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Saturday, May 26th, 2012

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    Produce to founding decideing for self brand from plate
    Industry an and informationization part concerned person in charge is 7 days to expression of Xinhua News Agency reporter's , and from now on substance economy will still be the symbol that the nation is powerful and prosperous , and food the etcs traditions industrially can not have the market forever , exports the enterprise to seek the opportunity in the crisis , the positively internal market of reclaimation , decideing for self brand of creating , the promotion industry upgrades , promotes self competes power . comforter sets

    Produce to founding decideing for self brand from plate The great henry clothing limited company of eastern Guan city formerly gave first place to with the export continuously , and the one after another expression of the United States and Australia customer's that some were cooperated 8 years with great henry will finish the clothing business in China from next year in 5 months this year . For a long time , great henry still provides the product for clothing wholesaler in Paris , and these products finally drift into 51 fashionable dress shops of nation in the Europe , but since this year , the order that comes from the Paris has reduced 2/3 . " the particularly abroad order of this year winter and next year spring , it is few simply and seldom , the affair that this is very fearful . " Great henry general manager Zheng Jianpei's theory . bed in a bag

    Below big the heavy pressure of glide slope station export outstanding achievement , great henry is decided to turn the mould , and planned for the end of the year 2009 for middle top grade menswear brand G.I of self opens up the internal market that becomes a member of an alliance in the G.I whole nation , and the shop is up to 500 . The China China Social Science Academy city development and environment research center research fellow and the Guangdong province famous brand pushes on committee deputy secretary general Jiang and establishes cause to think , and it is long-term for the abroad brand is done and is pasted the enterprise of plate production like great henry , speaks that can produce out the clothing equally matched with the product quality of famous brand of abroad completely , and his product selling price is than abroad same's product inexpensive 1/3 on the technology . " a series of policy measures that the nation inside enlarging needs for the leading mould enterprise of export turn to sold inside the country that the market has provided the good opportunity . Rather than for the ocean brand is done and is married the clothing , earns the pitiful some processing charges , and why not to use for reference the marketing means of foreign brand , and is accustomed to forming intimate unique school according to this national culture and consumption , and puts on airs to do the strong brand of self ? " bed sets

    Reporter understands from worker's letter ministry consumer goods industry departments , and next step , our country will work out the nation strategy of clothing brand development dependent , and regards the clothing trade to the cut-in point , and cultivate one batch of emphatic clothing brand dependent , and pushes forward the China entire brand of consumer goods industry building . " three-dimensional management model " is escorted the Emperor to escort for the brand See that the seemingly simple wheat is when serviceing foodstuff , and also having quite a few hundred quotas . They are being the not big and small standards of these matters , are making that the wheat is when serviceing the blossom everywhere in the whole world . DVD's outcome of China occupied about 80% of the whole world market originally , and decideing for self brand " is died in the patent pond " but one after another after having put on airs . " caing be compared to you living into a house , and has also handed over Fang Kuan , can finally having the essentialism evidence house is not yours .bed in a bag sets

    " Jiang establishes cause theory . Brand , intellectual property , standard , technology innovation and capital is carried doing , and five main points that are modern commerce is managed are white . Jiang establishes cause to be thought , and the internal enterprise will want making the brand dependent walk to such an extent that far walks well , and will use for reference the successful experience of abroad enterprise , and uses escorting the Emperor to escort for the brand five " three-dimensional management models " that the essential factor was closely tie up . " defend " the mainland market with the standard The China enterprise is the reclaimation during international market , often can meet with some obstacles of non- technology , Zheng Jianpei appearance it " collides feels later on bitterly , but you but do not know when in what place still can collide in advance , and also does not know how can not collided " . designer comforters

    China Pavilion were particularly high in the morning to five or six points we should make an appoint
    I am early in May to a World Expo, 3 days, nonstop to visit more than 100 countries Museum, the most important and all countries is the EXPO Hall of barrier-free facilities and services are very good, specially opened for the admission of persons with disabilities to visit the green channel, do not stop row, you can directly enter the exhibition hall. "embodied in the high-tech Expo and humanistic philosophy, Qin Bailan praise. comforter sets

    "China Pavilion were particularly high in the morning to five or six points we should make an appointment, the last did not go on, this must go to see, especially the" painting ", as much as possible to see more of the Museum." Lively Treasure will appear on eggs in the Jinzhou Jiang Qinglin with more than 40 pieces of egg sculptures to the Expo.Egg carving is the first in the egg shell with a pencil sketch outline, and then layers of slashing small graver Dan Pi, according to slashing the eggshell thickness of different shell on the show different shades of color and level of strength slightly heavy, egg shell that is broken, do this, Jiang Qinglin, a do not know how many eggs to eat. As the shell curvature problem, modeling characters in particular is extremely difficult to grasp, and Jiang Qinglin as the best at that figure. Before they go to Shanghai, the reporter a preview, see the works: a small box mounted on the delicate carving of the eggs have been installed on a base, easy to display. bed in a bag

    Egg carving vary in content, there are specially made for the World Expo World Expo India and Treasure, also stars and celebrities, very realistic. Po in sea eagle eggs, the 6 Treasure of various shapes, lovely, smiling, as if to welcome friends from around the world. "This is relatively good moment, with two hours. I took five eggs ready base of live performances, if not on the provisional and then buy some eggs." bed sets

    Today, his art is very skillful.Li Yan stand selling Marvelous. Meng Jian photo Yingxiu, a street, 23-year-old girl Li Yan Qiang Qiang embroidery is being set up stalls to sell. Such as she has always insisted Qiang embroidery girl is running out. Lonely 23-year-old Qiang embroidery artist Yingxiu, from time to time to see what characteristics some of the Qiang, and Dujiangyan, etc. shows the different housing areas: the walls painted with images of sheep, sheep is the Qiang people's totem; Some residents of the home, also close to the "Chang" the word red stickers, decorated door hanging off the sheep skull. Shuttle in the board room area Yingxiu at any time to see people dressed in national costume Qiang, Li Yan is one of them. The difference is with others, she set up a stall selling Marvelous. bed in a bag sets

    She was surrounded by a group of girls dressed in garments Qiang, praise her with envy, but the trade fair. With Li Yan as saying: "are too expensive! Large Qiang embroidery at least 2,000 yuan." Reporter asked the girls around to see some of the Qiang people, they say that they will, but not Li Yan that the level of embroidery; and, embroidered a large, at least six months, might as well go out for work. Qiang 20-year-old girl, not many are willing to use this to make a living. In this regard, Li Yan was helpless: "I have some alone."designer comforters

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