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Sunday, June 29th, 2003

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    The relationship I spoke of the past couple of entries will not come to pass. It seems in my infinate luck that I have that I always want/go after unavailable people. Damn all the luck, but at least we will be staying friends which I like just as well, its just that I wish I had that opportunity to do so. C'est la vie. Things will work out in the end I guess. The past two days have been a real drag, all it has been is work, coming to an empty apartment, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat. I'm going to try and not let things get me down, but damn do I let my hopes get dashed or what? Anyway, just couldn't sleep and I have to be up in 5 hrs for work. My stomach is just not letting me. Bastard thing anyway. Okay, im out. Word.


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