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Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

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    Here I am sitting here HOT as hell! I had to take the baby to the doctor because she has an upper respiratory infection...poor sweetie! She is laying down sleep with the covers all wrapped around her (ahhhhh). I don't get paid until tomorrow so I can't even afford to get her prescriptions! I feel like a horrible mother. I should have a nest for things like that but I had to use my nest to replace my car's alternator and battery!
    I am kind of lonely I really want a MAN in my life. Fred is just NOT the man I need. I want a RAEl man. Are there any out there??? I have to believe that there are.
    I guess Ill write more boiled eggs are burning. I'm making tuna ( I no longer cook. It's no fun when It's only for one person).

    Current Mood: HOT

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