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Sunday, June 8, 2003

7:24PM -

hey there. last night was fun i went to my friend allie's party she turned 15. i'm like the only one not 15 yet, well almost the only one. we ate at some old little place on the intercoastal called Le Tub. it was like 150 years old but it was cute once u got used to the smell. the food was ok, but we threw most of it into the water and watched the fish eat it. then some spanish lady behind us yelled at us for "damaging" the water. yes, bc pork is so much worse for our environment then the used condoms and tennis balls floating around. so we went home and tara wanted me to pierce her ears., never again, i felt so bad for her! i made like 5 different holes in one ear bc i would jam the needle thru in this horrible angle.....ick. she ended up piercing third holes, and her and two other girls pierced the top of thier ears, and tara died her hair teal, which isnt really good bc she goes to mcarthy and they'll probably kill her, and i cut my hair! its a lot shorter now, above my shoulders. i like it i think its cute, its a lot easier to brush too bc its not as long. fun. anyways, 4 more days then summer wow! ok well i have a shitload of chores and hw to be done so adios

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Current music: Brand New- i believe you, but my tommy gun dont
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Saturday, May 31, 2003

1:58AM - i'm truly happy in my heart & in my head...

hey ok i know i suck at having a journal sorry. ok well everyone did something fun seeing its friday night except me. i sat at i always do. well actually i'm always on the phone with kevin, and even though we dont really talk about anything i still love it. wow i love him so much. i'm gonna marry him. i'll be ashley lee-schwarz one day just watch! anyways, i pierced my ears today! wheee. i found a pin and stuck it through, didnt hurt as much as i expected. its cool bc it makes a little *pop* noise when the needle breaks the skin. well, I found it cool anyway....hmmm what else is on my mind? theres only like 10 days of school left, or something like that, maybe 9 i'm not sure, but anyways yea not having to go to school and see all the people i despise will be nice. maybe i should make some friends so school will be more tolerable.....nah. summer yay tans bathing suits beach sleeping in and staying up really late! fun! yea ok i'm just sitting here trying to cure my extreme boredom. not working. ummm i gave my dog a hair cut today! lloks really bad my dad yelled at me. i switched my room around a couple weeks ago but its not working out!! arrr i dont know what to do. wow this is pretty random i just jump from topic to topic. i cut the grass today and i had to put more gasoline in the lawnmower. sorry but a gas can is really hard to figure out with that stupid funnel. its the end of the year and everyone has a stupid freaking yearbook. stupid yearbooks, first of all everyones class picture looks SO bad, second the collages are filled with the cheerleading squad and the yearbook staff, and third- signing them is a pain in the ass. u have to try not to sign a generic- have a great summer stay sweet! but its really hard so i just start copying what someone else wrote and switch the words around a bit. yes i know i'm so creative and personal and not-lazy. mhmm. anyways, i want a hair cut, i want to get it really short like a pixie cut. i would but i'm scared if a) it would look bad and b) what if it doesnt grow long enough when marching season comes and i cant put it up for colorguard and i look like a retard! yea thatd be great. actaully i cant wait untill marching season, its fun. less time-consuming then wintergaurd, and plus theres drummers. one particular of course! wow i love kevin! anyways, its less stressful then winterguard, winterguard everyones watching you, judging you, criticizing you, marching season is a bunch of high school football lovers who dont give a shit if ur off tempo. and plus- theres kevin! *yay* we had guard try-outs, we got a look to see who we had to put up with next year. most of the girls are ok but theres this dumb spanish girl who likes to talk to the other spanish girl in spanish. sorry no annoying i'm-gonna-speak-spanish-when-i-could-speak-english-perfectly-fine on my colorguard. wow my longest entry so far! ok, i'm gonna go talk to kevin! ( yes i'm aware that i'm obsessed but i'm sure ur like that about some other guy too) alrighty adios! ~AshleY

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Current music: Alkaline Trio- Goodbye Forever
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Thursday, May 1, 2003

11:09PM - school needs to end!

omg yay only one more day untill the weekend! not that i actually ever do anything.... but at least i dont have to see all the people i despise at school. anyways tonight was fun Kim had a "farewell guard" party thing and the whole team went and it was fun! *i miss guard* and i got a bunch of pictures from the whole season and i was like YAY bc now i get to tack them all over my room! yea i know u really care but HEY this is my journal so shutup! ummm what else what else. oh yah SARS is scary thats why u shouldnt eat dogs in china. Oh and kevins been coming over my house since my dad is a freak and wont let me go anywhere. fun fun. ok i'm done byeee

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Monday, April 21, 2003

12:41AM - writing again

hey all you wonderful people who read my journal!!! actually "all you people" is about 2 of you.... but dont worry i still feel loved! ....kinda.....ish. well back to school on tuesday, but i'm glad bc i get to see kevin again, and i'm just getting fat sitting at home. and i'm kinda interested to see what Billy (my colorguard instructor) has in store for us. Winterguard is over! *sniffle* i'm going to have to make friends again so i'll actually have something to do on the weekend. I wanted to quit about 28 times during the season but when i look back it was really a lot of fun! Western High performing Tiny Dancer by Elton John~ we scored top 5! in the world! whee! yah colorguard is the one thing i actually like doing and its like, the most expensive, time-consuming, unheard of sport ever! (if u can even CALL it a sport) ok i've rambled you long enough (for now!) HAPPY EASTER!

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Current music: Madonna- American LIfe
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Friday, March 7, 2003

11:06PM - i'm not creative enough to think of a subject...

hello everyone. wanna hear something wonderful? my mother believes that no guy could ever like me! she insists no one really cares for me, they just think i'm easy. yes, my mother. she said it last week but then i was really thinking about it today and i'm just like i feel the love. and then more stuff but i'll type it later bc i have a headache and the computer screen is making it worse. wow some people have like- 5 paragraph entries mine are about 4 sentences long. short and sweet...mhmm. fabulous.

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Current music: Saves the Day- See You
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Sunday, March 2, 2003

12:12PM - sleeeep

wow i'm so extremely tired that i cant even think. actually just typing right now is draining me of the minimal amount of energy i have left. party was fun, i guess. pool too cold. need sleep. wow my journal is boring. *snore* well good night

Current mood: lethargic
Current music: Norah Jones~ Come Away With Me
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Saturday, March 1, 2003

4:23AM - *drool*

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*sigh* thats all i can say

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4:19AM - whee my first entry

heya everybody! welcome to my journal/blutry/thingy! how exciting my first entry, well not really that exciting bc i've tried to make about 3 entrys before except i always get kicked off the internet or my computer freezes...yup. so anyways my first entry is gonna be short bc i'm going to a pool party tomorrow night and i have to find a gift, actually i'd prefer to just stick some money in a card and say happy b-day but jackie insists on all the freshmen buying something... yup so i'm off!


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