the 15th one   
11:17pm 14/03/2004
mood: anxious
music: jerry lee lewis - im on fire
its 11:18 and im talking to christina yeah i just came back a while ago we walked all the way to jim's and i mean alll that wayy it had to be like 18 miles at least well anyways after that nothing happend so tomorrow she might comeover well i hope so off that subject i actually picked up my grades they were d- c+ d- a to b a c a i beat christina well yeah i knew it you cant beat me
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10:57pm 14/03/2004
mood: drained
music: chris cornell-cant change me
it the 14th its been four months. for what you say? well its been four months that ive been with christina the longest running relationship ive been in and the happiest. alot has happend pauls birthday party umm and thats about it oh and jarvinas surprise birthday party.i have nothing else to write just that i love christina!!!! shes the first girl ive ever loved so yeah thats it
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07:17pm 24/12/2003
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10:09pm 23/12/2003
  today was better then my usual days i went to christinas house for a long time then we went to the mall and i bought the best thing ever pulparindo with extra picante wow well anyways yeah it was great i wish i had one right now but i loved spending time with christina i havent seen her since last tuesday i think but yeah theres two more weeks to go and i dont plan on going to track practice i hope i get some good stuff for christmas i  
01:58pm 18/12/2003
  wednesday i went with my mom that didn't go to good she's mad at me so im not getting any presents from her i hate her so much and my brother is on her side so hes gay and my dad's ok right now until i mess up with him to so yeah i havent talked to paul since christmas break started and so im always bored because no one is home but at least i have christina to talk to i was only thinking of her when they made me stay in my room all night with out my cd player but i wish i could see her more well i could but she cant go anywhere and she lives pretty far but i dont really care im usually over there because i go to my friends house but we'll see how the rest of this christmas break goes  
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today sucked   
03:45pm 09/12/2003
mood: crappy
music: sade- smooth operator
well i missed school today well just the first three periods and most of lunch but i shouldnt have even came i didnt get to hang out with christina and she had to leave right after school so i didnt even get to really talk to her and some stupid girl thought she knew me and said i rushed her cousin or something but all these people are starting to talk to me and i dont even know why so thats kinda gay . and paul is sick so he didnt go to school so today was just gay
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i dont know the subject   
04:11pm 08/12/2003
mood: blah
music: pearl jam- soldier of love
today is monday umm i hate my first three classes so im glad its the last week before christmas break but i wont get to see christina soo i dont want it to be the last week but i dont even really talk to her at lunch shes talking to jarvina but i get to see her after school but its for only 10 minutes so i hope i can see her over christmas break. but im trying to leave my friends more often to go with christina but its hard and i dont want to walk home by myself .so im sorry if i hang out with them to much i know i do its because i knew them since like first grade so im use to always being around them.but im trying for you because i like you so much and i want you to be happy but you said you were going to try to talk to me at lunch but you still talk to jarvina but thats ok.oh and im sorry for what my brother did ill hurt him for you so he wont do it anymore.oh yeah and paul has the killer flu so he might die and hes not going to school tomorrow.
she's the best g/f ever   
10:36pm 05/12/2003
  well today i whent to christina's house and met her dad and mom they were nice and after me and christina went to the mall and i got to spend time with her which i love doing and i was looking to see what presents i can buy for her .then after they dropped me off and my dad met her. my dad liked her so that was good and that was my whole day pretty much but yeah christina really is the best g/f i can never stop thinking about her and thats bad because im going to get bad grades but i dont care as long as i im with her im happy  
fuck shit cock bals   
08:08pm 03/12/2003
  ummmmmm let see i missed school on tuesday well most of it i whent to go see christina man if it wasnt for her i prob. wouldnt go to school but anyways im glad i have her umm im going to meet her parents on friday thats a first so im kinda nervous i dont know what to say but at least i get to spend time with her after and go to the mall.i need some money i hope i can find some or if i have to work for it . but dam it i cant stop thinking about christina i try but i cant im going to get bad grades and then my dads going to beat me  
fat fuck   
06:28pm 01/12/2003
mood: mad that christina isnt happy
music: seether -fine again
well today i got to see christina in the morning but not really at lunch and i saw her after school but her day sucked so i guess shes mad at everyone except jarvina so im not happy anymore but i guess we'll see what happens
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10:08pm 30/11/2003
  tahw era oy gniod  
im bored   
03:59pm 28/11/2003
  well thursday i whent with my step- bro to his house in la habra or something but we whent walking around with his g/f (i wish christina was there ) and my ex ex g/f that he set me up with and i was talking to her and all of a sudden she asks lets make out and i was like no and she said why and i told her i had the best g/f already and i wouldnt cheat on her and then she said that no one would find out but i still said no and she got all mad and now im prob. not going to talk to her anymore but i was in trouble for two days so now all i have to look forward to is saturday when i get to see christina i like her so much the whole time i was thinking of her if it wasnt for her i wouldnt have nothing to look forward to  
04:55pm 25/11/2003
mood: happy
music: audioslave-like a stone
well i have to buy my dad a stupid 50$ tree because i destroyed his but today i got to see christina at lunch and after school so that was great i love being with her i wish we could do that all the time i like her so much but anyways i changed my classes so now i guess my classes are ok but other then that nothing has really happend i guess this is my journal now so im going to go now but i cant wait till i see christina again
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cant stop thinking about her   
04:08pm 24/11/2003
mood: thankful
music: audioslave-i am a highway
well its monday i hate second period im going to change it tomorrow but i got to see christina so that was the best part of my day. i didnt really get to see her that much because paul(this is his jOURNAL but i write in it) got crapped on by a seagul it was pretty funny but we had to go clean it off his back pack and shirt so that took a while but i got to walk with christina after. i dont know what it is but i've never liked any of my g/f's as much as i like her i would do anthing for her. but pretty much im always thinking about her or talking about her . yesterday my brother said thats the only thing i talk about but i dont care. well at least i get to see her tomorrow
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it was great   
11:11am 22/11/2003
  yesterday i whent to wendys with christina (i like her so much i cant stop thinking about her ) and i whent with paul, richie, jarvina,vanessa then after we all whent to borders thats was cool i finally got to be close to christina i wanted to do more but she was sick but anyways we played the best and paul won it was like 8-4 . after we all whent home and me paul and richie went to uptown. i bought christina a patch and a pin i hope she likes them. after paul felt like he had to buy vanessa something so we rode all the way to borders again . me and richie pitched in most of the money .thats about it i have to get off before paul notices i wrote the first entry in his new journal but i cant wait till monday when i get to see christina  
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