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so... [22 Jan 2005|11:51am]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | reel big fish ]

hmm. big snow storm. everyone was freaking out with a capital F. too bad we didnt get all the snow that was anticipated. my new Netflix movies came today. Lost in translation and an independant flick staring jenna malone and brad renfro. the title slips my mind at the moment. how exciting.
carving linoleum is hard work.
jewelry is the bomb diggity. my aunt sent me a bracelet for getting a 4.0. its nice. i dont really have any bracelets. if i had money id be a spiffy dresser.

why am i writing this?


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hello again [19 Jan 2005|10:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | velvet underground ]

i am still alive.

i <3 school. i guess that makes me a nerd x3. oh well. i only have classes on tuesdays and thursdays this semester, what a drag. but when i am in school my classes are great. im taking basic printmaking which basically means i get to print stuff. the old fashioned way. with a press. yummy! junior portfolio review is coming up- feb. 18th. i think im ready, just not ready.
im thinking about transfering. to california. its time. theres nothing left here for me. i found this hardcore art school in pasadena. they are so hardcore that they don't even allow kids from highschool to go there, they say average freshmen is 24. which means if i did get accepted for the fall '05 i will most likely not be a senior. but ill be the best illustrator out there - after going to hardcore school. joel was thinking about applying too. im definatley going to apply. whats the harm in that. nothing.
i hate punk rockers. their lame.

tune in next month...

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..the king has returned. [13 Nov 2004|01:39am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | devo ]

after reading my old entries i decided that i like being a huge nerd. i had a good laugh at some of the things i wrote.
i gave this thingy a new look. you likey?

i am very thirsty. and. goodnight.

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wud up [04 Sep 2004|11:33am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | fugazi ]

~i got my new computer. big expense - but worth it. now i have music in my room again, internet, and a dvd player. joel got me the latest versions of illustrator and photoshop too. sa-weeeet! so basically im broke now. and i need a job.
~school. school is going realllllllllllly swell. so far so good. i really like my classes. and campus is booming this year for some reason. so many people.
theres one person at school who is driving me nuts. i think shes in love with joel. and shes kinda mean to me. always putting me down. grr it makes me so mad.
~i picked up a copy of Nylon magazine. my old friend from high school was featured in a small article. megan fuhr. neat.
~im getting worried about my internship. i dont have one yet. ut-oh.
~i like pplaying initial d. its a fun game.
tis all

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summer is hot [10 Aug 2004|09:20pm]
summer events:

thursday, 12th: Red Barons game.
saturday, 14th: Carbondale and possibly other exotic places - via public transportation.
sunday, 15th: FLEEEE MARKET.
tuesday, 17th: claws and paws.
tba: hershey/dorney park.
tba: comic convention-philly.
tba: mini vacation.
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update [06 Aug 2004|02:52pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | green day ]

life has been good as of late. i think im actually. happy.

last night was great. joel and i went to a church bizaaar up in the abingtons. it was great-high-on-life-fun. we saw a few people. but better yet i got 8 books for 4 dollars!! what a bargain.
titles include:
- The Hours - M.Cunningham
- A Gathering of Old Men - E.J.Gaines
- The Invisable Man - H.G.Wells
- The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy - D.Adams
- The Red Pony - J.Steinbeck
- Labyrinth - J.Land
- Lord Of The Flies - W.Golding
- High Society - D.Sim (graphic novel)

im very stoked! i <3 reading.

i've come to the conclusion that scranton isnt the arm pit of the world. theres lots to do and explore. you just have to look for it. today i went to the farmers market with the mom and it was sooo exciting. all those people. all those veggies. i want to go back and take pictures.

im planning an adventure. i want to hop on a bus and let it take me to somewhere fun. exotic. maybe ill ride into wilkesbarre and explore. ive only been to cafe metro. there must be more to it than that. and i want to go to carbondale. from what i hear theres a rockin comic book store there. adventures are the bomb.

i bought a new sketch book. i think i will draw comics. mmm.

tis all for now.

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poopy [28 Jul 2004|10:42pm]
so. after tommarrow i will have 1100+ american dollars. thats the amount i needed for my kick-butt computer. only now i dont really want it anymore. :( whats up with me. i will most likely still get it though. cuz if i dont i would have wasted an entire summer - working. bleh. im such a creep sometimes.

on another note. i will now begin my quest to save up for a trip to japan. next summer - japan here i come. actually i might have to take a semester off so i can work mega time next summer. either way.. whatever. we'l see how it goes.
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bored and alone [11 Jul 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]

--» here is a quiz«--

//10 bands you listen to:
1) Big D and the Kids Table
2) The Clash
3) The Cure
4) Green Day
5) The Toasters
6) 311
7) Saves the Day
8) AC/DC
9) Mad Caddies
10) Five Iron Frenzy

//09 things you look forward to:
1) Going back to school
2) Making new friends
3) Getting my new computer
4) Getting my own apartment
5) Having a social life again
6) Work to end
7) Writing a graphic novel
8) Finding a hobby
9) Excelling at something

//8 things you like to wear:
1) Flip-flops
2) Belts
3) Skirts
4) Band T-shirts
5) Capris
6) Hoodies
7) Jeans
8) Comfy shorts

//07 things that annoy you:
1) Being all alone
2) Boredom
3) My lack of ambition/laziness
4) Mean people
5) Working 24/7
6) Being chronically depressed
7) Crying

//06 things you say most everyday:
1) I'm sorry
2) Are you mad at me
3) Hey ki-ki/guinea-son
4) Weep weep
5) I should have done ___
6) I want ice cream

//05 things you do everyday:
1) Brush my teeth
2) Talk to/see Joel
3) Eat
4) Feed my guinea pigs and cat
5) Work at the slave factory

//04 people you want to spend more time with
1) My Family
2) Joel
3) My Gram
4) Friends?

//03 movies you could watch over and over again:
1) Corney Teeny Bopper movies
2) Braveheart
3) Billy Madison

//02 of your favorite songs at the moment:

//01 person you would spend the rest of your life with:
1) Joel

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good flick [10 Jul 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | bid d ]

Joel and i rented the movie 'Osama' last night.
its an awesome flick. very depressing though. and not about osama bin ladin.

anywho. thats all.

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sooooooooooooo [07 Jul 2004|10:05pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | the clash ]

i live for The Simple Life. How did i ever survive without it?
update on life:
work is soo stinky. im exhausted today. this one man, tony, thinks he does me a huge favor when he lets me "help" him. aka - i do a majority of his work. pssh. whatever. so boring. i hate this job. its good money though. i havent seen jason at all this week. his time card isnt even there. i wonder if he quit? hmmm oh well. i can't wait to quit in august. and take my time finding a part timer.
my gram is in the hospital. she had a major stroke. not good. last week the drs left us hopeless. but shes coming around. little by little. its scarey seeing her like this though. it was a really beautiful sight seeing my aunt and mom bless her with holy water and a rosary tonight before we left. maybe it was our faith that got her through. i know i have a lot of faith that shes going to have a full recovery. corney? i know.
i want NEED to read more.
i cant wait to get back to school. i want a fresh start. im going to truely apply myself this semester. i kinda want to see where/if this is going to take me anywhere.
i watched 2 superb movies last night with the joel. awesome. Elephant: i loved it! everything about it. artsy. tragic. beautiful. & Triplets of Belville: the illustration alone gave me a giant erection. amazing. i feel asleep at the end though. but still. wow. kinda makes me wish i was an illustrator. wait a minute... oh snap.
all joel talks about is going away. transfering. back to philly? he says theres nothing here for him. because i am nothing i guess. but i think im cool. come what may. life goes on. or does it? i love him.
i had a fun time with friends on the 4th. tim and kevin almost set the grownup foy's on fire. but it was fun. i think im ready to make some new friends. i want people to talk to and chill with. and.
enough for tonight? i think so.
i dont even know what im talking about.
paris hilton is hot. what?


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motto [30 Jun 2004|10:45pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

my new motto for life: why bother

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[26 Jun 2004|02:06pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | nada ]

hmm. pro-crast-in-ation. i am hanging pictures and posters on my walls. :)

joel comes home tomarrrow. ?. i wonder if he's going to call. its a hard knock life. i havent thought about him all weekend - until now.. im not sure if thats good or bad. ?. i have no idea whats up with us. so sad.

on an other note: people have been calling me lately. tim called thursday. and heather and tim both called last night. their probably all mad and disappointed in me for not going out. oh well. what can i say? i was busy cleaning. times change.
im kinda wondering what the sudden interest in hanging out with me is all about. do they miss me or do they just feel sorry for me.
either way - im alone. whatever.

my bi-polar-ness has subsided. tis a good thing. hmm. bored.

i just fake tanned my legs. i was curious. and i think im streaky now too. oh well its better than being pastey. at least i tried. i best be finishing up my room. church at 5.

its been a long, boring weekend.

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clean [25 Jun 2004|07:55pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | streetlight ]

im cleaning out my rooom. all of my stuff is everywhere except my room. im ditching my bunk bed. i might be getting a new bed... mmmm. maybe a double. i also bought my guinea piggys a new cage. :) sooo clean.

i guess im filling my weekend with 'clean' thoughts, and trying to keep my mind ... empty.

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may 12, 2003 [19 Jun 2004|12:04pm]
i filled this out almost a year ago... i just wanted to se whats changed since then. cuz im a dork.

*What time is it: 12:05

*Todays Date: june 19, 2004

*Full Name: katie ann theresa novak

*Gender: female

*Age: 20

*Birthday: oct. 5, 1983

*Siblings(age,sex): brother 22ish

*Parents: 2

*Nieces: nope

*Nefews: Damon (practically)

*School: marywood

*School colors: green and white ?

*Car: neon

*Car color: red

*Eye color: brownish- green.. depends

*Hair Color: brown with pink highlights

*Hair Length: short - chin length

*WEight: 125ish ??

*Height: 5'2 ish ??

*Skin(pale white,tan,dark,black): pale

*what are you wearing as of now: gray shorts, blue seniors shirt

*Are you wearing make-up: noper

*Did you take a shower today: noper

*Pets(names,kind): ki-ki, cat

*What are you drinking right now: nothing

*Do you smoke: no

*If so, what do you smoke: eewww

*Do you have a car, or is it your parents: its mine

*Are you listening to music: yes

*If so, what song, and who is it by: new day - bouncind souls

*What are your screen names? DProwse

*Crush: Joel

*Person you want to go out with: Joel

*Dating anyone: yesss

*If so, who: Joel

*How long: 1year and a little over a month

*who asked who out: i asked him this time..

*Are you in love: yeaaa

*Are you a virgin: tee hee

*How far have you been with a guy/girl: pretty darn far

*How far would you go just to be with the person you crushed: i wouldnt go anywhere unless i cared for the person

*Are you a little devil, or a sweet little ANGEL: im innocent

*WHo's your best friend: joel

*Why is she/he your best friend: hes a good guy. he cares about me. looks out for me. treats me good.

*What's your perfect dream date like: being with him.. cuddling.. having a good laugh/time..

*Who would it be with: ummm.. hmmmm.. i wonder?

*where would you go: doesnt matter

*What kind of music do you listen to: anything that i enjoy. mostly ska, punk, and some emo and pop punk

*************YES.. OR ..NO*****************

*Shy: yes. im pretty sure i have some social anxieties.

*Outgoing: at times

*Ugly: :(

*Pretty: i hope so..

*Beautiful: i hope so..

*Loveable: i hope so..

*Sensative: yes

*Dorky: definatley

*Geek: absolutley

*Playa: thats what the ring says i am..

*Playa hata: dont playa hate - participate!

*Tall: freakishly

*Short: and stubby

*Only Child: nope

*Cheated on a test: yea

*Did someone else's homework: no

*let somone act like you on the phone: no

*asked out your crush: yes

*Split up a relationship: no

*Drove a car: yes

*Road a roller coaster: yes

*Chickened out on a roller Coaster: all the time when i was younger

*Went to a concert: yes sir e

*Went to the beach: good times...

*Been to an Ocean: yes

*Called your boyfriend a jerk: yea but only jokingly

*Made fun of your best friend: i like making fun of friends

*said you loved someone when you really didn't: no

*Said you loved someone and you meant it: yes

*Kissed someone: yes

*WEnt out on a date, just you and him/her: haha yes..


*Color: rainbows, reds, pink

*Flower: dandelions..

*Car: my neon

*Drink: water, lemonade

*Day: weekends



*person: i dont think i have a favorite

*Star: i love stars

*Actor: matthew lilard, brad pitt, ed norton, mel gibson

*Actress: uma thurman, im in love with paris hilton

*Movie: slc punk, braveheart, et, mk&a movies, disney movies, fight club, donnie darko, mel gibson flicks, american history x, lion king ...............



*Boyfriend/Girlfriend: joel

*Music Video: that one where everything is made out of string?...

*Radio Station(s):

*TV Show: the simple life, degrassi

*friend at school: probably ryan

*Animal(s): kittys

*School(elementry,Jr High,Highschool): la salle academy, bishop o'hara, marywood

*Boy Name(s): cool names..

*Girl Name(s): ..that not many people have

*pet Name(s):


*COOLEST CAR: tims car smells great

*BEST HOUSE: tony has a pool...


*MOST TALENT: all my friends have talent in there own ways











*WHY ARE YOU SUCH GOOD FRIENDS: cuz there cool kids



*WHY/NOT: cuz im disfunctional



**************Which One??*****************

*Car OR jeep: jeep

*Sweet and ugly OR Rude and Hot: sweet = hot

*Tall OR short: freakishly tall

*Long hair in the summer OR short hair in the winter: does it matter

*Bangs OR no bangs: no bangs

*hot,hairy chest guy OR ugly smooth chested guy: haha

*Soggy Bread OR Raw Meat: i like bread

*Justin Timberlake with a bald head OR long hair: neither haha

*Pringles OR DOritoes: def both

*Scary Movie OR Romantic Movie: a scarey romantic movie

*Dog OR Cat: a lot of dogs scare me..

*Fish OR Bird: both

*Sandles with socks or tennis shoes with no socks: no socks = stinky shoes

*Shoes OR Sandles: flip flops

*Computer with no mouse OR Computer with no keyboard: i hate when my mouse breaks

*Love OR LIke: love

*HOtt Or Cute: cute

*Honest & Nerdy OR Liar & Popular: nerds rule!

*100 friends or 1 best friend: 1 best friend

*100 friends that lie all the time OR no friends: no friends

*Staple your tounge or Staple your Lip: lip

*Food or drink: foooood

*Email or Mail: mail

*What time is it now: 12:22

*Did this Survey really annoy you: kind of

*Who do you hope fills this out: no one
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glum as a plum [18 Jun 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | simple plan ]

im am very not good right now.

im going to go for ice cream. i kinda want to just drive and see where i end up. too expensive to do that though. so ill just sit somewhere and wait. until 11. and then maybe the air will be clear again. and maybe ill be good again. i just need to be heard this time.

thats all.

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PARIS [16 Jun 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

i am officially in love with paris hilton. she is so gorgeous! wow.

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thats hot. [16 Jun 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

since ive been sick ive been have some WEIRD dreams...
[keep in mind - i never remember my dreams]

a few night ago: i dreamt i was in michael jackson's crib/zoo place. haha

last night: i was one of the olsen twins (but i didnt look like an olsen twin) and i met a guy from blink 182 (but he didnt look like the guy from blink) and we fell in love. haha

i am such a creepy individual.

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hydration is the key [15 Jun 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | nofx ]

ive been sick as a penguin. i am currently on an antibiotic for my throat cuz its "nasty looking" as my dr described it. and some new, strong allergy pills. im feeling better. much better. in case anyone cares.
im going back to work tomarrow. i hate work, but i need the money. my car cost 500 big ones in order to pass inspection. luckily my parental units are halfing it with me. $250 isnt bad. thatll only put me a week behind on my "saving money for a new computer" project.
im super omega determined and ambitious today. im actually starting to put some ideas for my graphic novel down in ink. this is good. tis a good day to be an illustrater! my first novel will be nothing out of the ordinary. (somewhat) autobiographical. cant think of anything to novel about. its all been done before. its tough. i NEED some original ideas. where do i get these 'ideas' from?
i think i shall start adding a few photos in here. pictures will make me more interesting... yes. i assume you add pics using html? i have no idear. ill have to experiment.

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take me to paradise. [10 Jun 2004|05:52pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i desperatley want Texas ROad House... Won't ANYONE go with me and enjoy a night of delishousness.

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r-e-s-p-e-c-t [08 Jun 2004|12:05am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | catch22-keasbey nights ]

i have absolutley no respect for my brother and his significant other. they are horrid, self centered people, playing the role of a grown up - a failing miserabley.

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