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Betty Bondage

I dont worry about fitting in
I dont want to be another trend
I dont care how the world looks at me

I just want you
Chained to my bed
I just want you to adore me
Because I love you

You look so pretty
All tied up

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Lies...make it better
Lies...are forever go home to wake up to

Billy Talent

When the dawn breaks
I can feel the heat of your sun rising
Rising up inside me
I can feel the crash...
of your heart breaking
In front of me

Mi cuerpo junto al tuyo.. eso sientelo
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Tsunami donation [Thursday, January 6th, 2005 @ 9:01pm]
So I just made a donation for the victims of the Tsunami in Asia.. and its really heartbreaking to see what those people have to go through.. (have gone through already)

I mean, I know that Im not gonna be the one to save them and get rid of all their problems but every bit helps. And its not how much you give.. its that you bother to stop and care enough to give.. My life is fabolous right now.. actually its never been better. Just to think that someone who have lost all of their belongings.. will have food & clothes on their back thanks to all the people that have donated.. makes me feel better..

People are people
So why should it be
You and I shouldnt get along
You should hate me

Love, Betty
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Heartbreakers [Thursday, January 6th, 2005 @ 2:11pm]
[ music | Eleventeen: Come clean ]

I dont know what the deal is with these guys. In the movies.. you can recognise the heartbreakers from a mile away. They yell at you and tell you its over, they dont need you anymore this and that.

They're honest.

But the men in real life are nothing like that.. no
My heart has been broken 4 times.. and if I wouldnt have thought about the things that happened.. I wouldnt even know that my heart has been crushed and smashed to pieces.

But there was this guy.. I met him through a friend.. He was nice at first.. and soo generous and patient.. He led me on.. made me believe that he was falling in love with me.. and that I was special.. he even made me laugh.. that was great.. until he got me in bed. The sex was great, I was great.. I can tell he really loved it..
And its funny, but I think that was the only time that he was completely honest with me and showed his true nature.. in bed.. fucking me.

He was an addict.. assfuck, eat pussy all day, fuck on the floor, the couch, in the shower.. he didnt want to go anywhere.. wouldnt introduce me to his friends, never mentioned my name ever.. and then I started getting the feeling that I was his little slut..? I confronted him and naturally.. ofcourse he denied..

He stopped calling as much as before.. and the only time he would call was to fuck. Telling me to skip classes so we could fuck. fuck fuck fuck. I dont mind really, I love sex.
But this was all about sex.. and I thought we were in love.. but it was al play.. all fake.. and there I was, standing in a room full of people, feeling so lonely..

And when I looked at him.. he was so gorgeous.. with his great smile.. great hair.. beautiful eyes.. and so tall.. my favorite kinda hottie. Well I guess his mission was accomplished.. He got me in bed.. fucked me a couple of times and had no other interest in me at all.
Im not the most difficult person on earth and I would have gone with him anyway cuz he is so hot.. but the fact that he put on a whole opera.. really made me sick.. I dont like feeling used.. like a whore

No respect for me at all.. he chose to treat me like a slut..
And after a while I decided to call it quitsz.. cuz I wasnt gonna take it anymore.. I couldnt even mention the word "Love" afraid that he would laugh at me..

And he still always continues to have an intrest to fuck my brains out.. anytime.. I guess to him.. nothing changed

But he broke my heart and even though he cant see it.. or better yet.. doesnt care

I will always remember him as an asshole.

A really hot one.


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I want you but I hate you [Thursday, December 30th, 2004 @ 1:49pm]
[ music | My chemical romance: I never told you what I do for a living ]

I can not believe you ditched me again for some stupid reason like your girlfriend. I dont give a damn about her. I had you first. You were mine and you just walked away from me. This is the last time you fucking asshole, I hate you and I miss you close to me. Are you falling in love with me, is that why you are afraid of me, are you getting too attached to me, is that why you walk away from me. Its just sex that brought us together. And you love me.. dont you.. I kn0w it.

You dont have to say it

I know you love me

And thats why I hate you so much
You ruined everything
It was never meant to be this way
we are not lovers

I dont love you

But I miss you
please come and fuck me.. again.. one more time..I want you but remember that I hate you, I want you but remember that I hate you ,I want you but remember that I hate you .. I hate you.. I loath you.. I hate you..

take me
And dont ever wipe off my lipstick


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Not here, not now. [Tuesday, December 28th, 2004 @ 11:25pm]
[ music | Yellowcard: Ocean Avenue ]

I feel like throwing it all away
But thats wrong
Because I really want to live.. I want to love life

I text
he calls.
I dont answer.
and he never ever calls back.

Love, Betty

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I only care about me [Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004 @ 4:14pm]

I decided to show you my hurt
And when you walked away from me
I felt abandoned..
Why cant you see it?


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My First Fucking Entry... yeah [Sunday, December 19th, 2004 @ 8:22pm]
[ music | Billy Talent: Standing in the rain ]

First entry that actually makes any sense. I finally figured out the whole override thing.. all by myself! Thanks all you bitches :) It was soo difficult.. but oh well.

Today wasnt so exiting.. didnt do much. Painted my toenails, watched tv.. fell asleep.. woke up.. took a shower.. yah tré boring. But I have to say its the perfect sunday for me.. just hang around on my lazy ass all day. Im running around all fucking week, get on the bus, train.. sub.. go to school.. do this.. fix that.. so I am content. Im not embarassed.. I need my sunday!

My boyfriend went home for the weekend and I miss him so much, too much. Cuz when he's in my face all day I want him to be gone so bad. But hey thats me.. its never good enough.

Oh fuck me.. I think my period is coming up one of these days. Really, I should count down on a calendar or something but I always forget to. Its cool tho, Im always prepared. One thing I really have to do tomorow is shave my legs, cuz its my cousins birthday and I think im gonna wear a cute lil skirt. And its cold outside but I dont care.. When Im like wearing jeans all the time I dont care if I shave my legs or not, as long as it still looks pretty. The hair on my legs doesnt grow back fast so yah, lucky me.

Im gonna wrap it up right here..
Have some things to take care of


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