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    Friday, December 12th, 2003
    8:56 pm
    Gimme a life!!!
    Everybody says you are lucky if you have a job....Yeah right! I got a job but its soooooo stressful!!! Working in a call center really sucks....gawin ka daw bang shock absorber!!! Callers are really ridiculous sometimes....no I stand to be corrected...most of the time! I don't think that's in the job description, (or was it? I have to check my contract....)Feel like Lestat...vampire ito! awake at night and asleep during daytime....Pero in fairness I really look forward tothe sun rising (literally) coz that means shift is almost over!!!

    well anyway, i have no night life, no day life as well (coz I'm asleep during the day) Gimme a life!!!
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