02:04pm 02/02/2005
mood: giddy
music: Golden Silence

Events worthy of woot:
~Was a substitute assistant teacher this morning (which is much more intense than it sounds, believe me... Ever tried being an assistant kindergarten teacher? Not so easy...)
~Went sledding for the first time since beginning high school (and yes, I am a college freshman), and probably last for awhile
~Going home for the weekend Friday (CP, lunch with Eenie, Duck's house, maybe a Marauder gettogether, time with Angie, and then back to UBE for the last nine days of my FWTing)
~almost Vday/my Bday
~Back to Bennington in EIGHTEEN DAYS!!! I MISS YOU GUYS!

But yeah... can't stop smiling after the first one. Maternal urges are taking over, I'm just along for the ride...

Time to end this post, enjoy my last bits of aim before visiting 5th and 6th grades.

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