -so where can i like hit up?. you look familiar, oh yeah that alley way?
    -"your hott"
    -silly monkey...

    OMG I CANT BELEIVE IT ALL HAPPEND AND MORE(didnt write it all.. )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks to everyone..:)

    i wanna change schools. hhaa

    aerobics. tommorrow.:)
    mike sorry about lauren..youll find that lucky chick!

    im out kids. later. xoxoxxoxooxoxxo. have a good one.
    Friday, February 20th, 2004
    4:50 am
    i eat heart attacks
    alot has hapned this week.
    monday -aerobics.
    tueasday- jess came over. open gym
    weds. aerobics. soccer. 9-6. i scored two. we rock. but my knee has the BIGGEST bruse;)
    thursay- dentist. goodwill. cvs. darrenkamps. out to eat :)
    friday- tonight me and kayl are going to the mall:) ha
    tomorrow is the orgy with kayl. im quite excited. i get to see jeremy (maddy):) ahh..
    sunday- church with kayl. then i come home later. im excited to meet this CAT chick. sounds dandy<3


    try to be yourself for once.. hmm..?

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: 91.7
    Monday, February 16th, 2004
    5:58 am
    well just rest now..
    well sunday was good. i saw that movie. just me and my mom. then we went to macdonalds:)

    then today i said hey top frank in the morning at the wagon. omg it must be hard working at your job. while staring at your totally burnt down house. godd..

    then i had aerobics. it was as good as usual. i think jess is coming over tomorrow. we have good ol' open gym!!!:) yippeee

    i saw andrew from the back. for like s slipt second - it looked like jordon. and im like whoa:) he has track maybe theyll pass us!! and two seconds later. he walked by im like JORDON GROFF. he waved and i smiled:)

    i walk with him almost every day back to class. from lunch!:) awesome.

    nuff`said laterr have a goodnight. im tired and throwy-upyy. fun yum swell..xo

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Current Music: brighteyes
    Saturday, February 14th, 2004
    9:54 am
    come away with me.
    my mom has company over.. hah its really funny to listen to- their all so perverted:) aha

    name = Brittany
    piercings = 4
    tattoos = not yet
    height = 5'6-7
    hair color= red orange borwn blonde
    length = longish
    shoe size = 9 half
    siblings = one sister

    LAST ..
    movie you went to see = oh shoot i dont remmeber?
    movie you bought = evita
    song you listened to = losing all control
    song that was stuck in your head = modest mouse
    cd you bought = um brandnew, thursday
    cd you listened to = a mix one
    person you've called = olive
    person that's called you = mom
    tv show you've watched = infomorcial
    person you were thinking of = um belle
    you have a bf or gf = nope
    you have a crush on someone = yes.
    you wish you could live somewhere else = yea
    you think about suicide = Not seriously.
    you believe in online dating = oh sure
    others find you attractive = i guess
    you want more piercings = yes. lots
    you do drugs = No.
    you smoke = No.
    you like cleaning = sometimes
    you like roller coasters = yesss
    you write in cursive or print = screwed up print.
    you carry a donor card = haha no.

    long distance relationships = they sometimes work
    using someone = dude no
    killing people = no, but i wouildnt mind killing shawn goodhart
    teenage smoking = ewe losers
    premarital sex = nono
    driving drunk = no, do you wanna die or something?
    gay/lesbian relationship = I'm all for it.
    soap operas = too much gay drama

    food = bagels and yogurt and oranges
    song = blood romance
    thing to do = soccer/lacrosse
    thing to talk about = anything
    sports = soccer lax
    drinks = orange soda water
    clothes = jeans with some neat top
    movies = the virgin suicides, blue crush, uptown girls, ten things i hate about you, gia, kids, stepmom
    holiday = i dont know..
    new nerdy saying = oh shoot

    HAVE YOU ..
    ever cried over a girl/boy = Yes, who hasn't?
    ever lied to someone = never (just did)
    ever been in a fist fight = yea
    ever been arrested = no, but i have 100 more years

    NUMBER ..
    of times I have been in love? = 1
    of times I have had my heart broken? = 2
    of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = 2
    of people I consider my enemies? = none
    of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = like 3
    of scars on my body? = haha alot.
    of things in my past that I regret = nothing.

    disney movie = tru confessions
    scent = ummm cumcber melon sweet pea pink addias
    word = dude
    nickname = britt moo
    guy name = camden
    girl name = roxie nirvana
    eye color = blue
    flower = rose
    piercing = um ears, nose
    actor = kristen dunset juila stiles brittany murphy angelina jolie or josh harnett heath leader jonny deep

    handsome/pretty = sometimes.
    funny = i make myself laugh. but sure
    hot = no.
    friendly = yes
    amusing = sure
    ugly = haha..
    lovable = I hope so.
    pessimistic = sometimes
    optimistic = sometimes
    caring = sometimes
    sweet = uh huh
    dorky = the queen
    Spell your first name back wards = ynattirb
    The story behind your user name = im a dork i like punk rock music, and then mikes bday
    Are you straight? = usually
    Where do you live? = conestoga
    4 words that sum you up = pervert crazy nice daring

    Wallet = roxy one with red flowers
    Toothbrush = race car
    pllow cover = black
    Coffee cup = Don't drink coffee, therefore, don't have a coffee cup. but if i had one, itd be black
    Sunglasses = brown chunky ones
    shoes= etnies dc flip flops
    Favorite top = no clue
    CD in stereo right now = um counting crows
    What you are wearing now = plain white tee, grey comfy pants
    hair = curled. up

    what /are you/is
    In my mouth = my tongue
    In my head = im thnking
    Wishing = i could go tol the movies
    After this = watch tv
    Talking to = maddy
    Eating = orange
    Fetishes = yogurt bagels
    Person you wish you could see right now = isabelle an kayl
    Is next to you = cat
    Something you're looking forward to in this upcoming month = kayls house
    Something that you are deathly afraid of? = dying
    Do you like candles = YESSSS
    Do you like hot wax = yes ha
    Do you believe in love = yes
    Do you believe in love at first sight = yes
    Do you believe in forgiveness = sure
    Do you believe in God = yes man
    What do you want done with your body when you die = grave
    Who is your worst enemy? = shawn goodhart
    If you could have any animal for a pet = frog
    What is the latest you've ever stayed up = all nighter
    Ever been to Belgium? = haha no
    Can you eat with chopsticks = i did once
    What's your favorite coin? = dolla coin
    What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to? = no clue
    What are some of your favorite pig out foods? = doritos
    Whats something that you wish people would understand? = me
    What's something you wish you could understand better? = me
    haven't seen in a long time? = kayl and hmm chuck
    8:48 am
    red monday!!!!!:)
    i got a yellow rose and regal cerf. :) it was a fun night! tons of laughs man
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: hehe
    phayzed x: you curious motherfucker
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: curious george
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: im lame.
    phayzed x: yes, that would be you.
    kaydancer88: well he trys to grab my boobs and sometimes im not paying attention and hes jut like sqeeze then i smakc him
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: ha
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: are they biger yet
    kaydancer88: HAHA
    kaydancer88: not really
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: 8-)haa
    kaydancer88: like 34-36 A
    kaydancer88: wearing the a cup with pride
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: jezz im a 36-38c
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: haha
    kaydancer88: i think they grew last wekeend when i was sickcuz they hurt like a bitch
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: ouch dude.
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: mine did the other day

    Current Mood: cold
    Current Music: tbs
    3:19 am
    so im leavling n likel an hour. maddy might come qwith me

    im sleepin over at olives tonight:):) she rented grind omg i love that movie!!!!!


    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: happy valentines day!!! you have a girlfriend, right?
    SwissA641: yeah
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: cool;-)
    SwissA641: we r going to the movies later
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: thats romantic!!;-)
    SwissA641: very
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: ha
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: dont do anythiong i wouldnt do 8-)
    SwissA641: what might that be
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: haha i dont know
    SwissA641: o ok
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: dont go past makingout. well, you could ldo anything more than that in a movie theatre
    SwissA641: i was going to go to park city with dan today but i have to go out to eat with my family instead
    SwissA641: ok nothing more will happen
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: oh thats sucks- but i wsh i could go out to eat!

    SwissA641: yeah...i love food
    SwissA641: eating and sleeping are my favorite things
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: haha
    PuNkRoCkDoRk614: soccer and lacrosse and music are my faves!

    Current Mood: dorky
    Current Music: mew
    Friday, February 13th, 2004
    11:33 pm
    it doesnt sound like you- im not suprised.
    the days going good so far:)
    i took a BIG BATH!!!!!:)
    and ate yogurt. all day!
    im leavin at 4.

    zootintog. if you see this, do you wanna hang out tonight? im in the mood for purple goop man!!
    and after aerobics on monday, we havta- we do every week anyway- hehehe

    maddy *10* is gonna be extremly awesome.. no one but us knows about it;)

    belle- i hope your vday is exciting and romantic, you desevre it babe.
    i hope bryon gets you a big diamond ring:) haha thanks for everything!!
    your one of the coolest girls i know.. i love you darlin.xo

    dude im so excited for weds. big soccer game dude!

    Current Mood: hyper
    Current Music: modest mouse!
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