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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

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    This is really weird...
    Yesterday my friend, ex-boyfriend, and I went to the mall and we came back over to my house to hang out for a little while. My friend stayed over but my ex went home about midnight. My friend asked him if he still liked me. He said yeah and she told him to ask me out again but he just said, "Well umm." (They dont know that I heard the whole conversation. Well kindda.) Anyways... she told him that he needs to ask me out. So yeah. We were just watching a movie and then my friend left the room for a minute. He kinda just kept looking at me. When my friend came back in, she whispered to me if he asked me out yet. I said no. She grabed this book that I bought for her and took it into the other room and so him and I got on the top bunk and were beating each other with stuffed animals. I was hopeing he would ask me out then but he didnt. When he left, my friend and I had to clean up the Cherry Bombs. While we were doing that, she asked me if he had asked me out yet. I said no. This morning, we called my ex cause he stole my spike braclet and told him that I wanted it back. He said that he would bring it over later on and that he would be hang out for awhile. He said that he would call when he got back. So my friend and I just hung out for a while. About 2 minutes before she went home, my ex called back and said that he was on his way. My friend went home about 8 minutes before he got here. Him and I where here all alone. He read the book that I bought and wrote personal info about him. He stared playing solitare on the computer and I came over and sat on his lap. He was over here for probally a few hours. Then he had to go home. The whole time he was here, him and I were flirting with each other. I wanted him to ask me out so badly. I was about to ask him out but I didnt. I was too scared. But we're going to hang out tomarrow. Hopefully. I want him to ask me out tomarrow. Okay. I have to go call someone. Bye.

    They say I have ADD, but they just dont understand. Oh look!! A chicken!!

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