enrty numbah one   
12:05pm 21/03/2004
mood: apathetic
music: taking it all back- count the stars
bleh. ok, so i hate these things, but i got one anyways. i want to see how many people are actually bored enough to read my life. yep. so... first entry ever. hmmm... allright so i got home from toronto last night. sweet trip. my sister wants to go to ryerson now, and she already got accepted to the university for arts and journalism or something, now all she has to do is get picked as one of 30 out of 2000 aplicants and 1400 people doing auditions between now and may to get accepted for the theatre school. sweet. i spent like 300$ in toronto, i know the city pretty well now. i got like.. 7 cds or something. count the stars, a double cd reggae thing, the get up kids, story of the year, pulley, the world saxophone quartet, and a coltrane cd. woot woot. i got new pants and shirts too... too lazy to type them. i ate a lot of asian food. i dont think ill be able to handle another spring roll for a while. bleh. so it's noon on sunday and i have like 78623489168974682734689123 hours of homework to do and im super lazy so i dont think ill do it. parents finally decided to let me get a tattoo. now all i need is money and a design. thats enough for now. fullbalst tonight. sweet.