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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
1:06 pm - Girls just wanna have fun!!!
Hey blurty people,
Guess What? I finally finished! Graduation! Yay!!! It feels so good! After those 4 long years, I thought it would never end. But after all the hype it's really not that cool, well in some aspects of life it is. But for instance, thursday june 12th at 9pm I went to Disneyland, I got back home Friday june 13th graduation day at 9:30am Then I had to go to graduation at 4:45pm and it ended around 7:30pm then I went to after grad party nite at 10pm then got home at 5am the next morning being saturday. After that i woke up at 2pm saturday and went to the movies and salsa dancing with these guys i met and my best friend andrea. We went to see the italian job, very good movie! and we went to the races (illegal drag races) and it was cool. Then we went to the beach the next night and ran around in our bikini's yelling find nemo! It was hilarious! The two guys sean and brian just laughed. Oh, we almost died on a fucking pier that the crazy ass sean decided to drive over and do a fuckin e-brake slide on it. What the hell sean!!! Then we went to a guy's house named nick. He likes me but i'm not too sure about him to be honest. I kinda like him, but he's very possesive and obessesive. Yeah, lil crazy. But he like got mad because i was drunk and he is like all goody goody, he's the one with beer at his house. I didn't drink beer for fun, I drank because he was fuckin boring ass hell. I needed to loosen up so that i could have a good time, can't blame a girl for fun. Girls just wanna have fun! and then i wish i would have hung out with TJ-vilda and lulu-tamara-tammi wammi-bunny wit da big o' bootay! because you would have totally had a blasst with us. Maybe tonite. I have no plans as of now, but you know how that goes. Well It's been crazy and partying all day everyday is really starting to get lame fast! well hopefully i find something else to do. Oh yeah i haven't been home since friday, hope my mom is okay. love ya'll, keep livin' it up.

*black barbie*

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Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
7:09 pm - 1 day left of school!!!
Today I went to school and when I woke up I had the worst stomach ache ever!!! Not really, but yeah, those of you with dirty or perverted or stupid minds, no I am not pregnant, I just ate some bad food or I was extremely stressed I think it was a little bit of both. But seriously, It was bad, and i got to school late.My friend hannah is over right now, she is cool, i'm bout to hook her up with a blurty journal, this is soo cool. But i'm doing her hair, well it's done, but it looks sooo good, she looks like janet jackson. Guys watch out!! Oh if anyone wants to see a pic of me I have an account with yahoo and you can look me up on yahoo member directory, and my id is blackballerinabarbie03 My teacher is cool as hell, Miss Trim I love you!! I know you are reading this cus we are homies for life! haha. But yeah for those that don't know my dance teacher is one of my friends, she has an account and she is only 28. She is crazy, I know you'll miss me. haha j/k. but everybody wish me luck tommorrow is my last day of school and friday the 13th (how bazaar!) is graduation day! I am soooo excited. I can't wait. Then tommorrow night I go to Disneyland. Oh about my love life. Nothing new, nothing special. But I did respond to this guy's journal named phillip and he is on blurty. I met him through interests, I looked him up. He is really cool, he's cute too, unfortunately My retarded computer froze and i couldn't get back on and we were in the middle of a conversation. But Phillipob if you are reading this Hello!! you're the coolest!!! But nubiantraces, hello, call me you dork. Have fun with your dad today. Everyone I love you, and wish me luck, if you are graduating too, good luck and partay!!! Like it's your birthday! Hey if anyone wants to respond feel free, I like people, i don't bite. Love ya'll until tomm, see ya, ciao, au revoir, a bientot, bubi!


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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
6:53 pm - Only 2 days left of High School!!! yay!!
Hey ya'll! I am sooooo happy that I only have 2 more days left in high school. I can hardly wait, because then i'm on my way to partay! In Mexico!! I really haven't wrote in my journal for sooo long. I met these guys at the beach last time I wrote and it was Krystle's b-day! Yeah. Wow! That was some night, some weekend even for that time. Yeah a lot has happened. Well I went to the prom and I went with a guy named nick and we came separately but then I took pictures with him and the guy I was going with originally, Jay, and he's sooooo cute. Well since then life's been crazy. I am not stuck on jay anymore because he's not even what I thought and then there's nick who is like way too obessesive and he like calls every 5 seconds and he's like always wanting to be with me and he's just too much. I have been single out of a 3 year relationship now for about 5 months now. Time goes by, and I'm glad it did, because i'm finally getting over the jackass named tre' that I seriously wasted my time on. I realized that I like being single actually, I don't like it at all, but i'm used to it. That's not good is it? Well I am looking for someone, it's sooo hard though to find the right one. But then I went to this party with my friends let's call them TJ and honolulu or lulu for short and call ne sandy, inside joke, if you want to know just respond to my journal and i'll be happy to let you know, it's a really funny story. But yeah at the party there was this hot guy that I had my eye on and he came over to me out of al the girls at the party and he's been staring at me too the whole time. Too bad all his friends and cousins I like danced with and they like tried to get at me. Wowzers!!! but he is a really nice guy and I've been talking to him. Currently, I have nick- the sweet but simply annoying and the guy at the party- darrell and then i met a guy online but he's only into talking about sticking his dick in my ass, i'm like, ummm no!! you asshole stick it up your own. But yeah-that's George. He's like crazy he calls everyday and he lives in l.a. but I hope that soon the right guy shows up. Secretly I still would like to be with tre' but I know there is no hope, absolutely none right now or anytime soon for that fact. But if you have any suggestions as to how i can go about really forgetting him completely, please feel free to let me know. Well that's it for now. Hope to talk to ya'll again, read my journal's i'm gonna be famous someday!!Yay!! bubi blurty people!!! :) ;)

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Saturday, May 31st, 2003
11:22 am - Krystle's B-Day!!
Yay, today is my friend krystle's b-day she is 18!!! we are going to the beach and hopefully will meet some hot guys. Hey leola if u see this come to mission bay belmont park and party w/ us!!! Everyone have fun today it's Saturday! I will be bored out of my mind tomm. so write me email, post msg, im me or something! Guys, I am single and I am looking if u like barbie come play. Especially any peeps from san diego, CA.Well have fun today ya'll and If i meet a guy or guys then i'll let u know in my next journal. Oh and I met this really nice guy on yahoo chat his name is george and he's mad cool. K Well i'll talk to you late. Bubi!

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Thursday, May 29th, 2003
7:46 pm - The New Girl
Hey blurty people,

It's me the original black barbie here. Really depressed and just looking for fun and talkative peeps. Barbie's aren't supposed to be sad we are supposed to be happy, so get at me people. My good friend nubiantraces hooked me up with this tight ass shit. So yeah if you wanna talk or just hear about my life comment help me out. The basic to it is, my life sux majorly right now because of unfaithful men and lying dogs. I really can't take it. But yeah i'm just trying to forget about it all. I am really a nice girl. Want to play come to chardá my name is pronounced shar-day. So yeah for the illiterate one's. Lmao, j/k. But yeah well i g2g wanna c what everyone's talking about in life bubi.

See ya,
Black Barbie

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