Cheeky's Journal - 3rd July '03
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02:20pm 03/07/2003
mood: hopeful
music: + "Addicted To You" - Simple Plan

I just made a community and I know what I want the layout to look like but I don't know how to do it...obviously. I was very much hoping someone here could help me.

These are two example of what I would like it to look like:


What color boxes?: ___ » white.
How many boxes do you want?: ___ » 3: One for links, one for navigation, and one for entries/events
What color Font?: ___ » black
What font do you want?: ___ » Arial narrow
What do you want your comment links to say?: ___ » "# down with OPP : // : you know me
Do you want a background picture?: ___ » NO. But I want a HEAD picture.
If not, what color background do you want?: ___ » white

Here is the head pic I want:

If you have any other questions contact me at

Thanks loads!!! Keep me updated!!!