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Saturday, January 1st, 2005

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    did some crazy stupid shit last night.... jess baked into my car last night.... oh well.... well not really my mom thinks that its my fault whatever shes a jerk.....

    ok so kissing is so over rated.... not gonna lie... as krysta would say.... n e who deffenalty not..... don't know what the big deal with ksising someone at midnight is but whatever...

    now on the to the antics... well first i went to kates... that was cool except i was drinking so it was kinda lame... but then i went to karolinas.... that was fun... well from what i can remember.... ya kinda drak a lot ... gonna barf just thinking about it.... i think i may need some food.... oh shit.... ya n/m... well wlts see what else happened.... i cried for like umm i dunno 3 and a hlaf hours straight... don't know hwy the fuck i would do that.... umm we missed the coundown cause all there was was this ball dropping and then we were like ummm did it happen... so we just had our own... kissed random people... i really need to stop doing that... ya so i really have no clue what happened for a good portion of the night... but i'm sure most of it will come to bite me in the ass sooner or later...

    ya so new years was fun... on the other hand my car got baked into but i think everythings gonna be ok... i just hope it doesn't runie our friendship... like i'm not mad at all i really don't care mainly cause it wasn't my fault... well i guess i should say that... like it fucking sux that it happened and fucking i love jess to death.... god its always me at the wrong place at the very wrong time!!!!!! it fucking blows!!!!!!!

    so ya i think my new years resolution will be to not get that drunk this year... i really didn't have on for last year.... but i was thinking this up when i heard someone say i don't have time for a new years resolution and i was like holy fuck i need one i haven;t had one in the longest fucking time....

    i really wish jess would wake up i want to talk to her about the antics that went on last nigtht.... she was pretty funny... i looked over and saw her making out with tepper... i was jelous... hes hot... thats really weird comming from me cause n e one who knows me knows that me and him don;t well we didn't get a long at all... i mean i tried my hearty out to be noce to that kid but i really just think that he hated me.... but now were fiends... i like it cause now i can make fun of jess with someone when i'm at her house.... see me and dave are like that familys fucking adopted children... so it was really weired that we never got a long but now its all good.....

    i think i have defeated the monster sometimes when i think about last night iget a little nacous but i think for the most part i'm good...

    n e who thoes where the crazy antics of my new years.... :D


    Current Mood: contemplative

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