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laHhH deEe daHh [10 Aug 2004|06:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | R Kelly-remix to igniti0n ]

w0w...s0 incredibLy b0red..sec0nd time writing t0day...=x...i went t0 mals house at like 5, to chill with her and her br0ther...`n then came back here at 6. me and Mal are g0nna g0 stay with him up at his c0llege 0n like the 19th til like the 23rd =) that sh0uld be funnnn...=)...ahh...ummm s0 yeah...ab0ut this b0ring life 0f mine..w0w elmira sucks...there`s never shit t0 d0 here...EVER...the 0ccasi0nal party...either scumbags, 0r pe0ple i really d0n`t feel like partyin with...=x it sucks, but eh i`m still livin...i find fun =) or fun finds me =x...whatever...well i`m g0nna g0 d0 laundry and talk t0 pe0ple..maybe i`ll write later?


my bloody hands

hiBBidY hiBLaHh [10 Aug 2004|03:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Ak0n-l0CkeD up ]

aYyYe...not much to do today, i`m mad freakin b0red...i w0ke up at 10:3o, called Kyle...argued with him, hung up 0n him, then made s0me s0up. At Like n0on i ended up g0in 0ver ta his h0use anyways..after he g0t in a better m0od..we just hung 0ut...watched BET...listened t0 music and whatever...Had 0ne 0f th0se l0ng ass talks..he agrees that we're better 0ff as friends..which is a g0od thing. My grandpa came n g0t me ar0und 2:3o..then we had t0 g0 pick up *Em and take her t0 get this j0b applicati0n..t0ok like an h0ur...g0t h0me `n called kyle `n he was already g0ne...he d0esn`t waste anytime..right bef0re i left i like walked 0ut t0 get my sh0ez, and he g0t 0n the ph0ne but when i walked in he hung up...said he was callin matt, but matt d0esnt have a ph0ne...s0o idk. i d0n`t really care th0ugh..just hate bein lied t0, that`s aLL..i`m supp0sed t0 g0 fer a walk with Mal, but i tried callin and she didn`t answer, s0 idk...maybe she`s still sh0ppin?..ah weLl..i`ll talk t0 her laTeR =) either we're t0gether 0r we're talkin...l0l

You see, life is never forever, and things come only once. You don't know how long you'll get to keep things, and you'll never how long you'll get to live. But as long as you know you've got something in your life you love, and cherish so much, make the best of it. Because one day, when you least expect it, you could lose the most important thing in your life. The thing that you base your whole future on. Take care of things while their still small, and most of all take much care of the people you love. Because one day, it just might be too late to take care of anything, or even see them smile again..

i f0und that. just th0ught it was really deep...and cute. well i`m g0nna g0 d0 a wh0le hell 0f al0t 0f n0thin...and uhh then maybe i`ll write later..

my bloody hands

woOhoo-*** [09 Aug 2004|11:40pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | ATL-Make it up with Love ]

damn =/ it`s hott as fuck!...however hot that is...but uhh was nice...i hung out with this hottie MaL nOeL for a while, then at like 6:45ish i went and chilled with T-Nasty =) [damn i love that kidd] HAPPY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY TITUS!!! we just sat on his futon..and watched some movies...umm barber shop, drumline, bad boys II...we didn`t watch the whole thing, we just kinda flipped back `n was amazing..i had a real good a whole bunch of feelings came back...and i honostly liked i didn`t wanna leave..and he asked me to stay the night, but my grandparents would shit their pants. Thats why i wish my mom was here, she would let me..blah i miss her alot..i mean we talk like everyday...and all that...but`s not the same..idk, well i`m just gonna go talk to a few people, then go to bed i guess....

i`ll write tomorrow or something =)


my bloody hands

sick once again [31 Jan 2004|09:51pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | SimpLePLan-*OneDay* ]

w0w. sorry i havent written in a while. alots been going on...uhh...mid-terms are over, and i actually think i passed em all...*crosses fingers*..been spending alot of time with my`s great though. Got my sexy Rj*s party commin up in February:-) ahh i love that kid...Superbowl is tomorow..and i`m protesting it. i`m only watchin it for the commercials...i don`t like either team. uhh well that*s about it for now..i`ll write some other time. thinkin about actually goin to bed earrrrrly


my bloody hands

bLaH-* [06 Jan 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Evanescene--My Immortal ]

Sick yet again. i`ve been sick for a few days now. like 3 or 4. I went to the Dr's yesterday. Welcome Back Strep! ahh how i missed u! jesus. can`t i go one week without it? it seems like i`ve had it every week since like the end of summer. the dr says different though. i`ve only had it 3 times in the past year. i know for a fact its been more than that. so i can`t get my tonsils out..oh well. i don`t really want to anyways, i`d rather not sit in the hospital. it`s starting to get freakin cold out now. and i hate it. i`m already already cold all the time. this just makes it worse. i walked home from school today, and froze my fucking nose off. and i couldn`t feel my fingers for like 20 minutes. i guess they were thawing out. my grandmas making me start focusing on my "studies" i`m asking one of my best friends to tutor me in biology:-) haha...this way i get to stay the night with ehr on school nights, and i have a valid excuse:-)...ahhhh....well i`m gonna go upstairz in my nice warm room and listen to a little Blink or GC or something, not sure yet. i`ll either write later, tomorrow or whenever else i have time.

xoxo -Jesi

my bloody hands

fhdskfdsf [30 Dec 2003|05:22pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Good Charlotte-Riot Girl ]

uhh yeah. sorry i haven`t written the past few days. i`ve just been non-stop not home. Had a funeral, which i didn`t end up going to 'cause i`m a lazy ass...but i did make it to the calling hours. (Kara i`m so sorry about your grandpa hun, you know i`m always here for you if you ever need to talk, or just vent or anything. i love you doll) other than that i`ve been up to absolutly nothing. i`m a loser. umm...i godda work new years eve...yay.. only til 10 which is good...hopefully some partyin afterwards. idk though...umm i`m gonna hang out with titus on the 1st =) if the plans don`t get fucked up. haven`t seen that kid in for-evv-errr...umm...yeah...i don`t really know what else to lifes not all that interesting...i`m gonna go 'surf the 'net and look for new things for my AIM info, cause i`m thinking about re-doing it...

i`ll write again soon. i *promise!*

my bloody hands

[24 Dec 2003|09:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | GC-Bloody Valentine ]

Well i got a few things tonight...the fam was here...i got this watch that i really really like. it`s like rainbow colors..i love it.. uhh...A Christmas Story is on for 24 hours =) god i love that movie. lol i watch it every christmas eve. pretty soon i`m gonna know EVERY stinkin word. its sad. and pathetic..but yeah...thats my life. it`s almost 10 (according to my new watch-lol-) and i`m gonna go to bed soon..i`m actually kind of tired...i stayed up til like 12 with Ant last night...we stayed at my aunt shells house, and i didn`t wanna leave him up all by himself...i was tired at like 9 but i stayed up with him til he wanted to go to bed....i`m such a wonderful sister. haha. don`t ask him, just trust me. i never lie ;-)...but yeah. I got this really big stuffed DOPEY from snow white and the 7 dwarfs...he`s so ugly it`s cute. kinda like me;-) but uhh...i pierced his now we're twins:-) i had an earing in his nose, and his ear, but when i went to lay with him, it scratched the fucking shit out of my face, so i took em out. i still want my nose pierced. i still owe my grandpa 30 dollars from that STAIND and sevendust concert. he bought the tickets. after i pay him off, i`m gonna get my nose done...hopefully...and i want that earing that looks like a tongue ring in the top or ur ear too..i don`t know what thats called, but i want it. wow. i want alot of shit.. shoot me..

0kay i`m g0in to bed n0w...i`m sure i`ll have something to bitch about tomorrow...


my bloody hands

2nd time in one day...coughlosercough [23 Dec 2003|05:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | marquee>marilyn manson-drugs ]

okay if i`m not a loser, then i don`t know who is. seriouslly. this is the 2nd time i`ve freakin written in this thing.. can we say...
n-o l-i-f-e?
good. now that i`m done complaining...uhh..i really hope i get the cds i asked for, for christmas this year. that`s all i really do anymore..sit up in my room, or on the computer..and listen to cds. Isn`t it wonderful? What an exciting life. I bet you all are just drooling right now, thinking about how exciting it would be to be me. Haha. let me stop before i keel over and die..uhh yeah...something in this house smells like, burnt rubber and fish mixed. i guess my grandmas making fish for christmas dinner, thank god she orders a pizza for us "kids"..but that explains the fish smell. uhh i don`t even wanna know about the burnt rubber i`ll just pretend like i don`t even smell it. This really awesome girl sent me live pictures of Benji, from a concert she went to....FRONT FREAKIN ROW....i think although i don`t know her...i`ll love her forever...see there`s nice people in the world...hmm too bad there isn`t many located in this area... ah well...i`m gonna go find something productive to do....*laughs hystarically*



my bloody hands

yay... [23 Dec 2003|12:23pm]
i had a pretty decent night last night. hung out at Teshas. a little drama but hey...alcohol does that to ya;-) lol. oh god i`m gonna miss her so much when she leaves on christmas :'( i know shes only goin til like the 2nd or whatever, but jeeze man! i miss kara right now too. she`s only with her hubby in tioga tho, so i`ll see her soon. Well right now my grandmas on this cleaning streak..soo...i godda go n help her.. yay. life is great.
my bloody hands

wooHoo [21 Dec 2003|07:25pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Blink182-feelin this ]

uhh wow..i`m SO freakin bored. it`s to the point where Titanic is on TV and i`m watching it. *sigh* what a wonderful life. ahhh Julies supposed to be comming over, but she hasn`t called or anything yet. i hope she likes what i got her. i didn`t have the money to buy a good charlotte t-shirt, so i just got her 2 pairs of freaking awesome socks that i want to steal...a black cloth belt..and i got her this AP magazine with good charlotte on the front...i actually bought it for me like a month ago, but i didn`t get her anything good charlotte and i felt i`m givin her that. what a great cousin. I went and saw my mom at the hospital today...she was really upset =/ i just want her to come home...but right now i know that`s not possible..with her gone it`s like my best friends not here...and i hate it. oh by the way KARA i miss you too! and we're definately gonna hang out when you come home=) and TESHA--you better not leave me forever! i`ll misss you honey. i love you!..ah well...i`m just gonna sit around, watch TITANIC and wait for julie to get here..

<3 Jessi

my bloody hands

long time no....write [19 Dec 2003|09:21pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Simple Plan-meet you there ]

wow. i haven`t updated in a while. i guess lifes really shitty right now... uhh my moms...sick and she`s in the`s almost christmas and i haven`t bought anyone anything yet..(i`m going shopping]WHICH I HATE bY THE WAY] with aunt shell tomorrow though so that will change)..uhh yeah...people always ask me to talk about my problems and my feelings and shit...and i don`t like to. i don`t think people need to spend their time worrying about my life, or what`s bothering me. there`s much more productive things they could be doing with their uhh go decorate a tree or hang up some lights or something. i don`t fucking know. see what i mean? i ramble on about absolutly nothing in paticular...and expect people to understand me...haha poor jessica. uhh yeah ummm about Benji being so freakin hot? it`s pretty sad that in order to make myself fell better i have to talk about this extremely sexy guy that i`m never gonna meet or even see ever. oh well..i got this shitty ass headache...and its really startin to piss me off...i took some corcidin for it...but its not helping. this past week i`ve took so much medicine i should be feelin like a million bucks...however that feels.. christmas is thursday...or something...yay!...i didn`t really ask for anything this year. it`s pretty weird. every year i`m like "oh yeah i want this, i want this and this and this and 17 of these." but this year they asked me what i wanted...and i couldn`t think of anything. i said a few cd`s and some hoodys, but thats all i could really think of...ah well my grandmas makin me go do some laundry, so...i guess i`m goin..

i`ll try to update every night from now on...if i can make the time.(lol) i don`t know about tomorrow night though, cause i`m goin to my aunt shells for the night. then sunday i`m goin to see my mom and goin to Kyles for dinner...then Julies commin over and stayin, so maybe i`ll write while she`s here. i don`t know...


my bloody hands

blah [12 Dec 2003|09:38pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Hold on-Good charlotte ]

wow. life in general is just sucking for me the past few days. i`ve been like in a real shitty mood for like 2 weeks now.. i don`t even know. everyone keeps askin me to talk and I DON`t WANT TO. i don`t wanna bother people with my bullshit problems. yeah.. well hopefully im goin 2 teshas tonite. eh i`ll write someother time.


my bloody hands

SiCk `n TirEd [07 Dec 2003|04:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Simple Plan-Perfect ]

well, i jus got home not too long ago. i`m so fucking tired. Me & TeSha went to bed at 3:30 last night. We slept til like 12:30-1:00 today though, but i`m still tired as hell. I watched my Good Charlotte DVD last night =) *sigh* i <3 Benji!! It has all their videos on it, (except hold on). AND it has commentary with them talking and stuff...Yes. SCORE!!!!! I realized something new though, about the Little things video. BENJI KISSES A FUCKING SLUT IN THAT VIDEO! i will find out who she was, fine out where she lives now, and burn down her fucking house. I don`t joke. =) uhh yeah..i`m overprotective of my husband i guess... hehe oh well. Yeah so enough of me being a retard. Even though i can never stop, its too deep in me. ouch. that was disgusting and harsh...i can`t believe i even just said that, but okay. wow...really tired...if you couldn`t tell by, i know this is incredibly gay, but i really can`t wait til christmas. I`m hoping for alot of good charlotte stuff, but i doubt that*ll happen. uhh...i want my nose pierced. i was supposed to get it this weekend, but i didn`t have enough when i get my check next friday, i`ll probably have enough to get it =). I still want my Labret pierced, the thing under the chin, but with my luck it would turn out gay. i still have to finish christmas shopping for people...i *hate* shopping, unless it*s for me. lol...selfish bitch.

well later.

<33 j3sSic4

i'll wash| my bloody hands

Meaningless shit... [05 Dec 2003|09:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Marilyn Manson->>the dope show ]

Here these are my AIM screen names, that i`m gonna be using too so add them to your lists....
<33x6BeNjixFaCtoR9x<33BeNjiSxSeXxiie<33 xMrSx MaDdEnx<33
I usually just have `em in my info, but im re-doing my whole thing. so yeah. i`m so bored...its only 10:00 on Friday night, and i`m already considering going to bed. uhh i just wrote this entry to save those screen names. so uhh...ttfn

<33 j3ssic4

my bloody hands

*bLaH [05 Dec 2003|08:22pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Good Charlotte->>Lifestyles... ]

well i`m pretty pissed off right now. it`s friday night, and i thought i was goin to teshas tonight, but i guess she`z now i godda sit home all freakin night with this wonderful family of mine. *yay* -sigh- i just wanna leaveeeeeeeeeee i`m so bored here. SHITTTTTTTTTTT okay i think i`m done bitchin for a little bit. i godda freakin work tomorrow. and hopefully we wont be busy, cause we're supposed to get a storm, so maybe that will knock some sense into the people...and they wont come to the restaurant in fear that they`ll get snowed in. ahh god doesn`t love me enough. we'll probably be really busy. i don`t even know what i`m doing tomorrow night. hopefully i wont still be pissed. 'cause if i`m still pissed, then i wont wanna do anything. I coulda hung out at kyles for a while, (hes mad at me now, because i didn`t) , but i said no 'cause i thought i was goin to teshas..ah well shit happenzzz...uhmm... i went ta walmart and coconuts. Kyle bought me this Good Charlotte DVD..and i bought this Magazine...of course with good charlotte on it =) yay!!! well i godda go... i`ll write tomorrow or something.

my bloody hands

PreTTy deceNt daY->> [04 Dec 2003|08:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Good Charlotte-*hOld On ]

I still feel kinda crappy...but i made it through the i guess that`s a good thing. < CRAZY night at crack me up! haha i love you though...even tho u smacked my ass...and you were on crack or something all night;-) lol. i can`t wait til Fridays when we work`s gonna be crazy! haha. ANYWAYSS....hopefully i`m gettin my nose pierced this weekend. =) shhh* nobody knows yet =) well my mom does...but it all depends on how much $$ i have if i even get a check tomorrow. i don`t know if i worked last week or not. lol.. uhh..yeah but i really want this mom might even pay for some of it =) yay!!! wow. it`s amazing how easily amused i get by those things. uhh yeah anyways...i don`t have to work tomorrow, but i`m gonna go pick up my check if i even have one...then go with kyle for a the mall or whatever. then probably go to teshas when she gets out of work. then Saturday i godda work...4- whenever...most likely til 8 or 9. hopefully we're slow so i can leave early..i dont even know. but i hate working saturdays. it`s so boring, cause i`m in my part of the kitchen all by myself. i like friday nights better cuz April, Jayme, or Holly are there. And we're always talking....loud. I think it annoys people...but oh well =).. well i`m gonna wait for my mom to get home, then talk to her about this piercing... i`ll write tomorrow sometime =)

<33 j3ssic4*

my bloody hands

n0 school is b0ring [03 Dec 2003|01:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Hold on- Good Charlotte<33 ]

wow. i`m sick...and i`m home from school. and its pathetic that i can`t find anything better to do than to write in this journal. Nobodys home, i should be throwing a party! which in that case, nobody would come to, 'cause all the normal people are in school right now...blah.. i`m talking to Tesha. since she doesn`t attend my lovely school anymore. (lucky bastard) i feel like shit. but i don`t wanna sit home anymore. i godda go back tomorrow anyways. *yay* new name thingy. BeNjixroCksxmE. yo son. holler at me. heh. yeah. i`m original. Here goes the teenybopper in me...*AHHHHHHHHHH oh my god benji madden is so fuckin hott i wanna fuck his brains out til theres no tomorrow* -sigh- yes. its true...and yea..i`m starting to think Paul is pretty sexy too. *sigh* what`s my problem?! will it ever end? blah. i don`t know. something about guys, and tattoos, and piercings, and guitar just gets me everytime. its weird. guys who smell good are great too. and if they dress purdy, i like that too=). wow. being home alone sucks..when you`r sick. grr. yay myy moms home=). wow. ya ever get that feeling when your like..."holy shit i need a cigarette!!!!"--even though you don`t smoke? horrible horrible thing. um yeah. i guess i`ll torture you later. *muahh*

<33 Jess

my bloody hands

woo*hoo [02 Dec 2003|09:11pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Simple Plan - meet you there ]

blah. being sick rocks! woo*hoo!!!* -sarcasm is wonderful-..blah umm....hugs and kisses for meghan for making this journal benji-fied. =) * i <3 youuuuuuuu!* thanks so much. i wish i had nearly as much talent as just sittin here talking to whoevers on. (Jason you are one crazy mofo i swear!) freaking tired. even though i slept from 3:30 til like 6 =) there are only 3 benefits from being sick. 1) i sleep alot. 2) i get waited on and 3) school is not a option =)...haha although i try and make myself look better by saying..."mom i think i should try to go to school today..i really don`t want to miss all that work *horrible fake cough cough*-Smiles-" haha. i`m lame. what can i say. Alcoholic Hit420: ur a good christian girl thats studying to become a nun everyone knows that!!......<-----this kid is so funny....Jon...we all know that nuns don`t have sex. i don`t see that working out well for me later in life. but hey..we'll let people think that =) um yeah. i guess i`ll update tomorrow, with more of my wonderful life.

my bloody hands

coloRs [02 Dec 2003|01:45pm]
eh just trying to see if the colors work, when i update this thing.

my bloody hands

blaH- [02 Dec 2003|01:27pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Blink 183 - Feeling this ]

wonderful entry #1. ahha. now all i have to do is figure out how to get color and stuff on this thing. this should be fun! i went to the Sevendust and staind concert Sunday night. it was amazing. great concert, really. i didn`t like either bands before i went, and now they`ve made me a fan. *woohoo* uhh yeah. some retard tried throwing a shoe up on the stage and almost hit the lead singer of staind. welcome to elmira! and the sad thing is, probably half of the people in this town would do something like that. its either the low brain cell count because a) we all smoke pot, all the time.. or b) we're just naturally born stupid here. ha. Elmira pride baby!. no offense to my fellow elmirans. i <3 my friends. *smiles* Hey guyssss!!!! *waves* oh yay! i went to school for 1st and 2nd periods today, then went to the nurse and came home. my temp was only 99.9..but my throats been hurtin for a few days now.. so my grandpa took me to the doctor...and guess what!? great news! you won`t believe it! im sure you won`t care either, but here goes.. i have an ear infection, a sinus infection, AND possibly strep throat!! isn`t that GREAT? AND the pills i have to take, are HUGE! =x what a wonderful life. *makes fingers like gun and holds up to head* well..i guess i`ll go for now. i`m sure nothing intresting will happen later i`ll probably just bore you some more tomorrow=)

<3 * j3Ssic4

i'll wash| my bloody hands

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