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Tuesday, November 16th, 2004

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    ... well its final i have decided to tell my parents that i want to move out!!!! there is just too much drama and i can't deal with it when i'm living with them... they don't give me the support i need... and when its this close to university time i don't think i could do it... my grandma already said i could come and stay with her when ever i wanted!!!! my parents were planning on making me live there during the time i'm at university.. but i'm thinking i might sooner than they planned... it would be better to cause then i can have the car when i need it and i don't have to hassel them for it... this will also prepare me for the real world more because i will learn how to spend my money better and this way if i don;t have to car i can just walk because its not that far away... and to be honest i need the excorcise... and i can just walk to swimming when its at the rec!!!! :)... and if its not right away that i move in i will deffenatly around exam time -_-... stress city right there and my brother doesn't help!!!!!

    well gonna go fight some more with "the rents"


    Current Mood: drained

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