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Saturday, August 11th, 2012

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    to a post at a higher level that the product price
    firsting launch and increases sending selling to lift a ban 316200 million yuan Drawing up publicly raising increasing melts 103300 million yuan of number money . Analysing from the fund face , the quotations of fund promotion mould will be stopped at a certain phase in the first half of the year , and the development characteristic of quotations can appear the change . The investment of next half a year that multitudinous certificate trade is issued has in the near future called out the slogan of " Lan Chou's recurrence " in the tactics . The wide negotiable securities is thought in his the person who has issued just investment in 7 months in the tactful report , if " the expected frightful heart form that leads to of theory policy has helped to bring about 6 months greatly width of cloth to shake the quotations , and 7 months will be the courses that the policy is expected bright and clear and practicable step by step , comforter sets

    this course also is market mentality recovers the course of the calm and rational faculty , therefore we thinks the market quotations of 7 months very probably is at person's gas and confidence in recovering the course of the calm and rational faculty step by step appears comes back to life the course . "The report is thought , and the chance of Lan Chou is arriving , " 7 months perhaps were the panics afterwards , and at the profit increase on the foundation of structure differentiation , the start of genuine recurrence Lan Chou . "Sea Fu Tong fund corporation general manager Tian RenCan is accepting reporter and is pointing out during the interview , " relatively with the fund promotion of the first half of the year , what can expect is , is competent with more healthy in the market of outstanding achievement promotion of next half a year " . Investment person's focal point concern hair rate of interest and 14 height trades that the sale profit margin " unanimously upwards " are suggestd by the wide negotiable securities , bed in a bag

    and what among them is worth most the concern is 6 height trades at the aspect of the chance of market : Production and the supply industry that the process industry and wood were processed and his products industry , spinning and weaving industry , general equipment manufacturing industry and burns gas is smelted and mangles to chemical fibre manufacturing industry and ferrous metal . And fund personage Fu Guo shows , and that three threads dispose the capital and property will be followed that by the three seasons degree : 1. adds the trade investment chance under period of breath The fast chance that gives birth to is put forward in industry promotion and consumption that 2. the nation policy pushes forward 3. the standard money quickens to revalue under the background price of capital and property resources article and rises to bring promoting of correlation trade value estimating and outstanding achievement . But opening the bow thinks , bed sets

    and will have two kinds of shares to have hoping the protruding show next half a year , and is new strand and more inferior new strand that goes on the market in the near future Secondly is gaining denotation type what increases the goes on the market corporation by way of the capital and property is poured into . Opening to think , " seeing from the structure in market , the adjustment in the near future is astonishing , and does not get rid of coiling greatly Lan Chougu's emergence to mend to fall to walk the power . But that very probably is ' finally falls ' , the explanation finishes that constructing nature adjustment soon ends , and the new quotations moving upward will be greeted in the market . "The banner : The middle gold corporation : Four go on the market the corporation commentary content : The newspaper outstanding achievement is super expected among auspicious Bei Ka ( 600439/39.95 unit ) , and transfers to a post at a higher level the profit forecasting : Keep the recommendation In 07 year first half of the year auspicious Bei Ka income and net profit is moistened increasing fastly respectively for 9.87% and 0.322 yuan of per burst of income 56.6%, , bed in a bag sets

    and has accomplished our annual 60%,'s outstanding achievement calculate transcending expectedly . The corporation from two quarters begins transferring to a post at a higher level that the product price and the product structure optimization drives Mao Li and moves upward to be that the outstanding achievement transcends the expected major cause . The profit increases speed surpasses greatly main the doing business affair income increases the characteristic of speed indicate the corporation development tactfully gives rise to change . The high chemical fiber that adds the value is sent out the outcome and is promoted the structure that brings upgrading and has optimized the corporation profit model . ; Transferring to a post at a higher level per burst of income of 07 and 08 and 09 year to 0.71 and 1.05 and 1.56 yuan , the being full of rate in city is respectively for 56 , 38 and the 26, thinks over that the coming net profits of 3 years moisten a year compound rate of increase reaching 54%, and keeps the recommendation . China Shi Hua's ( 600028/12.87 unit ) first half of the year outstanding achievement preview : Keep the meticulous recommendation. designer comforters

    But we judge that this possibility is very small
    The doing business profits of in the two quarters Shi Hua ring during our estimate the net profit moistens that 16700 million Yuan Huanbi descends 0.19 yuan of per burst of income 14%, than descending 13% to 256.7 hundred million yuan . Outstanding achievement ring the major cause is that crude oil price rises the glide slope station of heat edible oil Mao Li's who brings shrink as well as chemical industry plate Mao Li than descends The oil that we think inside short-term end product price mechanism is hard to put into effect , and that at the same time before one consumption price index upsurges has also increased the degree of difficulty that end product oil price was transferred to a post at a higher level . We keep per burst of profit of 0.75 yuan with annual of meticulous recommendation and calculate . But the value estimating was reasonably basic at present time , comforter sets

    and makes us not optimistic to the short-term burst show of price again refining oil pressure that loses Add the impact analysis to receive the resources taxes Total two departments in the bureau of the Ministry of Finance and nation tax have issued << the tax items resources taxes such as lead zinc ore etc are suitable the standard notice of the amount of tax to be paid about adjusting >> the other day . From in 2007 8 months 1 day , being suitable to three kinds of the lead , zinc and copper mineral products article resources taxes , the amount of tax to be paid standard was adjusted Adding receives the cost of production that the resources taxes increase the enterprise : Lead , the zinc and copper cost of production will increase respectively 3.5% , 1.7% and 3.2% . But nonferrous metal price is also rising , and the day wave range is day-to-day more than 1% , thus to the limited of enterprise profit influence To this three kinds of metal 2007/2008s of lead , zinc and copper the year price hypothesis is comparatively conservatives owing to us , hence keeping that the investment of each corporation is graded according to work and the profit forecasting. bed in a bag

    The Chinese announce that the parliament counts under the norm item guarantor's fee income in 6 middle of the month 2007 in long life The Chinese have announced his 6 months guarantor's fee incomes ( under China accounting norm item ) in long life . The 8%,'s of 6 months guarantor's fee income with together 0.9% notable enlargement adds up the rate of increase also by preceding 5 month year 12.7% to descend to 8.9% than descends than 5 months than descends Expect that the life insurance corporation is faced with serious guarantor's fee income pressure at present like us . And coming from the stock market during 4 and 5 month flows separately that the effect different is , and the at present difficulty of life insurance corporation chiefly is coming from the expected attraction that makes the life insurance guarantee slip that rises the breath seriously descending , bed sets

    and interest tax is cancelled making heavier this kind of condition further . The wave meeting of protects fees income is very greatly to pressure that Chinese long life peaceful person of peace will be faced with the very big product structure adjustment in long life in coming several moons . The pressure of middle short-term can not ignored with the difficulty the long-term foreground of China life insurance industry in spite of we have a good prospect yet , and the thigh price probably is faced with pressure adjusted Rich primary biochenistry ( 000930/5.99 unit ) road expanded is suffered sealing killing : We should transfer to evading down Rich primary biochenistry 440 thousand tons of maize systems fuel ethyl alcohol at present produce and can be located the whole nation first , and now according to the government manner expands the road of the product and almost seals extremely . The market is guessed continuously to possess among the big shareholder of big and powerful actual strength the grain group whether or not can to contribute funds generously generals and ministers of state to close the capital and property and pours into rich primary biochenistry with low cost . bed in a bag sets

    But we judge that this possibility is very small . Because the fact that still under Ju Gaobu , we estimate that the corporation will continue the loss in the 07 year first half of the year to the maize cost , and 0.26 yuan of Gao Da is estimated in per burst of loss . Transferring down investing grades according to work to " evading " The banner : Four big actual strength organizations recommend Niu Gu's ( 8.30 ) content : You win ( 000890 ) to the law : The product extensive use is arranged in the equal thread bull of war industry trade The Guangdong lark letter corporation is the internal excellent production enterprise of only optical fiber prefabricating that possesses the intellectual property dependent , and you win the photon corporation to the Australia nation light electronics research center pool capital foundation law with possesses the technology advanced in the world , designer comforters

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