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(2 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[28 Jul 2003|01:09pm]
No everyone Im still playing Benji I just forgot my passwords for this, I have them now so hopfuly I will be on shortly. sorry for dieing there.

(1 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[11 Jul 2003|11:32am]
Occ: Im going out this weekend so i wont be on till sunday night

(1 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[08 Jul 2003|11:57am]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | afi-synesthesia ]

haha look kiddies, Benji got bored and did things to his journal...yes..i am smart enough to do that...


My baby looked so sexy, his poor back but im glad hes feeling better now. Though I wasn't mentioned..its fine :)

Im sorry to anyone I pissed off last night I really don't remember much that me and pierre danced and chad shaved off my i did anything i would regret...somone fill me in?

The Benji

(1 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[08 Jul 2003|10:05am]
i am going to get chad back for shaving off my eyebrows....just watch hehehe -evil laugh-

(oh my love please dont cry)

[06 Jul 2003|04:32pm]
sorry kiddies ive been dead, i havent been on much ill try my hardest to be on more.

i miss my tonyness :(

(1 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[27 Jun 2003|09:08am]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | january-gold finger ]

sorry about dieing been really busy with shit, and my aim is being stupid..

I havent talked to tony since his party..i dunno whats going on there.. I need to come on more and catch up on things though i prolly wasn't just benji

Can anyone say my AC broke and it fucking hot here?

(1 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[21 Jun 2003|10:00am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | AFI ]

blurty again wouldnt load last its late

happy late birthday tony

Last night i had to leave the party early i had some things i have to sort threw, and i did end up seeing tony last night ;) heeh

We never did end up finsh playing spin the bottle did we? and why everytime we throw a party...i get drunk and naked?

Tony and the boys are on Warped along with DADDY! hehehe, I miss Tony though maybe i can join him for a few shows.

Im out...

The Cow :)

(oh my love please dont cry)

[18 Jun 2003|10:11am]
i havent updated in a few days, and ive been sick :( ya word to you all, never eat my cooking.

I need to see tony soon :(

(oh my love please dont cry)

[16 Jun 2003|05:12am]
ok so blurty wouldnt load yesterday....pretend its yesterday...


ya, i had alittle party for Billy, but no one was on! -shakes fist- you all better be on friday for Tony's or i'll beat all your asses.

haha me and tony both got billy hampsters..but i added in alittle thing of my own mwaahaha.

Yesterday, was father's day, rather of just forgot that day even exsicted, but yes it was that day. My brother hasn't been on. Did he die? Where is joel?

(6 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[13 Jun 2003|11:06pm]
me and tony are back together which is so great...i love tony!

haha jere likes making fun of me :shakes fist: i know im fat jere.

sorry i had to go so fast and i didnt come back, wont happen again

brody makes a kick ass food, try her food

and i love my tony lovato he is not a snowcone...he is sexy and has a bigger penis than matt

(1 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[12 Jun 2003|06:24am]
ya...guys..tony and me are a on.."break" i dunno what to fucking call it we just really need to think about things. shows just how big of a fuck up i am...

(6 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[10 Jun 2003|05:11am]
why the fuck did i do that last night...

(3 :: oh my love please dont cry)

what happen last night? [09 Jun 2003|05:07am]
[ mood | shit ]

I woke up in my the bus....i have a huge head ache.

All i remember is, I drank? Why didn't I drink? Oh ya that, "thing" with tony -sigh- I dont remember a thing, at all. Well spots here and there, at one point pulling Brody's pants down, and Steve with his shirt off...and...I shaved my dog. Now I remember why I didn't drink. Did I even talk things out with Tony? Somone give me somthing about last night?

(3 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[08 Jun 2003|11:30am]
yesterday as crazy, i was emo for alittle while, but me and tony got things settled and i hope everything is ok now. Matty is a metrial girl...yes he is the next maddona. And I am the next cupid! Go me! yes go me. I dont have much to say..but todays Fathers day...isnt that great....yes fucking great, also the last day of our tour with the coolest fuckers NFG and MXPX. And tonight we party...and i tape it al sell it on ebay.

edit: because blurty is stupid free accounts can only have 10 friends so this is non friends only now, ok? and if your not on my friends list, dont worry your on my info


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(5 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[07 Jun 2003|03:49pm]
[ mood | lonley ]
[ music | as good as it gets-lefty ]

Well me and the boys are in LA today for 2 shows in 2 nights, then the tour is over, and i get to see tony. Which is great. Im sad to be leaving the boys of NFG behind, but yes, it was a great tour. Everything about was great. Except the part about being away from somone you love, that kills somtimes just laying in your bunk at night. Wishing you were with him. And yes, you all can go say Benji isnt a hard ass, you have seen the soft like of him. As Tim said, Tony is my weakness.

Speaking of Timah, he got back with Brody. How great is that? I think thats great. Then again I am me.

well im going to go take cash for a walk then head off to sound check. catch you guys later.

(4 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[07 Jun 2003|04:02am]
2 more days tilli see tony....

MATTY CAME OUT! go go go matty its your bifday

(6 :: oh my love please dont cry)

[03 Jun 2003|10:02pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | ball and chain-social d ]

Hello Hello Kiddies, I'm Benjamin, Benji or the Fat Cow. This is my journal and its FRIENDS ONLY

Ha, yes kiddies its friends only. You know you want to comment and add me? Yes you do

[OCC: THIS IS FAKE and I don't want people stealing my story line, so its friends only. And if you steal my icons, I will get my baseball bat. And No I am not saying Benji and Tony are gay. its a story line, get over it.]

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