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    Thursday, June 26th, 2003
    8:14 am
    I'm crying :(
    My owner feels really bad cuz she recently just sold a Glowing Paint Brush for 5k instead of 50k and she threatened to leave neopets forever, and of course I fought back. I told her,"no, but you've had me for almost 2 years now, who will take care of me?" She told me I would be left with her 9yr old sister to watch over and that all of her savings would be given to her as well. I did not mind being owned by her sister, I was just that I didn't know her pets very well, and I had always been an only child. I told her to go and let her feelings out so she posted this at her trade:

    I'm leaving neopets forever. I accidently sold a Glowing Paintbrush for 5k instead of 50k and everyone is making fun of me for it :( I am leaving forever, so good bye...

    That disjusts me

    So right after she posted that, she scratched all of her scatchcards, and lost... :(

    But there are really nice people out there who helped:

    iwolves-He said that he once sold a shadow paintbrush for 1k instead of 100k, and that our situation was completely harmless. Not only did we feel better, but now my owner has a new neofriend :) Oh, and now he's like a neo bazillionaire, so hey that could be us!

    mississippichocolate-She was so kind. Her and my owner talked for a long time and she really lifted her spirits. She really felt her pain and told her that there was more to life than 50,000np aka FAKE MONEY!! How sweet.

    snegla-a really nice person who said that she shouldn't kick herself over for it. They said to smile and to taste the sweetness of life. :)

    Now I just HATE Glowing Paint Brushes and if I ever see another one in my life, I think I will just throw up.


    p.s. I do not hate Glowing Pets, just the paint brushes used to paint them. My owner used to have a glowing JubJub named Stion, but had to give it up for her reasons. Sadly, the owner doesn't take care of him, and we haven't been able to make contact with them :(
    Wednesday, June 25th, 2003
    10:13 am
    My adorable petpet Justin is Back!! I'm so happy. My owner bought me a Baby Zafara Plushie!!

    It's worth 20,000 nps!! Wow! But without telling her I put it up for auction! Hello, I could buy lots of makeup and
    Toys with it!! Well I gotta go!
    Monday, June 23rd, 2003
    6:23 am
    Hey Everyone, my owner, Britsyncfan just gave my a shiny new diary, so now I can write all of my thoughts in it.
    She says it will prepare me for school, which it will. I already have a bunch of school items stored on the
    Safety deposit box. We don't want that pesky Pantdevil stealing them! Well My Gruslen is still missing, but My
    owner says that he is just at the Green Jelly in Jellyworld. That funny Gruslen! Well it's time for me to go and eat
    dinner, so bye!
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