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Monday, June 14th, 2004

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    Hard Day
    Well the rest of the year went all right. I figured I passed Finals so now its time to chill out. So I just decided to take a shower and take a nap tonight. I just hope things get a little better.
    I figured that President Reagan's death was just something that was bound to happen, but then of course Ray Charles died and I figured if two people died then a third must be coming up. I was right. A very dear friend died on Thursday. She was kind of like a "second" grandmother to me and to most of the boys at my old school. She is my friend's grandmother, a very kind, loving and sweet lady named Maria.
    I remember in the last four years of my time at my old school, she used to live across the street. Mike and I used to go there after school, watch the Spanish Channel or the "painter guy" on Channel 21 and Maria would be cooking up some spaghetti. I would get my homework done and I would get picked up at four o'clock and come home. Meanwhile, Mrs. Vallone would be reading her bible. She was a very religious woman and used to go to 7:00 mass every morning. She would let congregations of boys come over and eat, or we would meet for birthday parties or halloween, or talk at the Festa while playing video games. She passed away two days before her grandsons birthday. It is extremely heartwrenching thinking about it. I served the funeral this morning and went to the burial afterwards. I am sure I will miss her, but I know she is in a better place.
    As for President Reagan and Ray Charles, they were great people. I can't speak on behalf of them. All I know is that after Michael's death at such a young age, death has become numb to me. I don't know why and I don't exactly like it either. I want to grieve over a friend just as much as the next man. I guess I'm just surrounded by it so much and I hate it. But I still have my faith in the goodness of God and that the good people like Mrs. Vallone will live in eternal happiness.

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