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Monday, May 14th, 2012

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    WARNING-Be Careful-Because What You Are About to Learn Can and Will Change The Way Your Life is Fore


    Careful-Because What You Are About to Learn Can and Will Change The Way
    Your Life is Forever !

    7 Secret Laws of Attraction

    & How You Can Get What Ever You Desire: This
    System Even Works While You Sleep!"

    -This Is Like "The Secret" On Steroids!-

    ATTENTION MY FRIEND: If your are even half way interested
    in learning the Law of Attraction from an Expert,you need to play close attention
    right now to discover the secrets.

    “WARNING....Be Careful,
    Because What You Are About to Learn Can and Will Change The Way Your Life is
    Forever "!

    The Secret Law of Attraction Techniques , High
    Powered Goal Getting Strategies
    & Covert Attraction
    Which Took Me 15 Years to Compile and Hand Them Over To You In
    One Incredible System of Mind Blowing Tools!

    Can Start Your Law of Attraction Manifestation Right Now By Clicking Here

    You'll See How a College Drop-Out From Hamilton,
    New Jersey Created The Easiest and Quickest Way to Get The
    Law of Attraction To Work For You In Just 90 Days!

    This Information Has Been Secretly Handed Down From Generation
    to Generation, Now It Can Be Yours

    This Could Be Your Chance...Grab

    I have to be 100% up-front
    and honest
    about this,

    My Method Will Work For You, If...

    You Follow It Exactly As I Prescribe...


    In 90 Days or Less...

    ...the best part is, You don't have to do hardly
    any work

    once you properly program this special system into your mindThis is truly a

    "Set it and Forget it" system.

    From: A. Thomas Perhacs

    Wednesday, 9:35 am

    Hamilton, NJ (my home office, by my pool)

    Do you want more out of life and get the things your missing right now?

    There is a Secret! And that secret (actually secrets, because I don't leave
    any stone unturned) is contained in my fully updated Law of Attraction System,
    Entitled Mind Force Attraction, The Magneto Method

    Ok, let me back up and give you a little history.

    Let me introduce myself, my name is A.Thomas Perhacs and I have spent years
    developing some of the finest products, and courses of instruction on very unique
    topics. My goal has always been to over deliver and give people what they want...Cutting
    edge informaton that can't be gotten just anywhere...

    I am the creator of the world famous "MIND FORCE TRAINING SYSTEM"
    and author of the best selling book on Hypnosis, Manipulation,
    The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence
    . I've
    also trained people in many esoteric energy skills through my Chi Power
    courses. In a nutshell, I know what I'm talking about.

    Here's Some of My Best Work

    6 years ago, I completed my first work on attraction, entitled MAGNETO. It
    was an instant success and everyone who got a hold of that program absolutely
    loved it....On the other hand, I knew I had left some of the best things I had
    learned on the table and I have been looking to update it ever since....

    My only problem was that I didn't have the time to re work the entire system

    Here is what I did.

    I took my own advice and disciplined myself to sit down and compile all the
    missing parts and create a high velocity system of tools you'll absolutely love!

    So over the years, I have trained literally thousands from every corner of
    the world to use these methods of atraction, hypnosis, meditation, and some
    pretty sneaky psychic awareness methods as well...

    Would you give me the next 7 minutes and read
    every word of this letter?

    Congratulations, you made the smart choice...

    So what is it that you desire?

    To be wealthy
    To be good looking to others
    To be healthy
    To be popular
    To have security
    To achieve inner peace
    To have free time
    To have more fun

    Attracton Skills? Click Here To Get Started Now!

    I'll Show
    You How To Get What You Desire While You Sleep

    What I'm About To Share With You May Shock You

    A lot of people who I have spoken to over the years, have seen me as kind of
    a mentor or coach in the development of their skills and attributes. I never
    intended to start out this way. I just took some ideas and shared them with
    my friends who I knew could use the methods for their own lives...I was reluctant
    to teach this on a wide scale, I wasn't a PHD or nationally known author, I
    was just a guy trying to make life work...

    The thing is, I have been able to help alot of people, and I am greatful for
    that, but it wasn't always that way.

    Check This Out....

    You see, by the time I was 26 years old, I had a wife and (3) kids. I was in
    a really dead end job and had no real education (I dropped out of college after
    2 years)... Speaking of dead end jobs, I've had so many it is hard to keep track
    of them all...And these are the good ones...

    Deli Boy (Slicing Meats)
    Retail Clerk (Hated This Job The Most)
    Landscaper (At least I kept in good shape)
    Pest Control Inspector (My take home per month
    was $827)
    Lightbulb Salesman (I got fired after one month)
    Waiter & Bartender (Did whatever I could at
    the time)

    Wait Like I Did, Get What You Desire Today!

    The College Never Heard of Me!

    I was even so desperate that one time, I lied on my resume to get a job thinking
    they would never check my references....And they did.

    Here I was, 27 years old without a job, the company that just offered me the
    job had to tell me they couldn't hire me because I lied on my resume...

    They Said The College I Had on The Application Never Heard of Me!

    Talk about humiliation...

    We had no money...I mean none. My wife quit her job because I told her I had
    this new super fancy job and that she didn't need to work anymore...We were
    worse than seemed like all was lost...

    We were so bad off, the church took up a special collection to help us pay
    our rent (remember this, because this is the first time I ever used the concept
    of attraction)...

    I would like to say everything since then has been a piece of cake, but lets
    be honest...Life can be brutal...

    I knew I had to do something to change my situation, but I didn't know how...I
    started to read every kind of self-help book, and listen to every tape I could
    get my hands on...

    I started to piece things together. I started to associate with individuals
    who could mentor me and show me where my mental focus needed to be. I was so
    hungry, I would drive anywhere at anytime to learn a tid-bit here, an idea there.

    Then I
    Met The Guy That Changed My Life...

    I met a man who had trained in some really esoteric martial arts overseas,
    and he was willing to teach them to me. These arts not only were fighting systems,
    but the internal training that is talked about in whispers...

    This training was what I was looking for, but I got so much more...

    You see I learned how to discipline my mind and body and create a reference
    point for what success meant to me. That one instructor lead me to another instructor,
    then another, and another, and yet even more high powered dudes that could help
    me to really realize my potential...


    That is the essence of how I began and continue what I like to call my "MIND

    I picked up little pieces here and there and started to put them into use.
    For example.

    Once I Started To Use These Concepts:

    I got jobs that only college graduates were qualified for
    I created a reality of the house I wanted to live in (and live there today)
    I now drive a BMW, and my wife has a new SUV
    I create businesses out of thin air
    Take the family on the vacations of our choice
    Take care of my wifes mother (complete with in-law suite in our new 4,500
    sq ft house)
    Have more time for hobbies and other things, like the martial
    I have persuaded others to work with me for the mutual benefit of both
    I even found an old business mentor of mine in the most unique
    way and set up a joint venture that was worth thousands upon thousands of
    dollars to me over a several year period.

    Can Attain Anything You Desire, If You Believe and Know The Correct Methods

    Life Can Change On a Dime Either Good
    or Bad

    Sounds amazing considering the rough start doesn't it...It's all true, my wife
    can attest to that fact. I'm actually amazed she's stayed with me after all
    I have put her through over the years, but she's a trooper...

    So what does this mean to you?

    it means I am confident that I can offer you the secrets myself and others
    have used over the years to litterally attract whatever we want, when we want

    It's easier than you think, but you must use the correct methodologies to get
    it to work effectively...If you don't use the correct sequance, it could have
    the exact opposite of the hoped for effect!

    I have layed out for you in my new Mind Force Law of Attraction course, the
    exact methods used to harness the full and complete power of your mind to attract
    the desires of your heart...

    I have put in years of learning and struggle to hone these methods down to
    a science. A science so powerful, you really need to experience to believe it...
    In fact when I first learned these methods, I only taught them to a handfull
    of people for fear I might actually wreck my good karma...

    Do you know what I learned?

    You always get more, when you give more...

    How to Change Your Life Forever With The Amazing Strategies of Mind Force Attraction

    What if you could just think about an outcome and make it happen?

    "Does that sound incredible? It should, unless you're pulse is flat lining......Do
    you want me to teach you how to do it NOW!"

    Sure. Get what you want, when you want it, but even better than that........GET
    IT NOW!

    It's the Law of ATTRACTION. It's immutable.

    FACT: You can set policy on the things you want
    to have happen in your life.

    Imagine, Being able to attract Money, Health, Power, Romance, Anything you
    want & Doing It In Your Mind, Even While You Sleep

    What is it that you desire?

    The question is do you have what it takes to make it happen?

    Focus is the Key. Once You learn how to focus on what you want, you can get
    it........The funny thing is no one ever explains how to focus properly to insure
    you get what you want, when you want it, every time, all the time....... In
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    Believe...........It can happen for you too......

    Allow me to introduce you to a technology that can absolutely change your life......

    Hey, I know what your thinking, everyone says that!

    Below Are
    Just Some of the Things You'll Learn

    With Magneto The Master Attraction System

    • The 4 secrets ways to visualize your goals more powerfully

    • Increase your Internal Energy like a Human Dynamo: Power up
      with unique exercises and techniques used by top athletes, martial
      artists and health aficionados

    • Learn Advanced Mind Power Secrets: Gain a great understanding
      of how your mind really works and the way to get it to work for
      you, not against you.

    • Leveraging, Controlling and Redirecting Your Mind: True mind
      control is both physical and mental, learn how to get the leverage
      you need for total and complete control.

    • How to Target Your Goals & Objectives like a Marksman:
      Quit setting goals and start getting them with these effective

    • The 3 types of natural energy that allow you to supercharger
      your attraction mechanisms

    • Several unique methods of breathing made famous by
      Shoalin Monks, Yogis and other highly evolved practitioners.

    • The main difference between positive and negative Ion force
      and the 5 ways to determine how to use each in specific situations.

    • 7 ways to sense vibrational energy to turn on the magneto
      for your goals

    • The correct way to use 7 different emotional ploys that allow
      you to jack up your attraction energy like a dynamo

    • The 9 mental impurities you must avoid at all costs
      and why almost 95% of the population don't succeed because of

    • The 5 big reasons why the past is not the doorway to your future

    • A surefire way to shrink your problems and challenges
      so they are insignificant

    • The amazing "Balloon Head" exercise that purges impure
      or negative thoughts like sending a rocket to the moon!

    • The Secrets to "Mental Fasting", and how you
      can use it to lose negative mental weight that holds most people
      back from achieving.

    • The one amazing programming technique to control your emotional
      level at all times.

    • The 4 very important keys to attraction and the programming
      methods that get them to work effectively every time they are

    • Triple Your Ability to Visualize Yourself Earning More Income
      Than Ever Before: Experience the power of the "Income Generator"
      strategy to increase your earning potential exponentially.

    • Set a Total Trajectory of Success for Yourself: Whether
      it is to attract prosperity, romance, love, sex or health, Magneto
      has the answers.

    • Harness the Secret Weapon for Your Success: You will be amazed
      to find out the secret weapon for your success in all areas of
      your life.

    • Cultivate the Amazing Distribution Center of Wealth
      Exercise: This one exercise is worth the cost of the entire course,
      as it will prove to you that, you determine your future.

    • And much, much more potent strategies and techniques.

    Special Price Won't Last Forever

    What YOU Get Inside "Magneto"

    Training Manual

    Mind Force
    Attraction-Magneto Method Manual

    FORMAT: Instant PDF Access

    This is the real deal...This is the manual that people have
    been talking about for years. I had this on the market before any of the audios
    were even considered. These notes are some of the most powerful guidlines for
    the manifestation and attraction process you will ever see anywhere...

    And That's Not All...When You Get This Course Today, I Am Giving You Access
    to My Two Other Mind Force books: See below for details.

    Mind Force Meditation- Mind Portal- Yours

    Mind Force Psychic Energy- Internal Power Centers-
    Yours FREE

    These two books alone are worth the investment and I'm giving them to you as
    an added bonuse when you invest in Magneto!

    Every page of this book contains secrets of the attraction process
    Learn powerful affirmations you can use as you design your own game plan
    Learn how to harness the power of your own personal "Mind
    Many diffferent techniques to learn manifesting and attracting what you
    want like a true magneto
    Bonus section on "The Power of Definate Purpose"

    Training Modules #1 & 2

    Mind Force Attraction,
    The Magneto Method Audio Files

    FORMAT: Instant Access Audio

    In These audio files, you will find the most detailed instruction
    ever on how to attract what you want. Several hours of instruction insures you
    the maximum instruction in these esoteric skills.

    Module #1 Includes

    How to get your mind ready and prepaired for the attraction Process
    How to expertly design the proper affirmations and structure for your
    attraction practice
    How to use vibrational energy- High level thought patterns included.
    The "Triad" secret that virtually no one other than you will
    The difference between the 7 Positive emotions and the 9 Negative
    ones. And how to stay on the positive side.

    Module #2 Includes

    Advanced Mind Power Training
    How to eleminate and control fears
    How to dump the garbage of your mind for increased magnetic attraction
    The amazing "Balloon Head" exercise and how you can get it to
    work everytime you call upon it.
    The 3 easy magnetic "Attraction Box" techniques and
    why you need to know them.

    Training Module #3

    The "New" Power
    of Manifestation & Law of Attraction Bonus Video

    FORMAT: Online Video, MP3 & PDF notes

    This video was created especially for you. I took the most common questions
    my clients had and put on an amazing 45 minute video. I have gotten rave reviews
    from this when I allowed my special Mind Force Syndicate Membership preview
    this video just a few weeks ago...They absolutely loved the content.

    Here's what I'll show you...

    How you can attract anything you want with Mind Force Methods
    How to use the pattened Creation on Demand Process
    How to structure & begin the manifesting process
    You'll Learn the 3 Quadrants of Mental Manifestation
    You'll learn The 7 Step by step keys you need to know to make
    the attraction process happen in a big way.

    Valuable Bonuses FREE By

    Taking Action Today

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    Goal Getting System

    FORMAT: Instant Access PDF Report

    This is my super ninja report on how to set your goals and then get them
    like magic...

    Once I learned this method, I knew the sky was the limit. Now it is the
    same for you...

    Common sense approach, above common results will result.

    $27 Value - Yours FREE today

    Goal Getting System Notes

    FORMAT:Instant Access PDF Report

    Now you'll have a blueprint in which to set your goals. Once you do that,
    you can then use your attraction skills to make those goals a reality...

    $27 Value - Yours FREE today

    The Art & Science of Personal Magnetism

    FORMAT: Instant Access PDF Report

    This timeless treasure shares an eye opening account of how you can
    use your magnetic energies to get the attraction process pumped up even

    This book is a key to your development and is worth a fortune to you
    if you apply its principles.

    $17 Value - Yours FREE today

    Mastery Through Meditation

    FORMAT: Instant Access PDF Report

    This book was the very first manual I did in conjunction with my work
    at SPC-USA, and provides a very easily to use method of meditation. Detailed
    instruction covers all aspects of meditation and how you can get it to
    work for you in amazing ways...

    $17 Value - Yours FREE today

    Mastery Through Meditation MP3s

    FORMAT:Instant Access PDF Report

    These (4) four Audio MP3s guide you through the entire meditation process.
    This entire course has sold for as much as $47 and is yours FREE with
    this special Magneto Method Offer. Two of the MP3 Files contain actual
    "guided medtitations" to help you get to deeper levels of relaxation
    and consciousness. A great companion to "THE MAGNETO METHOD"!

    $27 Value - Yours FREE today

    Internal Power Centers

    FORMAT: Instant Access PDF Report

    When I released this book in the Fall of 2007, my clients couldn't believe
    I kept this manuscript secret for so long...

    A manual worth its weigh in gold of all of the esoteric and unique skills
    you will learn with this. From psychic energy to healing, energy vampires,
    precognition, etc. This book is a gem and worth a ton.

    $47 Value - Yours FREE today

    Mind Portal Book (Formerly
    Mastery Through Meditation-See Above)

    FORMAT:Instant Access PDF Report

    This book covers the gamet...I'll show you how to meditate as well as
    the more esoteric stuff like Remote Viewing, Out of Body Experiences and
    other interesting topics.. Totally Updated Version...

    Information based on my own personal experiences. This works!

    $47 Value - Yours FREE today

    Let's Recap
    Everything You Get

    The Complete "Mind Force Attraction System"
    Mastery Through Meditation Book & MP3 Files
    Mind Force Secrets Manual (Mind Portal & Internal Power Centers)
    Goal Getting System
    The Art & Science of Personal Magnetism
    Total Value
    You Save $141!

    Yours Today (Over 3 Hours of Training)


    In less than 5 minutes, you can have complete access to
    the famous Magneto Method of Mind Force Attraction, all
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    "Mind Force Attraction, The Magneto Method"

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    Product Is Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back!

    I am so sure of your success with this program I guarantee it...

    If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with
    "Mind Force Attraction, The Magneto Method" even I you don't
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    Only 515
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    I will to offer "Mind Force Attraction, The Magneto Method"
    for $200+ once I have all the testimonials I need and find some joint venture
    partners who wish to promote this course themselves.

    The good news for you as a beta tester is you will get to ask questions and
    offer feedback that will be used to shape the final version months before it
    hits the market.

    Can You Keep These Secrets

    "Just Between Us"

    Non-Disclosure Confidentiality

    Because of the rarity and value of the information inside "Mind
    Force Attraction, The Magneto Method"
    and because of the benefits
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    This is NOT negotiable and you cannot access "Mind Force Attraction, The
    Magneto Method" at any price without agreeing to this one condition.

    YES, I agree to not share any
    of the proprietary information from "Mind Force Attraction, The Magneto
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    I realize that this is sensitive information and a big part of what makes it
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    P.S. I Admit This May Not Be For You

    Life is a series of choices. I realize that not everyone will completely understand
    the power of my system. You may not be able to afford it or their might be some
    reason you truly think that you can't follow the simple step-by-step instructions
    inside. That's OK

    Like my father used to say "Spit in one hand and wish in the other
    and see which one gets filled up faster"
    . If you only wish this would
    work, this is not for you, but if you have a burning desire to make a change
    in your life, then this coud very well be exactly what you have been searching

    Will you create your own future, be in charge of your destiny and rise to the
    top or will you be like everyone else in the middle? It's 100% up to you.

    P.P.S. If you're a little afraid, don't worry...that's a good

    Think back on everything you've done that was truly worthwhile in your life.
    I'm talking about things like: asking that special someone on a date ... learning
    to swim ..showing up for the first day of school ... getting married ... buying
    your first home ... having a child.

    What do all these things have in common?

    Answer: FEAR.

    Now think about your normal daily activities...things like: reading ... watching
    TV ... even attending a seminar ... I think you'll agree that none of them are
    all that scary. In fact, they're probably downright comfortable!

    But I want you to ask yourself, "Where have these activities got me so

    My guess is you won't like the answer.

    That's why my advice is that you follow your fear...

    P.P.P.S. I Eat Steak Either Way

    My Wife MJ & I in Vegas

    In My Home Gym Working The Heavy Bag

    At Grumans Chinese Theatre in Hollywood

    Here is the cold hard truth. I eat steak tonight no matter what choice you
    make. Let me explain. In the grand scheme of things my financial position will
    not be effected much by your decision to acquire my system. My kids will still
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    and I'll play golf at a really very nice club this Saturday.

    However, your choice will have a HUGE impact on your future. This is really
    all about you and your dreams. Bottom line, it's guaranteed and you can't possible
    lose. Claim your copy today


    This Training
    Is Real and So Am I

    P.P.P.S. Just so you know, I'm a real person and I really
    do have multiple online businesses. Here is my personal and company information
    just to prove it to you. I WANT to hear from you. I want to be your friend.

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    need to download and save any large video files.
    Member Case Studies

    We outline actual member cases so you can see what others have done,
    what to expect and what can be achieved.
    CreditTracker - Online Credit Dispute Tracking Application

    We not only show you the most effective method of tracking your credit
    repair efforts, but we provide you with a built-in tool to help you
    keep track of everything; right in your private member's area.
    Exclusive Member's Forum (Get Help When You Need It)

    We are right here to help you along the way. Our credit repair member's
    forum is a place where you can share information with other member's
    as well as get your questions answered promptly by our credit expert
    staff. This access to experts is worth more than the cost of your
    membership alone.

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