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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003

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    I don't really have much to write about considering I just started making this thing out of boredom... I got a prank call at 4:30 am last night, i didn't pick it up, i figured whoever the fuck it was could just leave it on my voicemail, but of course after that i couldn't fall back asleep which is quite convienvent since I have a fuckin nine am class... I heard the message this morning, some guy claiming I met him at a party named "Jim..." funny, I don't know a Jim, and I haven't gone to any parties... actually the voice of this "Jim" fellow sounds vaguley familar, rather like this asshole I used to know named Matt... wouldn't surprise me if it was him, he has the maturity level of a 2 yr old... no wait, that's being way too generous... and there was some girls voice in the backround, it might be this girl I know who I shall call pyschobitch, rather a girl I used to know... she just recently broke up with her internet Romeo she was engaged to but never met, so I can just see her driving up to beautful kuntstown to have sex on the rebound with him and the two of them driving over this another guy I used to know who thinks he's the fuckin god of the world, and they're all sitting there, listening to Mike Paton drinking crappy beer and vodka, when suddenly god thinks it would be englightning to call me up and prank call me... assholes all of them... I HATE THEM.... tonight, the ringer goes off.

    Current Mood: predatory
    Current Music: Marilyn Manson- Coma Black

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