11:18pm 20/02/2005
mood: okay
music: bluegrass playlist

Left for Benn 9am today, got here around 6 (spent several hours with a cousin of my mother's, who is fabulous but rarely seen by us). I'm already settled into the room, and it's fabulous. Everything is great. Wren's already here, along with the house chairs and some of the seniors. I'd be hanging with him right now, but I'm supposed to be working on my FWT essay, and he's visiting some off-campus friend besides.

Left Jersey with a bang. IshCon '05, one-upping KatsuCon since '05!!! For those who don't understand: KatsuCon is a huge annual anime convention, right around Valentine's Day. Piston went, but none of us could afford to, and so we held IshCon in the Stormer residence (Ish is currently doing Air Force stuff, but his three brothers were all in attendance, along with quite a few others, some of whom I've undoubtedly forgotten (me, Duckie, Pat, Brian K, Kevin, Billy, Scottagain, Big Mike, Kori, Zip, Doc whose real name I'll never learn, and Brian of MR). If I've forgotten you, or you know who I have even if it's not you, reply and correct. I'd love to have attendance recorded for the glorious event.

But yeah. IshCon consisted of the following events, usually occuring simultaneously: Munchkin, Magic, Lunch Money, Risk, old Nintendo games (the Ninja Turtles rock!), movies (Shaun of the Dead, Cowboy Bebop, the Weird Al movie, and many others I didn't catch), good music (mostly Flogging Molly and some band named Cake, I think). I got home from IshCon '05 at 6:30am this morning, and then started loading the car around 8:30 to leave. Best event, which happened rather spontaneously: Around 4am, after whining for quite awhile about wanting to spar, found what may have been a child's bat or vacuum cleaner attachment and started waving it around. I grabbed a hockey stick, and we sparred in a 3x15?ft hallway. Within forty five minutes, this evolved into Pat vs. world, with everyone not involved holding a two foot+ stick just in case the fight came to them. Zip was hiding in the hallway bathroom and throwing its magazines at Pat while Doc went at him with a bedframe and a pole (I kid you not). It was GLORIOUS!!!

Ah, Cake. Pat sent me some of their lyrics just now:
" In a seedy kareoke bar by the banks of the mighty Bosferus is a Japansese man in a buissness suit singing 'smoke gets in your eyes'... And the muscular cyborg german dudes dance with sexy French Canadians while the overweight Americans wear patriotic jumpsuits..."
Can you understand the group horniness for this artist?

In other news, my/Wren's bday was Thursday. I got about $150 and Farscape: Season 1 on DVD (cuz Duck is the hottest boyfriend ever!) Ooh... speaking of the hottie, he just called. ;-)