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2nd December 2003

2:14am: And The Gates Slam Before You...

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The Torture Never Stops

1st December 2003

9:13pm: Canidae...

Working on a taxidermy project today. Cleaning & preserving a skull that we has respectfully placed in the family garden. It appears to belong to a member of the canidae family, most likely, it was a fox or domestic dog skull. My parents found it last year on a roadside & figured I may be interested in it, figuring I enjoy studying biology, osteology, anatomy & the like. We have placed it in one of our gardens in our yard, upon a rock, seated within a lovely bed of flowers. We did so figuring we are dog lovers, & since I do not know the exact species or origin of the skull, we have treated it with utmost respect, thinking that the skull belonged to a domestic canine, meaning it could have once belonged to somebody as a pet, or as a stray. My other likely guess is that it belongs to a wild fox. There are some fractures along the jaw & ocular cavities of one side of the skull. It's sad to say that animal probably died from being hit by a car. I wanted to preserve the skull & take care of it, so today I brought it indoors for a cleaning & peroxide bleaching. The bone is frail, porous & thin along the one eye socket, & there are some small furrows & a crack along the muzzle. I felt the need to take care of the skull, figuring it had once belonged to a magnificent living creature. I plan on keeping it indoors. I collect skulls, both real & fake, & real bone is truly special & bizarre as it may sound, kind of sacred. To think, it was once part of a living organism. It must be treated with care. Everything in life & death contains a hushed beauty...

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The Torture Never Stops

22nd July 2003

1:24pm: Statement:

I KNOW damn well I'm a histrionic, manipulative psycho. Nothing wrong with it. I'm a sadist & damn proud. I'm also brash enough to admit to things with crystal clear honesty.
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The Torture Never Stops

17th July 2003

5:52pm: Testament:

You know what rocked? I forgot to mention that West & I chatted with Eric Peterson of Testment on Friday. I made West IM him. I wanted to prove my point that he is indeed on my buddy list. Eric spoke of a new album in the works due to be recorded in the fall, followed by a tour. Wicked awesome. Eric is a nice guy & Testament rules!

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7th May 2003

10:26pm: Musical Questionaire:

Hey, this was pretty cool! Of Course I picked my favorite band!

Pick a band or artist and answer the following questions only using
that band or artist's song titles:


1. Are you male or female?

Rebel In The F.D.G. Or Sweet Cheetah

2. Describe yourself

Wild Child

3. How do some people feel about you?


4. How do you feel about yourself?

I Am One

5. Describe your interest

Rock And Roll To Death

6. Where would you rather be?

Sleeping In The Fire

7. Describe what you want to be

The Idol

8. Describe how you live

High On The Flames

9. Describe how you love

Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)

10. Share a few words of wisdom

Don't Cry, Just Suck

This was entertaining...

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