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[16 Jul 2003|11:32pm]
i really suck at updates. all apologies.
i update my other blurty more
its watch_me_fall
comment and ill add you there

[09 Jul 2003|01:02am]
[ mood | stoked ]
[ music | divide by zero- one more reason ]

kids my head hurts.

tonight was the spitalfield/beloved/underoath/divide by zero show

it was hot

not much else to say

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[07 Jul 2003|10:54pm]
- i am in an obnoxious mood
- a good obnoxious mood
- i've worn sunglasses all day
- i sat home all day
- i started reading harry potter, what a hottie <3
- i found hip earrings from when i was like 8
- i wore them all day too
- my hair is almost always in pigtails now
- oh baby yes, im pysched kids

So now ill talk about vacation and the b-day and all. Ok so thurs. night i went to the bazaar after getting the hair cut. all in all, it was a good times. gotta love friends. friday i woke up at 4 in the morning. we left around 6. it took us like 6 or 7 hours to get to boston. i was hyper as hell. i sang alot. we just hung out, and blah. next day we went into boston and shopped, and shiz. i bought the brand new cd. haha, yeah. i almost bought the hippest shoes in the world. gray and blue puma's. they were 70 bucks though. and im cheap!!! oh i suck. then we ate and went around harvard square and such. woo. hmmm sunday, went to church. it was my birthday. went out to eat. got sung to by the resturant. haha. yeah, then left to go home at like 2. got home at 9. yeaahhh thats normal. dave took me down to kel's. it was good. and thats about all. night kiddies.

[03 Jul 2003|11:26pm]
- hmmm, i went to a bazaar tonight
- im going on vacation tommorrow.
- ill miss you all
- i love you all

night kids
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[03 Jul 2003|11:10am]
Buddy's ass? my icon? why nooo =)
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[30 Jun 2003|10:45pm]
hey kids <3
how are we all doing? last time i updated was 26th, so that would mean, umm 4 days ago? haha, ok, well start with the next day which was 27th, and hmmm a friday? yeah, ok. it was the last day of vbs, which meant goodbye to some cool aids i meet. oh well, megan was there and we said hey and quoted some sf with her. hah good times. then me,brooke, weird chris, mike, megan, alyssa, and dani sat in a circle of chairs talking about weird topic until the picnic started. it was odd, some little kid threw up. ickk. then we came up to my house and brooke slept. then i feel asleep and i did nothing that night. saturday was my cousin jackie's graduation. it was family-ish and yep. hmm. and then we stopped at other family friend's house and finally went home. sunday, church and such. nothing good. today i woke up and went to the dentist. how fun. he made me laugh, by telling me to 'make the drill your friend' aww, i was in a silly delirious mood. hmm, then i headed home to go online, then i went to babysit, holy shit. with a numb mouth too. not fun, not cool. but yes, money. yay! hah. after that brooke came over and we went thrift store shopping. thrift shopping rocks. got a hip shirt. almsot got hip man pants but they were too big. =( soo then we went to mcdonald. oh yes, on the way to thrifting, brooke fell over randomly, she is a silly girl. it was funny. hmm, then we headed to dollar general so i could get laffy taffy and some black man invited us to a party across the street that was a bunch of bums (drunken bums) sitting on carboard boxes. needless to say, we did not attend. im watching brendan leonard as we speak. he is my idol, i want to marry that kid, god he rocks hard. hah, then brooke and i walked thru the woods to get home. we got all dirty, and had soem fun disscussions. shes a hip one. then we sat at my home and watched the sf video, aww good times. "Lets talk about drunken bastards who take advantage of little kids -like him, there's a kid toucher". hmm, yes. tommorrow i have ortho and child sitting. ugh. then im getting my hair cut, i think. if not im going to the mall with my parents to get my ear pierced again, wooop.and shop, shop,shop. wed., im getting my hair cut, i think, and my eyebrows waxed. after that im dying the hair at my home. reddish brown. yess kids, it shall be hot. then thurs. i have child sitting, and at night im probaly going to be out with cool kids, like brian and brooke. ahh then off to boston kids, ill miss you all mucho. when i return it'll be my birthday, july 6th all =)

sometimes we all bend the rules.. [25 Jun 2003|08:14pm]
why hello to some friends. my stoke-ness has offically worn off, which kinda whomps, im not going to deny last night was possiby the hottest day in the last fews months, even the last year, but...sometimes things just seem to ruin what actually made me happy. i guess i should be blasting brand new or staring at my senses fail auotgraphs, happily, but no, im sitting her pissed off, and pretty sad repeatidly listening to Spitalfield- I love the way she said LA. i love that song. blah, im going to recap last night, that should cheer me up a little.

Of all days/ senses fail/ brand new

Ok, so we'll start off with the morning. I pull myself out of bed at like 7:30 to get ready for the 'Godwerkus Circus" (in other words, vacation bible school, were im helping out for the week, haha there is a hot guy helping out there though, so whatever) but yes, so then me and brooke made our way down there. After dealing with children for about 3 hours, I have to go child sit again. So brooke comes with me and blah, play-doh fun and such. boring, and i was tired as fuck. But yes, then we get home at 4, and i shower and get ready and all. So we head up to tinks, and get in line. not too bad of a line, then a hip pal named mollie, and her cool buds Joan and Megan joined us. hmm, so we get in and im pretty good spot, centerish like only 2 people infront of me, but shit, its really hot. Of all days comes on, because breaking pangea and the beautiful mistake werent there, but yeah they were great. yay for them, they were hottness. hah, yes so i was ok during them, my hip just hurt really bad, and i was soo hot. So senses fail comes on, and they play steven, and the whole time its just getting worse and worse, i cant breath, my vision is totally blurry, and i cant take it. So after their next song, i honestly knew i was going to pass out if i ddint get out of there. so yes, getting out was hard. I pushed everyone and yelled "get the fuck out of my way". Im pretty pissed that i didnt get to be right by the stage for the rest of senses fail, i mean they are probaly my favorite band, but i still saw, and thats better then nothing. So i got a water and tried to recover but i was still shaking pretty badly. yes, im a dork. it sucked that the one thing i actually enjoy doing, seeing my bands play, i couldnt even do. but i guess its ok, alot of people left, so i guess i wasnt the only one about to die, ha. Ok so then i see kelly coming out and im like 'yay' so then we get brooke and were all sharing our almost passing out experiences. good times. so we go to the bathroom and get water and stuff. and me and kelly sit down while brooke was doing something, i dont remember what. and well we are like sitting on the floor and all these guys step on my foot and apologize, so being the sick fuck i am, i decide if i see a band member, ill stick out my foot, so they have to apologize to me. well look, here comes buddy from senses fail. i slyly move my foot forward. step. "aww im sorry" buddy says looking at me. My responce, a very fast mumbled ,"itsok" yes, it was all one word. how freakin cool of me. hah. his hottness was killing me. so then i happily tell kelly who didnt even notice that was buddy brown, she was fuckin out of it. loser. haha. hmm, i dont know what next,..we saw mol, who proudly displayed a drumstick coming out from her pants. nice. so then we went upstairs and sat (brooke also mooned senses fail from an upstairs window), stood up, went downstairs and rocked out and sang to brand new. So we are standing there, and Brooke goes "there mike (senses fail) dare me to tap him on the shoulder?" so she does. and he gives her a high five and then his girlfriend, who was actually really nice, asked if they wanted a picture ( at this point i was across the aisle thingy, so i ran over, haha) so we take a random picture, that will hopefully NOT end up on the forum. then i get a mike high five and he leaves.haha. In the middle of brand new we left for a quick drink at a pizza place with mollie, who told us of her tommy/bobby adventures. so then we headed back in and finished rocking it out hard to hot brand new. amazingness, i dont even care that iw as in the very back, it was so hip. everyone just sang along, and aww..it was nice. hmm, so the shows ends and its nly 10:20, were getting picked up at 11. so we head outside and hope for some hot band sitings. why look, theres buddy from senses fail. brooke approches and asks him to sign this random band flyer. i do the same. nicee. then we see dave so we hit him up too. dave miller was quite high. then we see garrett, brooke scares him a little and he signs it too. dan trapp, woo. we tap him on the shoulder and he nicely signs it. and i was stoked. fuckin stoked. he is the epitamy of hottness. i swear. so then he strikes up a random convo with us, and he mumbles something about the show, and says it smells. odd boy, but nice, and oh so bangable. so then we ask mike to sign it, sicne he's the only one who didnt. so his gf gives him a hip purple pen, and he does. yay, those guys are soo nice. so then brooke goes to ask buddy to sign kelly's paper because he didnt yet, and brooke's sister just got there to pick us up. so she runs it and he signs it, and she gets a buddy hug. damn her. haha, but yes, then i made her ask dan for a hug. and she did. so she hugs dan and i go up behind them and in the most loserish tone of voice, while shaking because im a nervous dork, i say "oh yes dan, me too dan,....dan" hahaha. im such a creep. so then i get to hug dan, the sex god. i coudlnt even contain my fuckin excitement. i wish i brought a camera, i will next time, i dont even care how effed-up it maked me appear. i feel like im forgetting something, but im pretty sure thats it. aww good night. i bought a shirt and pins too.heh, it rocked so hard. crazily happy all the way home. then i woke up this morning and was like whatever, it doesnt make up for all the other bad days. im such a downer. i need to be happy. ehh, so then i went to bible school with brooke, and saw hot kid. woo. then we were heading to kel's when we saw pals, mollie and megan. so they hit it up with us to kel's to view the almighty dvd. hmm then to bk, to wear crowns as people from my school come in. haha, yes loserism is neato. then up to mol's to bum it around with some hip times. memorys, live journal readings outline, online harassment, all that hot hot hot stuff. then i headed home and announced to my mom i might stop babysitting, because i dislike it. got yelled at alot. rawr, people piss me off. now my hand hurts, so im done.
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[24 Jun 2003|04:16pm]
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[21 Jun 2003|12:41am]
You're "You're So Last Summer", you're
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[19 Jun 2003|11:50am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | bright eyes ]

So yes children, im doing good. So on tues. night we slept over kel's and it was funny. we had some makeshift breakyfast. woop. nothing like all falling asleep in one bed. hah, we are the biggest doofs ever. so then i walked, yes this lazy friend walked, home. Hmmm, then i decided id call kelly and tell her we were going to Rodano's. hah, so then we called brooke and agreed to meet mollie there. So we got there and sat around, until mollie showed up. We briefly talked to her, and then we talked to Ben, our dad, for a little. we had like no friends there. hmmm then wested played, good stuff. Lots of hot people at rodano's, by the way. Then 2 other bands played, and they were good. Last band was Tuxedo Arrangment, ahh they were great. christian hardcore at its best. yay. Then we sat outside waiting for brooke's sister, hoping she wouldnt blast her 'fiddy cent'. and she didnt, wooop. Then we quickly stopped at kel's were she supplied me with a..hot pocket. yay!!!! Then i went home, had some hot conversations online, and well, now im out to child sit. take care my loves.


[17 Jun 2003|11:24am]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | reel big fish- where have you been? ]

yes, child sitting in almost an hour. Im kind of scared, i mean i love children, but i cant be all happy and talkative all the time. oh well, ill try. yeah, so i just found out im going to have to wake up around 6:30 in the freakin morning on monday, then get down to the church at 7:45..yes. I think i might die. that after doing that until 12, i need to clean up with them, and rush home from 12:30, yet again to babysit. Next week will be crazy not to mention Brand New is next week. oh god, guys we really need rides. haha, but last night i stayed up til like 2 with brooke online. and we made an 'i heart mike bart' chat room, and it was me, mike, and brooke. we had some odd convo. hah, then i was thinking, and i was like "whoa i miss the winter. i miss snow. i miss going to the mall and walking over to barnes and nobles in the freezing cold. i miss doing that with lauren. i miss wearing long sleeve shirts" yes...im an odd one. aww im off to shower. Ill be back at four if anyone wants to do something.

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[16 Jun 2003|11:59pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Catch 22 ]

i guess now is a good time to update. boredness has about reached its peek. hah. so...tom i start my 'job'. yes children, i babysit every week on mon., tues., and thurs. for a hip little boy named christopher. so yay, i get paid. And tom. i also have to call about bible school, hah me and brooke have to be aid's for it. So next week will go somewhat like this. Wake up at 7. shower and such, walk down to st.al's at 8:30, aid at bible school til noon. Walk home, get picked up to go babysit until 4. Great, my morning and afternoon consists of children. hah. Oh well, and yes my birthday is in less then a month, scoree. and brand new is in like a week. hah we better get rides. so lets see, were did i leave off ? wed. well hmm, i think thurs. me, mollie and kelly went for a walk, then ended up at kelly's watching quality tv. Brendan Leonard. he is hot, woop. got to add him to my interests. then me, kelly, and brooke went to library to support liz. then a friendly talk and cracker/oreo/combo's stop at boscov's. hah. yes, then i had an odd breakdown at my house which resulted in me eating a piece of chicken as we walked down to kel's. hah and yes we slept over. was a fun time. we all slept in one bed, being the bum's we are. woke up, went home.hmm, went to the mall. dont quite remember. hmm saturday, went to the hot bazaar. had a really good time, friends are the greatest. so are deep talks, random bags full of shit for a dollar, and a ride home in a white van with no seats blasting shit music. yay it was hot. hmm sunday, fathers day. went out to eat. good family time. heh. today i woke up at like 1 and sat around playing cards with my mom, and sun tanning. haha, yes you all wish you were as hip as me. then i ended up walking with mollie, kelly and brooke. ended up at kel's. now im home. ugh, and im out. byee

oh yes, and i ate a whole box of cereal on friday morning! it was a bet, and i sooooo won

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[12 Jun 2003|12:01pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | brand new - magazines ]

this stupid journal doesnt work right...ugh...who cares man. So lets talk about today. I woke up about an hour ago and watched the view,haha, and now im waiting for my lazy lazy friends to awake so i can make plans, because im not sitting home.I dont know what else. This summer better not whomp,hah. Im going through this Brand New obsession lately, they are all i listen to, but really they are amazing, and i got to prepare myself for the brand new/senses fail/the beautiful mistake/breaking pangea show, thats in like 2 weeks. Yo, friends we have to order tickets..? did anyone do that..? and do we have rides?

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