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Friday, September 12th, 2003

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    today was so boring. i was probably better off going to school, but i skipped because i was tired, i haven't slept in days, my armpits hurt from my crutches, my ankle was fucking aching, and i had a huuuuuge stomachache. anyways, minta came over. i wasn't very pleased. she did a little prep dance thing and then kept bugging me to let her use my phone to call anna, emma, and stephanie. of course, i said 'no' and called her a bitch. she wouldn't leave my house so i beat her up. it was fun. i love hurting preps. anyways, i got called a poser quite a few times today. people asked me to define goth and apparently they're a little fucked up and can't understand it. so, i left and went to hot topic to see shelly and trevor. then i filled out a job application. i don't know what the hell i was smoking the past few years. i mean, i could've gotten a job there a while back. anyways, i blew some what, $300-$500 there today? well, shelly's calling me later tonight and we're going out to see some movie. trevor apparently wants to take me on a date to go see the underworld, which i wanna see it...but come on, has he lost his mind and retarededly forgotten that i have a boyfriend? i mean, trevor always asks me out on dates, and every time i have to say no because i'm dating ashton. i think i make him feel bad sometimes. well, gotta go. pe@ce.

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