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Thursday, November 18th, 2004

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    so i'm here with joann, glen, and laura... glen and joann should go get a room!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding.. .and i'm done!!!!!!

    Current Mood: horny
    i'm super bored... i'm skipping 5th.. my parents wont be happy... i didn't go to any of my classes today... but like its a half day so what do they expect??? well i guess they expect me to go to class.. :) my bad...

    swim was fun today but i'm so draned... i was contimplating not going and then my mom was like LESLEY ARE YOU GOING TO SWIM... and she would have been pissed so i went.... i need to build up my indourance cause i'm not going to be able to do my 100 free... thats gonna be killer... like i can do it just not that fast... or well... they get mad at me cause when i get tired i breath after every stroke but what do they expect me to do... drown??? cause thats what will happen if i breath every like 3 strokes... -_- ... whatever i'll just have to work my ass of on tuesdays practise.. i hope we get to practise our events... the only thing i need to work on is my 100 free.. i have to do 50 back in the relay but thats a piece of cake and i have to do 100 breast... which is also a piece of cake... thank god i got rid of my 100 im... that would have been killer... i guess i could have done it ... maybe... but the butter fly fucking tires me out beyond belief... i'm really pleased with myself cause this year i'm not slacking and i'm actually racing for points ( something with the school.. don't really know... i think if u get a certin number u go on to cowassa or something like that) whereas like in grade 9 and 10 i really didn't and my coch was a huge prick and made me swim the clow lane and didn't put me in any races... i want mrs. recor to time us so we can know our times so we can beat them at the meet... i'm kinda nervous.. but i think i'll do ok... people who can't swim piss me off when they swim in my lane... i mean if u can't do a flip turn then go in the lane where there teaching you how to do one... COME ON!!!!... i was swimming and some girl did one and fucking pushed off right into me... that slowed the whole line up and we got the NO STOPPING speech... lol... it was funny ... and orange fucking clawed me to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... i think i have rabeys.. not cool orange... not cool!!!!!!!!!

    i think i really need to start going to class... i made a pact with mrs. kennedy that today was the last day i would not be in class unless i was actually sick or at a meet or soemthing like that... as long as it is legit.. so ya there will be no "sleeping in" or no skipping... i hope i can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have nothing to do today.. well i have a council meeting but thats it and i think its a little late to make plans but whatever... i'm bored..

    tomorrow were filming out hamlet essay.. i think its gonna go good..britt made a killer script... its super funny... and i think i'm editing it... i don;t know.. i have this thing on my computer that edits videos but i'm not sure if it will work... i think the video has to be on a disk ... i dunno what were gonna do... i think i might need to just take the video we use from chantel and use my sisters camra to put it on my computer!!!!!!!!!!! that will proabbaly work!!!!!!!

    so i think the rest of the weekend i'm going to be doing homework... i need to do an essay on the boer war and i think i'm gonna start my 2 english essays... i think i'm starting to get the whole essay writing thing.. i really don't know... i hope i can write them with no distractions... hopefully... my brothers fucking rap music will drive me up the wall but i think i can manage doing it in my room... my dads getting the wierless router soon so i can have my computer in my room with the internet... i have so many electronics in the my room its gonna cause an electrical fire soon... lol... my parents are getting mad cause i'm always in there and i'm always on the phone untill like 12.. i mean i'm really punishing myself by going to bed that late cause i knwo i have to get up for swim team the next morning... do i care... not likely

    i need a new winter coat... or i shoudl just wash my one that i have now.... the white isn't really white n e more... meh whatevs...

    nottin more to write.. i could rant about swimming some more but i'm too tired... we need a bed in council!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: BLINK - DUDE RANCH

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