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Monday, July 16th, 2012

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    import quota in 2011 is estimated will follow 89.4 ten thousand tons
    comforter sets

    downstairs three rooms are used for producing the bed linens such as four covers etc , among them two is putting 3 cars embroidering , per one approximately 200 thousand yuan of cost , but has two Gai Shang's greatly cotton-prints . Between moreover one is cutting out , a single-storey house has still been put up in the small building side , and is used for specially putting the end product that process is good . The person who cuts out falls scattered while horn cloth at home the cement is ground . " has dismissed two has embroidered girl . " Is hurrying on the poplar Mrs side debugs the machine embroidered , and introduce to reporter on the side , " still hurrying very the last first half of the year , so having spent more than 200 thousand yuan , having acquired a car embroidering more , and has still requested two workers to come back more , this business theory is awfully dying to the scene of half a year . " With the poplar words of Mr. are spoken , and did the foreign trade in more preceding year , and Qian Doushi closes to see from the angle the eyeball to earn . bed in a bag

    Introducing according to him , how the pile person that Shi Qiao did the foreign trade does not calculate , and everybody all fears carrying a risk . Please beginning most doing the foreign trade , being by way of the government conducts in every year invites outside investment to draw the money meeting , and comes in foreign merchant , and he draws by way of inviting outside investment , and the money accumulated one crowd of customer the 90's ends discipline in previous generation . Nets a registered user name earnestly Ali , and come from the Southeast Asia and the customer metropolis of South America looking for voluntarily and comes to see from in 2003 beginning . 1 year then the sales approximately about 1500 thousand yuan , the general annual interest moistly is 300 thousand yuan . And then poplar Mr. does not still have self purchasing the machine , bed sets

    and all is receiving behind the order well giving specially workshop owner's production of the article accomplishing with the cotton material clipping again . " this kind of circumstances did not know how long still will go on this year . " The tone continues saying long deep sigh of poplar Mr. , " the RMB whenever revalues , and 1%,'s cotton spinning weaves that the industry profit possibly can descend that 12%,'s wool spinning weaves that the industry profit descends 8% . What we did all is the cotton spinning article weaving , so doing to go down , the foreign trade order has generally also seldom been made again in those big factories at all , and all being holding out in spite of difficulties in order to safeguard customer , and staying a route of retreat for later on . " By 10 months 16 days , dollar rate of exchange to RMB was 6.8295 yuan , and elementary 7.8073 yuan has risen 12.52% than 2007 every year . It is yellow that poplar Mr. is seeing a little while , bed in a bag sets

    with the social status of an experienced person is told him : " your seniority of this line is too shallow , and still thinks other wayout . " Small in the heart yellow had the plan long ago : " I am person on this town , and I embroider the article businesses except doing , and that other also is out goes , and planning to do the naughty treasure business , one period boiled is seen , and always can delay . " The banner : China cotton import quota in 2011 or is transferred to a post at a higher level to 2000 thousand tons of contents : Analysing Shi Zhou three shows , and that the China cotton import quota in 2011 will be transferred to a post at a higher level 2000 thousand tons is at least universally expected that in the market , and is 3 times of the official import quota Transferring on the ground the import quota is the government once more uses the administration measure to intervene the market so by a wide margin , and cotton import quota in 2011 is estimated will follow 89.4 ten thousand tons transferring to a post at a higher level to 2700 thousand tons , designer comforters

    and the price that the supply shortage that the climate cause initiates recently makes the cotton is walked the height greatly The China every year metropolis enters port control by way of tariff quota and extra cotton tariff quota baseding on the slippery accurate tax to the cotton . Entering port the cotton outside the tariff within 89.4 ten thousand tons of quotas of import capacity is 1%,'s quota levies the slippery accurate tax of 5%-40% , and what really carries out is 5%-8%'s tariff . That cotton price that speedily rises has increased leads to the pressure expanding , and urges the government to have ratified especially 1800 thousand tons of cottons in 5 months and enters port . The trade is analysed Shi Mencheng , and the requirement is still keeped powerfully , and the import quota that will ratify identical quantity in next year or even more is estimated in China .

    so very precious to me . " Though Christopher self and elder sister
    The limited company ( Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant Ltd. ) is consulted in eastern Ai Ge's agriculture , and Ma Wenfeng calls , " next year new increases the quota will not than this year , " he expects that the all-up weight providing of cottons in 2011 import quota will be up to about 2800 thousand tons China cotton business ( looking for the cotton ) week on the net show that the extra import quota provided is estimated surpassing 2000 thousand tons All three China cotton associations call refusing to comment on to this matter , and calls this merely private estimating in advance of organization But China cotton association deputy secretary general Yang Zhaoliang shows , and the cotton import quota " will not be abolished " From in 2011 1 month 1 day , continuing entering port to the tariff quota the cotton accurate tax of implementation sliding of fixed quantity , comforter sets

    the tax rate was keeped unchangeably all two expressions of the Ministry of Finance The government called in 9 months this year once , and the next year official cotton import quota will be keeped 89.4 ten thousand tons The banner : The peculiar design team of Versus behind closes the Donatella Versace is the design chief inspector of Versace , and Christopher Kane is Britain designs gifted scholar , and they are because the two thread brands Versuss of Versace carry the hand . This can collide out the spark of what appearance to the strange combination The picture is annotated : The design chief inspector Donatella Versace's ( right side ) of Versace designs gifted scholar Christopher Kane's ( left side ) with Britain and has cooperated vice thread VersusDonatella Versace and Christopher Kane that has designed Versace and has many time all can not understand the other side certainly . Giving an example , Mr. Kane can say that the objective of self is producing , bed in a bag

    and often refutes him to this Versace lady . Are they one to the strange combination , but whom has can continue the wisdom and glamour of Versace again ? Kane can be very good confidence lives Versaces's spirit . In spite of two person age difference is very big , Kane is born in 1982 , and Versace began becomeing a concubine the ceremonial dress at that time , and this not influences two person as for the appreciation each other . The picture is annotated : Versus's 2010 Qiu Dong's series picture notes : Versace possesses the greatest personality to 2010 Qiu Dong's series Versus in the heart Kane , and the stature is thin and small but fairly graceful . Before 4 years , the tutor in the artistic sociology courtyard of holy Ma Ding of center that Versace is a Kane . bed sets

    Versace has been moved to the manner as well as design literary of artistic talent that Kane constantly improved then deeply . Afterwards Versace desires continuously the Kane excavating . After the consultation repeatedly , two person reach a protocol : Versace supports the outside material to Kane , and subsidizes him conducting issuing meeting of individual's , and as repaying , Kane is responsible for the women's clothing design of Versace . Their relation has kept coming down , and Kane has become the Cenozoic Era designer successor of London . This young Scotland designer will develop vigorously the Versus's brand of Versace , and creates a small-size series together with Donatella . This young brand is created new meanings , and chief inspector still is that but to found this brand is the idea of Gianni to Donatella, . The Donatella said once : " when Christopher lets me think that my brother Gianni is young . He possesses the same energy . This is that I let him arrive the cause of Versus's work . This is first series that my brother let me do , and I accomplish alone , bed in a bag sets

    so very precious to me . " Though Christopher self and elder sister Tammy has the business of self , Donatella still is not willing to put Christopher walking . The picture is annotated : Versus's 2010 Qiu Dong's series picture notes : 2010 Qiu Dong's series Versuss Versus from beginning in 1990 , and this brand moreover will be cheaply than the thread , approximately cheaply about 30% . The more important is it to pursue highly is one kind of free manner . Versus all created the sale summit many years , simple 2.6 hundred million dollars . More having news to call , Versace lady has a mind to to the corporation investing Kane and his elder sister , because she thinks that this brand possesses the long-term latent capacity developed , so she is willing to invest to provide help The banner : The third season industry of Hong Kong production output spinning and weaving ready-made clothes falls the Hong Kong continues the 2nd Ji Lu 2.2% according to Nian Shengfu , designer comforters

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