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    Tuesday, December 24th, 2002
    3:18 pm
    Christmas is almost here! Oh joy! I have Jill's present all wrapped and looking nice. I know what she got me. I'm 12 bucks over drawn at the bank. lol. It's better than I thought! I have 50 bucks i'm gonna put in so I'll be fine.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who read this! Have a happy new year too if I don't write or you don't write me.
    Sunday, December 22nd, 2002
    7:35 pm
    OOOOO! Ian McKellen was on Saturday Night Live! God I wish I was Jimmy Fallon the moment he was kissed! If Sir was to kiss me I'd probably be labeled 100% fag cause he would have gotten the tongue! He's one of the only few hot gay guys out there that I am attracted to! Gay men intrigue me. The way they act so feminine! It's attractive!

    I had to cut my hair today for work :( It was too long for the dress code. Fucking pricks. My boss is hot and he's gay but won't come out of the closet. It's OK though cause he's hit on me numerous time and I'll respect his wishes. Jill says that she wouldn't mind watching us go at it. lol, this might sound sick to some of you conservatives but last night I had Jill jack me off to Ian McKellen while he was acting like a woman. Jack off Jill, I kinda like that. I've had to rub her the right way to several women on television. God her face when she cums!! Gets me off too!

    Jill and I have been talking about marriage. Last night we talked about it after SNL. She wants to get married and so do I and we've both been friends for a while and just started dating a few months ago. We're both the right age and if something was to happen we'd get a divorce and still be friends. All of our friends are for it. The only problem is, her parents don't know that we're both Bisexual. I don't want children and Jill has expressed her hatred towards kids...and dogs. I fuckin hate dogs too. But back to the point. We have to act normal around them because they're fuckin Mormons. So we're going to wait till next year before we tell anyone that we're interested in marrying. What might happen by then will be we'll get eloped.

    I'll write more later.
    Friday, December 20th, 2002
    11:32 pm
    Yay for me! :)~<=====8 lol!
    Today I woke up thinking "Goddamnit!" I hate waking up from good dreams. I have a better life and more friends in my dreams. I've created a world that I want to die too. I'd rather go there than heaven. I don't ever have nightmares. Just adventures in my dreams. When I wake up, I see this world and that's all I can say, "Goddamnit!" Life is so plain and boring.

    So I talked with my friend from CO today. He's BI like I am. HE told me that he's going to a gay bar there for new years to get some. Lucky mother fucker. I need to get laid. Male or Female, doesn't matter. Him and I are getting our ears pierced in a rainbow pattern starting from the top of the ear down to the lobe. I love rainbows. So he's gonna get laid and have a great time and I'm going to be here with Rosy Palmer.

    I'm just gonna stay home with my cat, watch a few movies and write some more. I actually enjoy that. I also sleep a lot and it bothers my cat.

    I was looking in my annual today. I remember high school back in the days when you could bring a toy gun to school and no one cared. I remember having a crush on this girl. Her name was Megan. She was so cute. She was 5'2, a little chubby, brown hair and brown eyes. She had a little cute nose and a huge smile. She made me feel innocent and weak each time I saw her. I haven't heard from her but all I can say is that I hope she has had a good life. It brings back a lot of feelings in high school. I had 2 secret encounters with 2 guys there and lost my virginity to a girl outside in her car. I swear to god. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I remember the two guys. One was a twin. He was a closet case. I was a closet case. He had the lisp and the feminine skin. He was soft and shaved. God I remember when we used to make out and on Prom night him and I did it in the limo. He did me and I did him. I heard from him last week. Scared me to death. He's HIV+. He contracted it while in California during 1999 when he decided to go unprotected. He was so innocent too. The other guy I haven't heard from. Fuck him the bitch. I emailed him from but he didn't reply. He can't admit that he enjoyed getting tossed and fucked hard-core! lol.

    I have been good though. I although just separated with my partner a few months ago. I am dating a young lady named Jill. She is BI also. The comforting thing is, we can both look at the same pornography and not get embarrassed! I do love her though and would like to spend my life with her. Of course every so often as I'm typing this she's peeking over my shoulder, the cunt! Just kidding!