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Sunday, August 17th, 2003

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    Can't Wait

    Cant wait until tomorro cause a very special boy iz commin back frm vayka. i havent seen him 4 mor than a week and 2 b honest i miss him. i miss talkin to him, and seeing his face while he chews on that straw frm his kapree sun. I guess u could say i like him but he doesnt like me. but he likes to FLIRT. ME 2. we were flirtin like craze last week. we talk on da phone but i still wish it waz more. I think about him alot but e has a GF. i ask him bout her but she sounds like a b****. But he told me i waz better and that he rather be with me than her. lol i melted. he gets back 2 day and ill see him tomorro but i am kinda mad at him. he said hed call me when he waz on vayka. he never did and i told him if i didnt pick up he should leve a message. he didnt do that either.
    but im gonna see him tomorro and im gonna flirt wit him like crazy again. lol

    Peach out :-) LOL

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